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Explorer Inflatable Kayaks™ (compare all inflatable kayaks)

Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks are great wet or dry boats - they are tough enough for class four whitewater, but stable, dry and comfortable on flat-water as well.

Now with 16 super-fast self-bailing drain valves that can be left open for wet whitewater and ocean kayaking or closed for high and dry flat-water paddling.

The Explorers also feature a removable slide skeg for improved tracking on open water. Pound for pound these new Explorers are champions capable of handling any type of adventure!

300x Explorer (35) starting at $849 Learn More

I am very please with my 300x Purchase. I use it mostly for Kayaking with the Dog in Class I Class II Rivers.
I wanted a light inflatable that would fit into our 25' motorhome and so far it does! Thanks for making it!
The kayak folds easily and can quickly be tossed in the back of the car, sturdy, provides a great sense of security...
I am absolutely in love with my Sea Eagle kayak! This is the 2nd kayak I've owned and wouldn't buy from any other manufacture
Love my Sea Eagle 300!
I'll tell you something - WE LOVE THESE INFLATABLE KAYAKS!!! Seriously....we just couldn't be happier.
Can't say enough great things about our Sea Eagle 300x's, stable, easy to inflate, deflate, so exceptionally easy to manage.
Exactly what we wanted! Easy to transport and very easy to navigate.
I love my 300X. I use it to fish Colorado's high lakes, incredibly tough, can be dragged over most surfaces with out damage.
Sea Eagle is second to none when it comes to quality of build and longevity, a giant feeling of security
Love my boat! Can't wait till spring! One of my favorite things
The kayak works great - easy to inflate, easy to deflate, easy to pack.
Well constructed, high quality boat that is loads of fun. Surfs very well. I highly recommend this product.
I absolutely could not be any happier than I am with this boat.
Very easy to set up and room for the dog. Comfortable and easy to break down and stow. Glad we bought them.
I had on Class 3 Whitewater numerous times
My Sea Eagle Explorer 300x was one of the best purchases I have ever made, extremely well made, very rugged and durable.
What a wonderful purchase. We have a small RV and the portability of our kayaks is amazing, top quality construction
5 star rating - easily transportable and inflates in no time using the foot pump, very maneuverable
I believe, like all Sea Eagle products, the boat is of durable construction and quality materials.
I can go anywhere in the US and fish or just kayak
fun and everyone who saw it thought it was great
I have two Sea Eagle kayaks: a 300 and a 380. Love them both. They are really well made and extremely durable.
My 300x earned 5 stars every time I took it out, whether on white water, ocean waves, or flat lakes.
I purchased the 300x for a 5 day unsupported trip down the Salmon River, solid performer on Class 3 rapids
Love this kayak. Lightweight but sturdy. Love the swivel seat easy to get in and out. Easy to set up and go in 5 minutes.
We bought the Sea Eagle 300X because we got to borrow a friend's boat and learned first hand of its versatility
This was an excellent choice and I would highly recommend these boats to anyone considering them.
The kayak is very lightweight and is very easy to maneuver on the water. They both have exceeded our expectations.
Our 300x kayaks are amazing! They fit our lifestyle perfectly.
Solidly built, stable kayak
The boat surfs well and the many drain holes let the water out as fast as it comes in
I love my Sea Eagle, never thought I could feel so comfortable in a kayak. I always was a bit nervous in my hard shell kayak
The quality is amazing and I was surprised at how stable the boat is. We like it so much that we bought a second one.

The 300x stands alone in a class of it's own! Designed to tackle whitewater as well as open-water and surf, this kayak is sure to add years of fun!

350fx Fishing Explorer (2) starting at $999 Learn More

I love the kayak most important thing is it is portable
Very happy with product

The Sea Eagle Fishing Explorer is a robust, beefed up, fully accessorized version of the rugged Explorer Series. Designed by and for avid fishermen. Featuring: double layered, nearly indestructible, tough as crocodile hide, 2000 Denier reinforced protective layers, 6 built-in rod holders, forward and aft spray skirts with Sea Eagle exclusive accessory belts to hold your tools, hooks, and lures, a fully adjustable foot brace called the FlexBrace™, 40" FishRuler™, anchor trolley D-rings, a huge max load capacity of 575 lbs., and is completely self-bailing. So bring on the roughest conditions and still get to those fish!

380x Explorer (79) starting at $1,049 Learn More

Very stable in all conditions, very rugged. One of the best recreational purchases we have made in our 45 years of marriage.
Easy to transport and inflate, comfortable and stable. I also use it for fishing and our dogs also enjoy an occasional ride.
You make a good product. Used many times in varied conditions. Stores and transports well in RV and in Jeep, good quality.
I've had this kayak for lots of years now and it still works fine.
The wife loves to go out on the lakes around here. She feels safe and comfortable in the kayak.
A very good boat and never had any problems.
The 380 is easy to transport, inflate and maneuver.
The 380x is extremely stable, highly maneuverable and a very solid boat. Throw it in our vehicle and take it wherever we go.
380X Purchased October 2003 towed beautifully behind our Albin-25 diesel cruiser. The SEA EAGLE kayaks are a delight.
Great boat, use it fish in Summit Lake in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. JWP, Retired US Coast Guard
This is the FOURTH Explorer 380x, it's perfect for my needs. It can still do all that those other water craft can do.
I've had my Sea Eagle 380 for about 10 years and it is still as good as it was brand new. It is a very durable product.
The boat handled like a dream! It held all my gear without any issues what-so-ever!
Sea Eagle a top choice during comparison of competitors products.
I purchased the 380xPro to go plein-air painting in the flooded Rio Grande River Canyons, Love the boat.
I have done 27 river floats up to 15 miles per float all over the Shenandoah river, can fish for hours without any discomfort
I love my kayak! We have taken it in lakes and rivers with rapids ranging from ripples to class 4 and absolutely love it!
I recommend it to everyone who wants to do any kayaking.
After conducting a great deal of research on Kayaks and Canoes, Sea Eagle was a top contender in the inflatable Kayak market.
Our 380X is an older model that we have had for over 15 years. We have put it through some good paces...
I bought my first Sea Eagle, an SE330, at least 20 years ago...THIS BOAT ROCKS!
It is everything you could need or want in a Kayak (flat water or class 4 rapids.), safer than the hard boats (REALLY)
I have had my 380X on the lake, in the river and in whitewater.
We really enjoy our Sea Eagle as we travel in our motor home. So convenient to take with us.
Carrying it in vehicle is easier than then my hard sided kayaks. Over all it performs to my expectations.
The portability of this kayak is awesome in every way.
After owning my Sea Eagle 380x for a full season I can honestly say that I would buy it again.
I paddled my Sea Eagle 380X 150 miles down the Upper Missouri River
Love my boat.
the Kayak is easy to package and carry
Great boat!
We love the kayak. Thank you for making such a great product.
I've been using sea eagle kayaks for about 12 years, Aprox 500 trips and never been let down.
Generally speaking , these boats ROCK! They're easy to work with, carry and travel with and they're great for the family.
We love it! Easy to inflate & deflate. Comfortable sitting in it. Easy to maneuver
We love the versatility of this inflatable boat,it is super durable easy to use and easy to paddle.
Really enjoying my Kayak, paddling inside the reef off Sanur in Bali.
Well made, portable, We have really enjoyed it....
I love this boat. My brother bought one the year before I did, and after I paddled it, I bought one too. recommend it!
We are in our seventies and can manage carrying,inflating, launching and storing without any problems.
In the water, it is perfect—Comfortable, stable and easy to paddle. I love it. Our longest day so far was 24 miles.
All aspects of selection, delivery, use and care instructions made our maiden experience very satisfactory.
We like the way it handles, it's great on windy days in rough lake water.
We love our Sea Eagle kayak! It is so easy to set up. Only takes minutes before we are on the lake.
Stable & forgiving, Tough material, Spacious
Sea Eagle is the best!
Great product, you aren't going to find a better (inflatable) boat in this price range or even for 30 or 40 percent more
It bails quickly
An impressive inflatable kayak! Wow how rigid! Super easy in and out of the boat!
Sea Eagle Explorer (47 years in business!), excellent class IV rated white water inflatable, very rugged, durable awesome
For the last two years I've owned both a SE 385 FastTrack and a SE 380X Explorer. Both are excellent
If you enjoy the water you will love the Explorer 380x made by Sea Eagle, tough and rugged and yet fairly spacious
Have done high class III's on the Potomac and it rode the high waves without ever feeling like it would flip.
Class II/III whitewater on the Colorado river. Safe, stable, durable, comfortable and fun.
What a great inflatable kayak. I have been kayaking for over 20 years
I can attest to the fact that even filled to the brim, it still CAN be paddled.
Did 6 miles on a narrow dam controlled river. Class I high 2's.
The guide we met was impressed with the boat's capabilities and the boat really forgave our many mistakes.
This is one well put together boat, very tough and stable. At no time I have I felt unstable like in a rigid kayak.
This is a very fun boat & it will do everything from solo to tandem paddling with relative ease.
290 lbs of former football lineman sitting over the skeg and 30 mph winds...and I had no problem
The boats are great, Class 3 rapids fully loaded, long (read 7+ days) treks in rivers of Canadian wilderness.
Excells at camping & load carrying, comfortable day long fishing craft
This is a great multi purpose boat. Quality, load capacity, economical price.
I own hard kayaks but we keep coming back to the Sea Eagle. May be impossible to capsize, strongly recommend this boat
wWll fit in the backseat or trunk of the smallest car, performs admirably, certainly a tough craft.
It's by far the most stable, a versatile workhorse that will handle a variety of conditions.
Built to last, good price, portable.
This boat can handle up to class IV
Two 6' 180lb guys fit comfortably. Plenty of room, sturdy, reliable, comfort, stability, and portability.

Tackle your adventures in tandem. The 380x is made to be ridden by one or two persons. Now you can do what others only dream of with our most versatile kayak series ever!

Designed to tackle whitewater, open-water, and now down-wind sailing! Large enough for two but small enough for one! The 380x does it all!

420x Explorer (42) starting at $1,149 Learn More

Well made, very versatile, stable & safe. It's a good camping boat - which is mostly how we use it.
We can't say enough good things about our Sea Eagle. People were in disbelief to see such a big rigid kayak from small pack.
Great unit easy to use and set up.
Stable, seaworthy and easy for her to get ashore and back again, preferable mode of touring the islands we frequent.
I've been very happy with my kayak! I've had it for about 6 months now and I have no complaints whatsoever!
Exactly what I needed for the rivers and lakes in Colorado. I could not be happier. Very solid and stable.
I am very satisfied with the product. It is covering all my expectations for kayaking on lakes, rivers or in the sea.
Absolutely a fantastic boat. Very well made from high quality, professional grade materials
Me and my dog (Ozzy The Wonder-Pup...needed an inflatable. The Sea Eagle 420X has exceeded our expectations in every way.
Wow. I can't say enough positive things about this kayak - it is truly amazing!
I'm a big guy at 6'00" and 290 LBS and this yak wasn't even near at drawing water...very buoyant!
Great boat. Light, stable, strong, fun. No complaints.
Absolutely LOVE My Sea Eagle 420x, Quality Is Exceptional!! Ease Of Inflation, Storage And Portability Are Second To None!!
I have been quite impressed with my Sea Eagle 420x, it has performed well in all environments.
I took this Kayak to the Aleutian Islands in January for its maiden voyage and was not disappointed.
We love our 420X Explorer. It's the perfect size for my wife and I plus our two dogs with gear.
Great little boat. Extremely convenient. I am impressed with the overall strength of material.
I love it, I would by from you guys again
Lots of room for camping kit and cooler box. Really a robust solid adventure machine. Love it.
love our sea eagle, packs...with no issues, neat and tidy, recommend Sea Eagle to anyone, customer service is outstanding
We have kayaked on at least 15 different lakes over the past six months. The quality and durability...is outstanding.
Overall, I like and recommend the 420X. It is easy to store and transport in a vehicle.
Very nice and stable boat - only used it in flat water- skeg adds good stability in steering
Overall I like the boat, seats & watersnake motor. The quality is great and I have no complaints
best kayak I've ever owned out of my 3
I love the Sea Eagle Explorer 420x, worth every penny, looking at the razorlite
The boat is realy great! I enjoy it!
I am 57 years old and, ver 300 lbs, so if you think you're too heavy or too old to try kayaking, you're not!
I got my 420x about a year ago and took it out to explore class II-IV rivers in Switzerland. It's robust and stable
I purchased a Sea Eagle 126SR two years ago and quickly learned that not only was the boat great on Wisconsin's inland lakes
I can't say enough GREAT things about our new kayaks! Seriously we had no idea that inflatable kayaks would be SO awesome!
What a hoot! The 420 is easy to set up, extremely portable, simple to paddle.
We love the flexibility of this inflatable which has allowed us some great experiences
The boat was a joy to assemble, inflate and paddle, and we can't wait for spring and open water to enjoy it again
Stable, lightweight, breeze to set up, large capacity
WOW What an incredible Sea Eagle 420X PRO kayak.
It is nice to have an inflatable boat that we can safely store out of sight when we leave our truck/car.
This is my 2nd summer of whitewater kayaking and I love it. Able to bomb through class IV rapids without any trouble.
I've enjoyed my explorer in a variety of conditions this past year and would definitely recommend it
Bombproof, extremely well built kayaks that come with everything you need.
I am able to fit me, my wife and my daughter (as well as necessary gear AND the dog) I am over 6', very pleased, recommend it

If you plan on camping, overnight trips or just plain need the extra storage space. The 420x is the kayak for you!

Specifications rotate phone

300x 350fx 380x 420x
Person Capacity 1 1 3 3
Hull Weight 30 lbs. 51 lbs. 40 lbs. 44 lbs.
Length 9 ft. 10 in. 11 ft. 6 in. 12 ft. 6 in. 14 ft.
Width 3 ft. 3 in. 3 ft. 3 in. 3 ft. 3 in. 3 ft. 3 in.
Interior 8'9" x 16" 10' x 17" 11' 9" x 15" 13' 4" x 15"
Load Capacity 1 Person or 395 lbs. 1 Person or 575 lbs. 3 Person or 750 lbs. 3 Person or 855 lbs.
Deflated 24" x 16" x 6" 31" x 19" x 10" 31" x 20"x 9" 31" x 21" x 10"
Chambers 3 (port, starboard, floor) 3 (port, starboard, floor) 3 (port, starboard, floor) 3 (port, starboard, floor)
Tube Diameter 11.5" 11.5" 11.5" 11.5"
Air Valves 3 Recessed One Way 3 Recessed One Way 3 Recessed One Way 3 Recessed One Way
Inflation time 5 min 7 min 8 min 9 min
Seam Glued Quadruple Overlapped Glued Quadruple Overlapped Glued Quadruple Overlapped Glued Quadruple Overlapped
Material 1000 Denier Reinforced 1000 Denier w/ 2000 Denier Reinforced Sections 1000 Denier Reinforced 1000 Denier Reinforced
Floor Removable High Pressure Drop Stitch Floor Removable, Double Layer, High Pressure Drop Stitch Floor w/ non-slip EVA foam padding Removable High Pressure Drop Stitch Floor Removable High Pressure Drop Stitch Floor
Whitewater Rating Suitable up to Class IV Suitable up to Class IV Suitable up to Class IV Suitable up to Class IV
Inflation Pressure 3.2 psi 3.2 psi 3.2 psi 3.2 psi
Engine Capacity 34 lbs. thrust electric (max engine weight 15 lbs) 34 lbs. thrust electric (max engine weight 15 lbs) 34 lbs. thrust electric (max engine weight 15 lbs)
Starting at $849 $999 $1,049 $1,149

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