Sea Eagle 385ft Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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Darrell Tyner Verified Owner 12/11/2021 2.0 out of 5 stars.

I wish that I would have bought the 300X.

The tubes on this model are too small for whitewater

Sea Eagle's reply:

Thank you for the review Darrell. We have a 120 day return policy if you are not happy with the boat in any way. Please feel free to contact us and we will assist you in any way possible.

James Masters Verified Owner 11/23/2021 5.0 out of 5 stars.

My wife and I have really enjoyed our Sea Eagle tandem kayak. We sold our power boat 4 years ago and missed being back on the water. Our RV is on a park located on an East Tennessee lake. We can now enjoy the leisurely sightseeing in our kayak. The kayak was purchased in the Spring this year but delivery was delayed 2 months due to COVID impact.

Sea Eagle's reply:

Thank you for the review. We apologize for any delays and are working hard to keep the boats coming!

Chuck Berg Verified Owner 9/17/2021 1.0 out of 5 stars.

We bought our 385FT kayak in 2015 to bring along in our RV. We used it about 20 times and in 2020 a 2" section of a pontoon seam separated. Thinking it could be repaired, I talked with the service department and was told there was no way to repair it. They offered $500 off the price of a new one, but since our first one only lasted that long, I felt it was throwing good money after bad. Sea Eagle did replace the paddles and the pump at no cost so there is no complaints about their service, its just that in my experience, the kayak is not reliable. I'm giving it a one because it didn't last very long considering the expense.

Sea Eagle's reply:

We apologize for any inconvenience with your kayak. Sea Eagle offers an industry leading 3-year warranty against defects and typically an issue like this would be discovered within the first year of use. Sea Eagle also offers optional warranty extensions (for an additional 3 years) on all of our inflatable products.

Penny Hill Verified Owner 9/16/2021 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We purchased 2 Sea Eagle 385ft Inflatable Kayaks. Double Kayak and Single. We up graded the seats in the Double and upgraded the Paddle for the Single. The seats are higher easier for your back, yet still sit a little lower. Easy fix, added a piece of foam. The original seat (white) is great for our grandkids, but not so for adults. Couldn't be happier, easy to inflate, deflate. Really easy to paddle Rivers, Ocean. We've had several people stop ask about the boats. My husband did his research and so happy he did. As we heard from others, with different inflatables not happy with other manufactures kayaks. Thank-you for making a top notch product.