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Sea Eagle SE 330 Inflatable Kayak Reviews

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SE 330 Reviews (153 total, avg. review: 4.5 out of 5)

posted on Paddling.net

We like our Sea Eagle 330.

But before you buy, check into local water restrictions... in So. Cal. the lifeguards will shut you down in a heartbeat... no inflatables of any sort are allowed on the ocean down here!!

geosur posted on Paddling.net

I've owned my SeaEagle for 6 years now. It is almost impossible to sink or tip it. It goes over most everything except sharp sticks in the creeks. It recommend it for deep water where there are no threat of sharp objects in the water. In the 6 years, I have had one hole I was able to patch and going again in 15 minutes.

The last trip did it in. Took 2 sticks to the bottom and side. Not repairable this time. Not good for storage. Simply a day tripper. Turn quick, but does glide well. Must paddle hard and continuously.

Jimmy posted on Paddling.net

We purchased the Sea Eagle 330 some time ago but this past weekend was the first chance we had to take it for a spin. We own property on the Suwannee River near Live Oak Florida. Having never read the instructions, the set up took about 15 minutes. After we got back into town I watched the DVD. Seems I did everything correct. I had no idea what to expect but we had the time of our lives. It handled smoothly and stayed pretty much on course. Deflating was easy and even getting everything to fit inside the travel bag was no problem at all. We had so much fun were taking it back out this weekend. Thanks for a great product.

Terry posted on Paddling.net

We recently purchased our 330 as a Christmas present to ourselves. Took it out for 2 hrs on a test run and can not be happier with it. Amazing stability and ease of paddling with two of us plus our dog in it. We opted for the 8' paddles and are glad we did as the reach was just right with them and we feel the std 7' backpack versions may be a bit too short. The kayak tracked very good with the two of us in it on the flatwater lake we were on. I gave it a spin by myself and after a bit of getting used to it, it preformed fine, it does take a few trys to shake the desire to paddle it like a canoe! That is all I have ever owned, and the kayak is a different animal in how you paddle it. Overall its a huge hit and we can't wait to get back out in it. Setup was a snap and breakdown even faster. Would recommend it in a heartbeat for those looking for an all around rec boat thats capable of much much more.

samo posted on Paddling.net

Just bought the SE 330 to supplement my 2 other hardshells. I needed it as I was going on a sailing trip in the Bahamas and there was no room for a hardshell. It's not a bad boat for an inflatable. Hard too believe it hold 500 lbs but that's the rating. I went solo and fit in nicely, 2 persons would be very tought though. (albeit, I'm 6'5")

The dinky inflatable seats are better than I expected and keep your butt dry. so I would use them. And you can pack some stuff behind the seat to keep your leg room free.

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BrianMoore posted on Paddling.net

The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages of this IK. First of all, the price is right for a "starter" boat. It is easy to store (boat and all accessories fit inside a surplus army duffle bag) and you can throw it in the trunk of your car on a whim and take it paddling whenever, wherever you want to go. It only takes 10-15 minutes of mininal effort to get it into the water or back into the trunk of your car. It is more maneuverable than a canoe. It is also more pliable than a canoe which gives it a "softer", less tipsy ride in rough water.

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--- posted on Paddling.net

Not at all happy with this kayak. Had a leak around a valve right out of the box. I'm 5'8" and in the seat I was too high, without it I was too low. First ride was by myself, drifted all over the place. Got pushed around by a very light breeze. Secound trip was on a calm lake with my wife. Very cramped. Kept hitting my knees and if we got out of synch at all we struck paddles. Would never consider this in moving water. As soon as I can get it back in the box it is being returned. Only plus is ease and speed of set up.

Mark posted on Paddling.net

I purchased an older (probably 10+ years), used Sea Eagle 330 for $70 and couldn't be happier. It's great for the flat water here in Foster City, CA and much more stable than I expected. Storage and transport are a breeze.

I'm planning to add skegs and perhaps a nicer seat. The Sea Eagle 330 does catch ride high and thus catches breezes, however, I assume that this is common to most inflatables.

--- posted on Paddling.net

Really enjoy this boat - easy to inflate/deflate, and the "ride" is very smooth...also, very stable - had a close encounter with an idiot on a SeeDoo who created quite a large and unexpected wake - 330 rode it nice and soft...I recommend this boat!

--- posted on Paddling.net

I liked my 330 very well - I could get it inflated in about 10 minutes & it was very stable - I ran it thru class 2 rapids regularly & class 3 the Lower Saluda (Mill Race Rapid) on occasion - however trying mill race at 9000 cfs killed it graveyard dead (didn't do me much good either) - I especially would recommend it for those seeking a minimum entry level boat - for not so much $$ you can find out if the sport is your cup - I never had problems with punctures (except for that last run) but had to repair seams several times due to over inflation from sun heat.

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