Sea Eagle 473rl Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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Deirdre Allen Verified Owner 12/10/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We love our Kayak! It is wonderful to take camping. It fits between our gear and then when we arrive at the lake it blows up in no time. We have made some enhancements, we have added air cushions to the seats because when we are out for a long time our butts were getting sore - wonderful seats just needed a bit more cushion. Great back support. We also made a rudder system that is portable and attaches - works great. A little more time setting up but so worth it. We get so many great complements and we are so proud to own this kayak. Sea Eagle has great customer service and excellent products. Thanks for adding such joy to our life.

John Sanders Verified Owner 1/27/2018 4.0 out of 5 stars.

We own a 473rl and a 385ft. The 385ft is 4 years old and the 473rl is 1 year old. The 385ft is more stable and a better choice for novice kayakers. The 473rl is faster. Both boats are easy to inflate and durable. The seats in the 385ft are more comfortable. We tried the seats from the ft in the rl, but the higher seat profile made the boat less stable. Both our son and daughter bought sea eagle boats after using our boats. We highly recommend Sea Eagle boats.

The storage bag for the razor light is inadequate. Once we got the boat out of it, we were unable to get it back in. It is also more difficult to dry the razor light for storage. There is a plastic support in the bow that fills water and is show full review ▼ hard to dry.

hard to dry.

We tend to use the ft as it is more comfortable, and reserve the rl for trips with our son who also has a rl and can cover a longer distance with less effort. We use both boats in flat water conditions, rivers and lakes.

Michelle Cullen Verified Owner 1/29/2018 3.0 out of 5 stars.

It is exciting to have an inflatable kayak that handles like a hard shell and it is as fast and lighter than a hard shell. One concern is the lack of a bow cover as small waves come into the boat easily. A small deck with combing with a lip that deflects small waves that break on the bow would be much safer especially since I am using it in cold waters of Alaska.

Kenneth Ryker Verified Owner 1/30/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

All’s well !! We really like it, all around great boat! Just wish it came with a plan for making more time to use it...