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About the Rescue14 Inflatable Boat

The 14ft long inflatable rescue boat in high-visibility orange has been designed specifically for emergency rescue personnel. The bright orange color makes for a clearly discernible rescue boat. Holds 7 adults - weight of up to 2,000 lbs /907 kgs. Your emergency management team can depend on this boat.

About the Sport Runabouts Series

The great advantage of these boats is their lightweight to size ratio. Which increases stow-ability and reduces overall hull weight. By nearly 25% with the inflatable drop stitch floors while reducing storage footprint by 50% because you no longer have to deal with wooden or aluminum floorboards. Making these boats truly practical as a tender, to carry in a RV or SUV or even simply stow below deck.

These tough, rugged inflatable boats feature your choice of high pressure rigid inflatable drop stitch floors - making them lighter, easier to setup, less expensive to motor and far more portable. While the rigid molded plastic floorboards are virtually unbreakable.

Sport Runabouts are great all around boats for fishing, skin-diving or just plain running about!

Person Capacity 7
Hull Weight 120 lbs. (158 lbs. with Inflatable Floor, 186 lbs. with Plastic Floorboards)
Length 14 ft.
Beam 6 ft.
Interior 9' 9" x 2' 8"
Load Capacity 7 Adults or 2000 lbs.
Deflated Approx. 46" x 26" x 14" (hull), 40" x 32" x 5" (floorboards)
Chambers 5 (port, starboard, bow, keel & DS floor)
Tube Diameter 19
Air Valves 5 Recessed One Way
Inflation time 25 min. (w/ inflatable floor), 35 min. (w/ floorboards)
Seam Glued Quadruple Overlapped
Material 1000 Denier Reinforced
Engine Capacity 25 hp (w/ inflatable floor), 40 hp (w/ plastic floorboards), 175 lbs. max weight, 15" Shaft, Gas Engine
Floor Inflatable Floor (30 lbs), Plastic Floorboards (66 lbs.)
Speed Estimates 25 hp (20 mph w/ 2 adults, 15 mph w/ 4 adults), 40 hp (30 mph w/ 2 adults, 25 mph w/ 4 adults)
Inflation Pressure 3.2 psi


Deflated Hull Size

When deflated and packed well, this hull will fit in:


check_circleCar Trunk


check_circleTruck/Large SUV

Standard Features

  • NMMA & CE Certified
  • 4" Patented External Drop Stitch Inflatable Keel with Keel Guard Rubbing Strake for extra protection - U.S. Patent- #8,286,573 2
  • 5/8" grab line with safety loops along sides for added safety and ease of re-entry
  • Extra-wide 360° industrial 6" bumper rubbing strake for added protection
  • Rounded rear pontoons for rapid planing and improved bow control
  • Splash Guards on transom
  • Four external multi-use heavy-duty stainless steel D-ring attachment points
  • Three internal multi-use heavy-duty stainless steel D-ring attachment points
  • Six industrial-strength carry handles
  • Front lifting handle
  • 360° High-visibility reflective strips
  • Four separate independent air chambers
  • Wide beam hull design for extra stability
  • Extended double-layered 1000 denier underside hull protection where it's needed most

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Rescue14 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars. (2)
Jerry Leigh Verified Owner 4/1/2022 5.0 out of 5 stars.

2 Sea Eagle 14 rescue boats. Part of the East Islip FD Marine Division

Tom Golden Verified Owner 2/3/2021 5.0 out of 5 stars.

So far everything is good. I did not use the seat because it was difficult to turn. I used a Walmart seat. I keep the boat in the water and I am using Torqueedo travel motor.

Key Features

Multiple Extra Heavy Duty D-rings

Multiple Extra Heavy Duty D-rings

When it comes to emergency rescues one of the most important things you must be able to rely on is a proper anchor point. These 7 extra heavy duty reinforced D-ring attachment points aren't going anywhere and are positioned to provide you with complete control.

Rubbing Strake

Rubbing Strake

The extra-wide, extremely durable 6" rubbing strake provides you with the added protection needed during emergency water rescue situations. One of the most integral parts of a water rescue operation is your equipment. If it fails - you fail! The 6" rubbing strake provides added protection to the most vital part of your rescue operation - the rescue boat. Protecting it against floating debris, boulders, structures, landings, and emergency rescue equipment.

5/8" Grab Line / Hogging

5/8" Grab Line / Hogging

Your grab line is your lifeline and it must not break! Traditionally rope is fed through small d-rings which break loose. Our improved attachment system is a 5/8" grab line meticulously threaded through high-strength saltwater resistant metal grommets which then pass through and are secured to a double-layered 3mm thick perimeter hogging. This new and improved attachment system displaces the load over a wider surface area providing the strongest inflatable anchor points on the market.

360° High-visibility Reflective Tape

360° High-visibility Reflective Tape

Being clearly seen on the water by victims and rescue teams is of dire importance. Never be missed or lost from view again with Sea Eagle's 360° High-visibility Reflective Tape.

Patented External RIK (Rigid, Inflatable, Keel)

Patented External RIK (Rigid, Inflatable, Keel)

The outside drop stitch inflatable keel provides several unique performance benefits. First, it creates the ability to turn sharply and precisely in any direction. This is a true benefit when coming to a dock or motoring in crowded harbors. The inflatable drop stitch keel also provides extra buoyancy at the bow allow this boat to ride over waves rather than plowing through waves. This same feature in combination with large rear rounded tubes helps these transom boats get up on a plane far faster. Unlike other transom boats with an inside inflatable keel, the overall performance of our Sea Eagle transom boats are far more precise, responsive, and stable in all sea conditions - U.S. Patent- #8,286,573 2

High-volume Drain Valves

High-volume Drain Valves

Emergency rescue boats must remain afloat. Never worry again about getting swamped with these 4 high-volume easy to reach, open, and close drain valves.

Rescue Package

Rescue14 Rescue

The deluxe package of our high visibility 14ft Orange Sport Runabout with 6 inch Ribbed Rubber Bumper Protection Strip around entire hull and under Keel for extra protection.

Component Value
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Rescue14 - 6" DS Floor $999
BTP Electric Pump $179
Large Boat Carry Bag $59
Auto Dual Action Pump $49
Repair Kit $15
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Rescue14 - 6" DS Floor

New Rescue14 - 6" Inflatable Drop Stitch Floor - Carbon Fiber Reinforced

BTP Electric Pump

BTP Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump

Large Boat Carry Bag

Boat Carry Bag for 12.6sr & 14sr

Auto Dual Action Pump

Dual Action Auto Two Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge

Repair Kit

Repair Kit

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