Sea Eagle Videos

NeedleNose™ Videos

Fastest and Funnest SUP Sea Eagle NeedleNose iSUP
Kevin & Brittany Sulcer discuss how Sea Eagle has positively impacted their lives!

Explorer™ Videos

See firsthand if the Sea Eagle Explorer 300x inflatable kayak is right for you!
Sea Eagle 300x Explorer Inflatable Kayak - Ocean Surfing
Inflatable Kayak torture test -
First Descent of Smalls Falls (Rangely, Maine) in an Inflatable Kayak
Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks - Whitewater thrills and flatwater touring
Exploring Alaska - Sea Eagle Explorer Inflatable Kayaks
Montana Matt runs the Upper Clackamas Whitewater pt.2
Montana Matt runs the Upper Clackamas River
Montana Matt runs The Lower BlackFoot, Montana Kayaking, May 1st, HIGHWATER
Montana Matt at the Clackamas White Water Festival - Mass Start IK Race
Montana Matt takes on The Big Bad Alberton Gorge - Montana
Remember to take your kids fishing!
Montana Matt takes on Animas River - Colorado

FastTrack™ Videos

Sea Eagle 385ft - Russ Hanson Testimonial
Utah Adventures S3 E10: Kayaking Labyrinth Canyon in Moab, UT

RazorLite™ Videos

Using a Bixpy™ J-2 Motor with the RazorLite™ 393rl
The World's First All Drop Stitch High Pressure Rigid Inflatable Kayak!
Sea Eagle RazorLite™ 393rl - Alternate Folding Method
Quick & Easy Installation of the Sea Eagle FlexBrace
Lon talks about his RazorLite™ 473rl

Travel Canoe™ Videos

This video shows you some of the advantages and benefits as well as just how versatile the Sea Eagle Inflatable Travel Canoe truly is!
Sea Eagle Inflatable Travel Canoe with Traditional Bench Seats
Two Person Self Rescue in 10 seconds flat! From mid-river capsized to self rescue in just 10 seconds.
Watch how easy it is to get back into the completely buoyant Sea Eagle Inflatable Travel Canoe!
Canoeroots and Rapid Media Publisher/Founder Scott MacGregor reviews the Inflatable Travel Canoe

Sport Kayaks Videos

Best Kayak Under $300? Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Review
Ian Wilson talks about his Sea Eagle Kayak
Carol Derer talks about her Sea Eagle 330 kayak
Teri & Ken Johns talk about their experiences with their Sea Eagle Kayaks

Fishing Skiff Videos

The Fisherman Magazine Features Sea Eagle's FishSkiff16™
Sea Eagle FishSkiff16™ Teaser Video
Sea Eagle FishSkiff16™ - Big Redfish & Black Drum Fishing In Louisiana!

Frameless Fishing Videos

The Sea Eagle PackFish7™ & Wild Fish Wild Places TV Take On Jurassic Lake Patagonia Argentina
This video will blow your mind! Standing and catching fish with the PackFish7™
The PackFish7™ travels to Patagonia, Argentina to catch fish after fish!
Why do fishermen love the 285fpb?
Mitch Moline talks about his Sea Eagle Classic 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat
NFL Great Gary Anderson & The Sea Eagle Experience - 285fpb
Ted Linczak discusses why he loves his STS10
StealthStalker 10 Frameless Fishing Boat

Fishing Kayaks Videos

Sea Eagle FastTrack Angler iK Getting Ticketed For Being AWESOME?
Magnify you fishing capabilities! The 385fta FastTrack™ Angler Kayak is a must have for every serious fisherman.

FoldCat™ Videos

Wild Fish Wild Places TV fishing host Denis Isbister fly the 375fc FoldCat™ to Patagonia Argentina for some breathtaking views and incredible fishing!
Sea Eagle FoldCat™ frameless Pontoon Boat
John Siracusa talks about his Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc

Fishing SUPs Videos

Sea Eagle FishSUP™ 126 - Big Snook and Jacks (Part 2) "The Big Boys"
Big Snook & Jacks (Part 1)
The Search For Bass!
Join Wild Fish Wild Places TV Show Hosts - Denis Isbister and Dreu Murin as they take their Sea Eagle FishSUPs™ out for a great day of fishing!
Denis Isbister, the host of Wild Fish Wild Places, grabs a couple FishSUPs, a buddy, and fly fishes a high alpine lake!
The Sea Eagle FishSUP™ 126 will elevate your fishing to a whole new level!
NFL Great Gary Anderson And His FishSUP126

FastCat™ Videos

The Sea Eagle FastCat12™ Inflatable Catamaran Boat
FastCat12™ Video Instructions
The Sea Eagle FastCat14™ - A Family Fun Time Boat!

PaddleSki™ Videos

Wild Fish Wild Places TV Reviews the 437ps PaddleSki™
The Fisherman Magazine Reviews Sea Eagle's 437ps PaddleSki™
Sea Eagle 437ps PaddleSki™ - How Far Can You Go? Rigging (EP 1 of 3)
Sea Eagle 437ps PaddleSki™ - See It In Action!
Sea Eagle 437ps PaddleSki™ - How Far Can You Go? Gas & Electric Motors & Paddling (EP 2 of 3)

Sport Runabouts Videos

New Sea Eagle 12.6sr Sport Runabout Inflatable Boat
Vern Endrasen talks about his Sea Eagle 14sr Sport Runabout Classic
Assistant Fire Chief Jay Craig discusses the benefits of the Sea Eagle 14ft inflatable as his emergency rescue boat.

Motormount Boats Videos

750 miles in an inflatable boat