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Sea Eagle SE 330 Inflatable Kayak Reviews

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SE 330 Reviews (153 total, avg. review: 4.5 out of 5)

John Pile , NORTH POLE Verified Owner

For my wife's birthday I ordered His and Hers Kayaks.

The sales lady that I talked to on the phone was excellent, a great asset! She walked me through the ordering process and help with excellent choices.

No problem shipping them to our home in North Pole, Alaska.

I asked for them to be in a "Plain Brown Wrapper"...was not an option but the boxes were discreet and the surprise happened.

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Paul H Dawson , NORTH SCITUATE Verified Owner

Everything about the kayak is perfect BUT it is scary tippy. We haven't given up on it yet, and at the end of the season last year we thought we had solved the problem. We shall see when we use it again in the early Summer.

Sea Eagle's reply:

A little less air in the floor chamber will allow the side chambers to contact the water more quickly. This should resolve the tippiness.

Roger Johansen , Eagle Point Verified Owner

An excellent craft; It's just too excellent for me. I need a wider beamed boat; Because unfortunately I'm wider beamed now! The craftsmanship of the craft is very sturdy; It's made for a more skilled person than I. It responds immediately to what I do; I'm just not quick enough to respond on a river; I need a ship that's more forgiving. I should also probably stick to lakes; But that's a more ▼

Hildred Neilson , TUCSON Verified Owner

I love it. I am 81 and first time in a kayak. My friend informed me that if I followed her instructions that I would never get into trouble. I never fell out. Did not have trouble getting in and out of my kayak. We got into some heavy wind but I have been going to the gym so had no trouble. I am in Arizona and use m kayak in northern Arizona. We watch weather conditions so I feel very safe and confident when out on the lakes. I would recommend this sport to anyone. I love it.

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Lee Anne Balliett , Regina Verified Owner

I was a little hesitant about the idea of an inflatable. Durability was important, but I loved the idea of portability. I am about an hour away from a lake, so I didn’t want to keep lifting a kayak on and off my vehicle. It takes me exactly 8 minutes to set the kayak out and inflated it. It is also super easy to deflate and pack up. And everything can fit in the carrying bag, kayak, paddle, seat, more ▼

Bruce Sykes , brookville Verified Owner

I purchased my Sea Eagle canoe over thirty years ago and and I just ended up putting it out to the curb. This canoe served me well, on rivers, lakes and oceans and it never failed to impress me. It was rugged, extremely comfortable (everybody wanted to use it), light weight and easily transportable . Did I get my monies worth? Many, many times over. I'm about to sell my house, move full time into a conversion van and travel the country and a Sea Eagle is at the top of my list of things that I need to take with me. Thank you all for making a terrific product.

Margaret Cartwright , wyoming Verified Owner

There is much to recommend this kayak; however, had i known it did not come with foot pegs, nor could they be added, i would not have bought it. It's just too much work to maneuver it using upper body only. I can't imagine taking it in any sort of whitewater, or anywhere that is not a placid river heading downstream, for that matter.

Sea Eagle's reply:
Margaret Cartwright's boat

Margaret, give this bow float a try ► www.seaeagle.com/Accessories/whitewater/bow-float-for-sport-explorer-kayaks. We believe it's what you are looking for. Many of our customers use it in whitewater. There are tons of youtube videos demonstrating the Sport Kayaks in whitewater.

James Galka , VISALIA Verified Owner

Everything about the boat has been met our expectations. Hope to be able to use it more next spring/summer.

Paul Turk , ALEXANDRIA, VA Verified Owner
Paul Turk's boat

First season of recreational kayaking winding down and its all about my SeaEagle...One of the best investments I have ever made. I was born near the water and I must live close to the water. Love the outdoors and the water and I am right in my element on the water. Took SeaEagle out in the Bay with some choppy waters and on a tranquil river for simple relaxation. Cannot say enough about the enjoyment I have achieved with my SE 330. Getting cold now so the days are numbered. But with a few "Indian Sumer" days left I am sure to get out a few more times before the trees are bare and some white stuff begins to fall. Thank you Sea Eagle.

John Turk , ALEXANDRIA Verified Owner

Absolutely 100% satisfied with Sea Eagle 330. The cost benefits of not buying a roof rack for my car and kayak far outweigh the experience I achieve through the inflatable option. If recreational kayaking is your thing, like mine, the Sea Eagle product is by far the best!

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