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Sea Eagle 385ft Inflatable Kayak Reviews

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385ft Reviews (84 total, avg. review: 4.7 out of 5)

Marilyn Cook , PORT SAINT LUCIE Verified Owner

We love our Sea Eagle 385. It is not too heavy for us old folks to carry when it is folded up. It is easy to inflate with the foot pump and I love the stiff inflatable floor in it. Several times we had to climb from above onto the kayak and found it extremely stable to stand on. The fast track steers so easily in a chop and a bit of wind. As lifetime sailors, we find the materials used and the quality of the manufacturer to be excellent. They are made of PVC so it is a good idea not to leave it in the sun for months at a time, and to use the 303 protectant on the kayak. But all in all, the ease of use and portability of the kayak lets us use it often in rivers, the sea, and lakes. I have already recommended Sea Eagle to a friend who has bought one.

Esthela Santiago , Florida Verified Owner
Esthela Santiago's boat

Hi Sea Eagle, we bought two 385 ft back in September 2018. We enjoy every moment with these kayaks, solo or sharing. Tracking and speed are amazing. Our kayaks were put into the real test on our 4th adventure Kingslanding Apopka Fl. Hurricane Maria caused huge damage to the spring. Down the stream into our 4-mile trip, these kayaks bumped, dragged against debris, sharp sticks, trees, branches submerged and outside the water and yep alligators. I felt the friction of my kayak when dragged so many times. It feels scary when you know chances are high for the kayak to puncture or to blow up. It took us about 5 hours to finish. At the beginning of the trip, we removed the skeg since there were areas like 24 inches of water but it was so hard to maneuver that we decided to place it back, even the skegs survived. The first thing we did on land was to turn the kayaks upside down. To our surprise these kayaks were intact. We have done 7 tours and looking for more.

David D , Roanoke, VA Verified Owner

The 385ft FastTrack is wonderful!!! I have now had mine for 5 weeks and have had it out a dozen times on a large lake. The boat tracks well and is a breeze to paddle. With its 635 pound carrying capacity my wife and I can easily take the boat out without any problem. The disadvantage of inflatables is that they are impacted by winds more than rigid kayaks since the inflatable sits higher in the water. But the 385ft is incredibly stable, very hard to turn over. I had a race with a rigid white water kayak and I won!!

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Gail Tetrault , Spring Green Verified Owner

Easier to paddle than the older 385ft it replaced, and I like the fact that it doesn't have seams to fail like that older boat!

Stephen Rogstad , MONROVIA Verified Owner

I've owned 3 of these. Two of the older style and 1 of the new. I loved my two kayaks and used them a lot for 4 years. Unfortunately, after 4 years the seams started coming apart, which could have been partly my fault not making sure the pressure didn't get above 3.2 pounds in the sun. I was disappointed they didn't last longer, but Sea Eagle has the best customer support I've ever encountered. They were kind enough to send a replacement boat, with the newer hull type, for the 2 broken ones. The new boat performs better (6+ mph rather than 5 mph), has a thicker hull and better seams. It should last longer, especially if more care is taken. As far as features, I don't think there is a better inflatable kayak on the market. However, I personally prefer their inflatable paddle boards. For me, it has all the benefits of the kayak and more. The 385ft seems perfect for overnight trips, which I never do. Sea Eagle is a highly innovative company. Like a Cannondale or Apple of inflatable boats.

Robyn Hassell , DUNEDIN Verified Owner

We LOVE our Sea Eagle 385Ft. It has tons of extra room when 2 people are in it. It is easy for 2 ladies to carry to launch it. It is very sturdy in the intercostal waters of the Florida Gulf Coast.

Alfredo Catalano , PESCARA Verified Owner

I'm very satisfied, last summer I was in the islands of LINOSA and LAMPEDUSA south of SICILY - ITALY. Many people asked me for information and it was a pleasure to make good publicity. Next month I will make a new order of accessories.

Alfred Bennett , BONITA SPRINGS Verified Owner

Purchased this for use while traveling in our motorhome. It exceeds our expectations as it handles every bit as good as our sit on two seater if not better! A few extra minutes of set up and take down are a small price to pay for the portability of this kayak.

Philip Profeta , PITTSFORD Verified Owner

Thank you for asking. We actually purchased 2 385ft’s. We have used them almost weekly in upstate NY and have experienced conditions from a long stream with many twists, turns, and felled trees and slow current - to kayaking in a VERY large bay (Irondequoit Bay in Rochester NY) during stready winds of 25-30mph with wave heights of 1-2 ft. We paddled down a very secluded stream while experience a fast moving rain storm so hard - our boats wound up with 4-5 inches of water. Below are few observations that I hope are helpful:

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Sea Eagle's reply:

Thank you for the great review Philip. This video should help with packing: www.seaeagle.com/FastTrackKayaks/385ft#instructions. We are looking into revising the storage bag.

Chris Gudanowski , TUCSON Verified Owner
Chris Gudanowski's boat

We were looking for an inflatable kayak that was easy to transport. I came across Sea Eagle while doing searches. I found others also but after doing some research I determined that the Sea Eagle 385FT was the best choice for us. It does cost a little more than most but is well worth the price. Ordering was very easy. The delivery was fast and everything came in perfect condition. We did the first setup in the house so we knew what we were doing when we got to the lakes. Setup is quicker and easier than expected. It takes no time to blow up the kayak with the foot pump. I see no need for an electric pump. On the water it performs well. It is fast for an inflatable due to its design. It is also very stable. I don't think you could tip it over if you tried. While on the lake, there are many people who will ask about it. It is a conversation starter. Once off the lake, packing it up is quick and easy and it all fits into a bag that is easy to carry. It fits in the back of the SUV or car trunk.

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