Web Accessibility Policy

Sea Eagle Boats has always strived to provide inflatable watercraft to enjoy the water safely. We have established policies and procedures to ensure we provide goods and services to all of our clients subjects in a manner consistent with this core value. Please be aware that our efforts are ongoing as we implement the relevant improvements to meet WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines over time.

It is Sea Eagle Boat’s policy to remove barriers to full access to our products and services whenever that is readily achievable, and to develop products with accessibility standards taken into account. Sea Eagle Boats is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its facilities to persons with disabilities, including accessibility to our websites. To achieve this goal, we have adopted this policy and a plan of implementation that includes the following initiatives:

Implementation Plan

Sea Eagle Boats will develop its website, videos, and manuals and similar interactive services (each a “Web Property”) to the criteria known as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 AA, as recommended by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium (the "Accessibility Guidelines"). Sea Eagle Boats will test and confirm the accessibility of each Web Property to the Accessibility Guidelines in advance of initial launch and thereafter at appropriate intervals. In the event that an Accessibility Guideline is not met, Sea Eagle Boats will require corrective action. If corrective action to meet the applicable Accessibility Guideline is not readily achievable, Sea Eagle Boats will ensure that a reasonable alternative measure is available to ensure accessibility to the service or feature affected by the nonconformity until the Guideline is met.


Upon attainment of the Accessibility Guidelines for a Web Property, Sea Eagle Boats will annually monitor the Web Property and test for conformity to the Accessibility Guidelines in any newly created content for such Web Property.

Website Accessibility Coordinator

The Director of Information and Technology of Sea Eagle Boats having responsibility for a Web Property will serve as its Website Accessibility Lead. The Website Accessibility Lead will be responsible for adherence to the Accessibility Policy and the implementation of this plan to achieve and maintain the Accessibility Guidelines for the Sea Eagle Boats Web Property.

Alternate Measures

Prior to achieving complete conformity with the Accessibility Guidelines, Sea Eagle Boats will implement, on an interim basis, alternate measures for accessibility of current content and services available on the applicable Web Property. The alternate measures will provide accessible means for persons with disabilities to access any inaccessible content or services on the applicable Sea Eagle Boats Web Property until the Accessibility Standard is fully implemented. Alternate measures can be accessed by sending an email to staff@seaeagle.com or by calling the customer service department associated with the Web Property.

Complaints and Responses

Questions or complaints regarding a Sea Eagle Boats Web Property may be directed to Sea Eagle Boats by email at staff@seaeagle.com. A member of the Sea Eagle Boats staff will review the question or complaint and respond with regard to the nature of the question or complaint, including in such response the referral to alternative assistive measures which may resolve or address the question or complaint.