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Boats and Kayaks & Paddleboards

PDF Video
Explorer Kayaks (300x,  380x,  420x) PDF
FastTrack 385fta (385fta) PDF
FoldCat (375fc) PDF
FishSkiff (FSK16) PDF
Frameless Pontoon Boats (285fpb) PDF
FishSUP FS126 (FS126) PDF
FastTrack Kayaks (385ft,  465ft) PDF
Fishing Explorer 350fx (350fx) PDF
Hybrid SUP (HB96) PDF
LongBoard SUP (LB11,  LB126) PDF
SE-9 Motormount Boat (SE9) PDF
NeedleNose SUP (NN116,  Classic NN116,  NN126,  Classic NN126,  NN14,  Classic NN14) PDF
PackFish 7 (PackFish7™) PDF
PaddleSki (435ps) PDF
RazorLite Kayaks (393rl,  473rl) PDF
Sport Kayak (SE 330,  SE 370) PDF
Transom Sport Boats & 8.10yt Yacht Tender (10.6sr,  12.6sr,  14sr,  14sro) PDF
Stealth Stalker 10 (STS10) PDF
Inflatable Travel Canoe (TC16) PDF
Wave Slider (WS4) PDF


PDF Video
Foldcat Canopy (CPFC375) PDF  
BTP Pump PDF  
BP12 Pump PDF  
MB80 Pump PDF  
A42 Foot Pump PDF  
QuikSail PDF  
D-Rings PDF  
EZ Cart PDF  
Red SUP Pump PDF  
Fish-n-Troll PDF  
Swivel Seat Fish Rig (FastTrack and Explorer) PDF  
QuikRow PDF  
Honda 2.3hp Gas Motor Instructions PDF  
Honda 9.9hp Gas Motor Instructions PDF  
Trolling Motor Mount for FishSkiff16 (MMFSK16) PDF  
FlexBrace Kit PDF  
All-In-One Transformer Paddle PDF  
Bow motormount for FishSkiff 16 PDF  

Accessories (discontinued)

PDF Video
Rowing Frame / Sliding Seat for PaddleSki PDF  
PaddleSki Swivel Seat Kit PDF  
Sailcat 14 Sailkit PDF  

Older Products

PDF Video
Foldcats (Classic 375fc and 440fc) PDF
Frameless Pontoon Boats (2012 and earlier) PDF
Transom Sport Boats (2009 and earlier) PDF  
Sailcat 14 (2013 and earlier) PDF Video Instrucitons
124smb (2015 and earlier) PDF Video Instrucitons

How-To Videos

How to repair an inflatable boat
How to reenter an inflatable kayak
How to use our A-41 footpump
How to Install A FlexBrace Pedals

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