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Send us traffic and earn up to 18% of any sales you generate.

If you are a webmaster and are seeking to earn extra income from your website, the Sea Eagle Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity. Use one of the images below to link to our site and earn up to 15% commission on sales. Program members will receive a special ID which allows us to use cookie technology to track all customers sent to our site.

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Affiliate FAQ (Click question for answer)

Q. How do I best sell these boats?
A. It's better to do the pre-sell on your site - and send the customer to to make the sale. It's hard to make people part with hundreds of dollars in just a page. Avoid "buy it now" or "add to cart" product links - the customer is just not ready to buy after reading a small paragraph and seeing a tiny picture. "learn more.." or "more info.." are better accompanyments to a product link. What you want to do is excite the customer with an intriguing presentation , not try to knock 'em dead with a hard sell on one page. Set your cookies, excite the customer and the orders will follow.
Q. How many visits does it take a customer to buy?
# Visits to purchase
1 13%
2 18%
3 16%
4 11%
5 or more 42%
Weeks to Purchase
up to 1 68%
2 9%
3 5%
4 4%
5 or more 15%

A. Sometimes quite a few visits. Boats and kayaks are not an impulse buy, but a "considered buy" - one that requires some time to think about. As the table on the left shows, most people don't buy a boat on their first visit. Our 120 day cookie duration means that you'll earn income on sales that were generated long after the customer has left your site. Don't get discouraged if you don't have a sale right away; if you're setting cookies and arousing interest the sales will come.

Q. How many orders does the average customer place?
% Sales by order
1st 88%
2nd 9%
3rd or more 3%

A. Usually one big order . Our boats last for many years, and our boat packages contain most accessories that our customers want. Occasionally a customer will want an extra paddle or electric pump, but 88% of our sales are on the first order.

Q. Why are some boats more expensive than others?
Hull Material
Reinforced Hull Material

A. Our Sport Runabouts, Explorer Kayaks , and FastTrack series are made with a reinforced 1000 denier hull material, which is composed of an inner base cloth and outer PVC coatings. This composite construction gets the best out of both materials - the tensile strength of the base cloth and the airtightness of the PVC. These boats can take 3.2 PSI and are much firmer to the touch than nonreinforced boats, and this hull strength allows for large outboard motors for the transom boats. These are higher end items, but their appeal is not limited to boating nuts.

 high frequency welding
PVC Welding process

Our Sport Kayaks and Motormount Fishing Boats are made of a solid PVC material, which holds a lighter pressure of .75 PSI. This lower pressure is fine for their intended use as these boats do not take large motors and are not meant for extreme whitewater. The continuous material allows these boats to be high-frequency welded, a process that is highly automated and efficient. These products are much more affordable and better suited to general audiences.

Q. Can I sell these products year round?
A. sales are surprisingly balanced throughout the year. While the April-July period is very strong for sales, we have very good Christmas sales in December, and our Fall Sale prices attract a lot of "indian summer" boaters.
Q. Do you have a datafeed?
A. Yes. You can contact Susan Furrer at for the link.
Q. What is your trademark policy?
Sea Eagle spends about $500,000 per year in print & radio ads, which sends a lot of people looking for the term "Sea Eagle" on search engines. Needless to say, we cannot afford to pay affiliates to intercept traffic that originated in this expensive ad campaign. For this reason we require affiliates to insert "sea eagle", "sea" and "seaeagle" as negative match keywords in any CPC buy. This will block any affiliate CPC buys from appearing on trademark searches .The registration of any domain names containing our trademark is strictly forbidden.
Q. What about other CPC buys?
As long as you don't outbid our own listings, don't buy our product names, and negative match our trademarks, CPC buys are fair game.
Q. Are my commission earnings safe?
A. Absolutely. does not work with any publishers using browser plugins that might steal your commission. Incredible as this sounds, many affiliate programs permit this activity. Not
Q. Why are my transactions extended?
A. Transactions are extended to allow time for our on water trial. We will accept or reverse transactions the following month after the purchase date. By CJ standards, we cannot reverse a transaction once it is in locked status. This means if a customer returns the boat, credit card is invalid or stolen, after we accepted the transaction I cannot have that reversed. We will only reverse a transaction if the boat was returned, fraudulent order, or we cannot get a valid card from the customer in the event it is declined or stolen.