Sea Eagle 473rl Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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Mike Homolka Verified Owner 11/15/2023 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We have only had the boat a week and a half but have used it nearly every day since we bought it. We wanted a boat that would be easy to paddle against strong currents and wind but were worried it might be too tippy. We are happy to report it was not. Fast and or streamlined boats will naturally be more tipy than those that aren't. For those not planning to paddle against strong current or wind,don't care how fast their boat is, and who value stability over all else may be better served by another boat. We had previously owned a Sevylor and a Air Head inflatable and this boat is so much easier to paddle we end up going longer distances and against currents that would have made us turn back with other boats. Not only that but it is faster and easier to paddle than our Mad River Adventure and Old Town Scout which are both hard boats. We needed an inflatable for storage reasons and that it could fit in the trunk of our Mustang convertible.

Neil Warren Verified Owner 10/3/2023 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Highly recommended! Quality and functionality well worth the price. Have used it for 2 years now on lakes and rivers in WI. Also have 2 sit-in hard sided kayaks so it’s a great addition and adds flexibility to our “fleet”. Some very minor observations/recommendations. Due need to be more careful in shallow water with hard plastic skeg. May consider getting a spare one just in case of damage. Worried about long term durability of the plastic air pump (red version) especially with the quarter turn hose connection, but nice with the dual action. With our fill values in the stern found it best to start folding up from the front to the rear to help get the air out of the chambers. (This is a very condensed version of a positive review)

Antoine de La Sayette Verified Owner 7/26/2023 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Our kayak is now 6 years old.

We took it on the lakes of Arkansas for multi day trips, then paddled over 100miles in it from Key Largo to Key West in 9 days.

This was made possible by the deck we built for the kayak, maybe an option sea eagle should develop?

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We now use it on the Mediterranean sea in France.

It's a great Kayak, very well made.

We had two small leaks in 6 years that we fixed, probably due to transport while folded.

It is big enough to bring camping gear for multi days trips,

Without a deck, it can take a lot of water in choppy conditions, so whitewater and waves have to be avoided. With the deck, we've kayaked in 3 to 4 ft swell without any problem

Wind has a big impact on it. It does great facing the wind, but turns when the wind comes from the side. Really challenging when kayaking alone.

A perfect boat for flat water! And for long distances, really fast for an inflatable (2.5 to 3mph)

We have videos with it on our YouTube channel: fartherout

to see it perform in real life

Ken Midas Verified Owner 2/20/2023 5.0 out of 5 stars.

The 473rl , it took a little time to get used to getting the balance but after that everything was great easy to inflate with a 12 volt pump which I highly recommend 👌, paddling is very easy then seaeagle had a article about a small 12volt motor 👍 I am all in on that it works great I highly recommend it worth every dollar, on letting the air out is ez but getting it into the bag 🎒 not ez they need to make the bag a little bigger please send me a larger bag it will make me very happy 😀 on the whole I have had six seaeagle boats and I think this is the best one. You can thank kyack cliff for my purchase because I always watch his reviews he does a very good job on how the boats operate well that's about it, I am a truly seaeagle person 😊