Sea Eagle 385ft Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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James Brandt Verified Owner 1/9/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Will not use until March. First impression of the floor and smaller pontoons compared to our Explorer 380X is positive!

Paul Miller Verified Owner 1/11/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

So far I just unpacked it and it's way more quality than I expected, I can't wait to get it in the water.

The seat is way more than I expected , very nice and high quality.

I will give you a better test later , but so far the kayak is of the best standards . I am a happy camper !!!!

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Cate Campbell Verified Owner 1/13/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I purchased the 385FT after reading some reviews online. As a mid-60s woman who still likes to hit the water alone, I wanted a boat I could easily handle and transport. I've had one season with my boat and am very happy with most aspects. The setup video on the Sea Eagle website is easy to follow and covers all the bases. I watched it a couple of times and had no problems at the lake. My first trip out drew some interest from others on the lake who liked the streamlined look and the quick setup. The estimate of time spent pumping the boat up is right on target: very fast.

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This is not a boat I would take in very rough water, at least until I am more conversant with its [and my] abilities. There is very little yaw when paddling alone and even less with a paddle buddy. We headed into some fairly stiff wind on Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park but were able to cut a clean and quick line toward shore when a few gusts came along.The seats sit low so our center of gravity made for a stable ride.

Wendy Sheppard Verified Owner 1/16/2016 4.0 out of 5 stars.

I like the boat and look forward to using it this summer. I wished the floor was attached to the main structure so that it would be easier to fold up. I am particular about cleaning and drying everything when I pack up, so it takes awhile to get everything packed being that there is two separate pieces.

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The open quality of the boat limits its use in Yukon's extremely cold water conditions. But I bought the boat for those warmer days with smaller chop, so is absolutely great for that. The open boat allows me to bring my small dog with me. He panics on the hard shell boats and refuses to join me. For a dog that was so paranoid in other boats--hard shell kayaks, larger zodiacs, motor boats--he just stands on the beach waiting for me to get the boat together--normally he'd be off in the bushes hiding--anxious to jump in and go off on an adventure. I don't have to leave him behind anymore. Its also easier to take my camera equipment and have it ready at my feet, which I couldn't do in the hard-shell.