Sea Eagle 12.6sr Inflatable Boat Reviews

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Ellen Yaroch Verified Owner 2/8/2021 5.0 out of 5 stars.

The SeaEagle inflatable boat was recommended by a friend. I researched other brands of inflatables. I immediately found out the other company's sales people rarely replied to enquiries and many were quite expensive. SEAEAGLE CUSTOMER SERVICE---timely email responses and prompt return phone calls were exemplary! Besides high quality customer service, order to delivery time was surprising fast, the easw and portability of an inflatable craft is convenient, optimal store-ability in small spaces, the 3 year warranty and 180 day money back guarantee trial period was attractive, as well. I will continue to highly recommend SeaEagle inflatable boats to my friends and acquaintances! Enjoying the mobility of an inflatable on Lake Huron----Ellen in Port Austin , Michigan

Simon Pang Verified Owner 2/14/2021 5.0 out of 5 stars.

This is my second big purchase from SeaEagle.

Very happy about the boat! Thrived in Lake Ontario even with 0.5-1 meter wave range. 15 hp honda mounted, which gives 1 person (me) riding at 30-35 kilometer/hr speed. I took friends and family on fun ride, 5 people (3 adults + 2 teens), easily show full review ▼ go ~25 kilo/hr with full throttle.

go ~25 kilo/hr with full throttle.

We split the waves, chased seagulls and witnessed big waterbody like moving hills toward us up and down!

Super customer support, answer questions quickly (through emails back and forth). Good product (high quality), good company! Will buy again for sure!

Simon Pang Verified Owner 2/14/2021 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Two photos added to my previous text only review. Photos were taken on a quiet day of Lake Ontario, waves at ~0.1-0.2 meters. A 0.5-1.0 meter wave on Lake Ontario is quite normal. My 12.6sr riding could be choppy but exciting on those days.

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A normal day

Michael Nowak Verified Owner 4/23/2021 5.0 out of 5 stars.

The service is excellent. I'm taking it out for the first time this year. It sat for almost a year in my garage filled with air and stayed full. I strongly recommend Sea Eagle products.