Sea Eagle SE 330 Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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Tohgi 7/9/2015 5.0 out of 5 stars.

This is a GREAT product!!! I have taken my Sea Eagle 330 on lakes and rivers. I have been in upper Class II rapids with no problems. Looking forward to Class III in this boat. I wish I was a better word smith to express just how satisfied I am with this boat. I feel like I really got my monies worth. I will review again after I take her in Class III rapids.

davevanb 6/5/2015 2.5 out of 5 stars.

I love my ISUP NN116 used in canals & bay in OC MD. I wanted to get my wife on the water with me so we bought a SE330. It's easy to transport, easy to inflate, and very buoyant.

Our maiden voyage was early one morning starting at north side park - shallow water launch. My wife had difficulty getting in and didn't stay long, too bouncy (there was 10-12 mph wind) I didn't think it was too bad in the cove she got out at the park saying she would meet me at the canal (at 118th st). I made it in about 40-45 min. Wind was from SSE , it was tough paddling, I could not slow down much less stop paddling or I'd be blown back toward the park. A tail wind would of been great.

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Ride was bouncy, it rides too high in the water and blows with the wind. I estimate swells were 6-12 inch. With the buoyancy I had no concern of capsizing or sinking just tough going with wind. In the canal there was less wind yet it didn't paddle well my ISUP would have had no trouble. To disembark I had to use a finger pier, it was very difficult to use the boarding ladder I'm sure my wife would hove been totally unable to get out.

Pros. Easy to transport and inflate. Great buoyancy, stable underway

Cons. Difficult boarding and disembarking, forget using it with more than 3 mph wind. Needs tapered depth entry forget using dock or pier.

If only used at a shattered lake and no wind it'll work for you

irishgal 2/3/2015 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I have owned a SE-330 Pro since 2007 and it's been my faithful transportation over numerous lakes and rivers in the Northwest area. These things are built to last...I have been snagged on logs, dragged it across gravel, hauled the dog along...even hooked on to a friend's pontoon and brought her back upstream when she missed our take-out. It's a stable ride with quick response to get moving when needed.

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Great thing about it is the compact size when deflated yet I have a full size kayak when we get to the river. Two thumbs up, Sea Eagle!

Also kudos to Sea Eagle Dan for helping me out getting a SE-330 Pro in our school's benefit auction...Yeah!!

LMG 9/28/2014 3.5 out of 5 stars.

My only real complaint is that the O-rings are really difficult to assemble! The video shows them being put on quite easily, but I've had to use a hair dryer, break every fingernail and am still one 0-ring shy of having it all done! No way show full review ▼ could one assemble this on-site!

could one assemble this on-site!
Richard Watts 9/22/2014 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Let me preface this review by saying I also own a hard shell Old Town Kayak that I really like. What I like about the Sea Eagle 330 is the ability to have a quality ride no matter where I go without the hassle of putting my hard shell on a rack and then worrying about it being stolen if I'm not around. The toughness of the 330 is amazing. I have used and abused it in the ocean, rivers, creeks and the lake. It inflates quickly with the foot pump and paddles effortlessly. The dual skegs keep it on track and the deluxe seat is comfortable for long hours in the boat. While there is ample room for a small cooler, food, drinks etc. It is not long enough for two people for more than a leisurely paddle. I would compare this to a sit-on-top kayak more anything else because of its open layout. This is a very fun boat for a good time on the lake or river, especially when you want to jump in the water for a few minute and cool off.

Annie 9/2/2014 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I was looking for an easy storage, easy handling, stable, fit in the trunk, fun boat, wow, I found it with my new 330! It is true the basic seats don't offer much support, I did buy them knowing this and figured I could make one or fix the problem with some dollar store velcro and straps.

dxxxiii 8/14/2013 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Sea Eagle from yard sale next door was older but still functional. It was reasonable for 1 man with cooler but 2 guys around 6' 200 lbs were cramped and it was sitting low in water so not efficient. Good for lazy paddling but watch for rocks show full review ▼ and sticks near shore.

and sticks near shore.
Dogpaddle 9/6/2014 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I bought the Sea Eagle 330 as my first kayak. I bought a hard shell when I had a car to carry it. It is very easy to inflate. About 90 foot pumps per compartment or very quick with the purchased DC pump.

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These boats are wider and sit higher than hard shells. This makes tracking and paddling more cumbersome. But they will NEVER capsize. We enjoy ours for portability, like when RVing. Very easy to get onto the water. My parents, in their 70s just bought the 370 because of the light weight and it gets them out on the water. I recommend the Sea Eagle 330 for its versatility and toughness. If you want something fast, spend the $$ for a sleeker boat.

Bud E. 8/17/2014 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I bought my SE330 almost two years ago and I am very satisfied with it with only one exception. I does need D-rings or something to tie things to. I am 77 years old and I have no trouble with anything, however I would suggest folks of my age would be better off with the electric pump. Keep the hand or foot pump for emergencies. Oh, and do buy it with the premium seat, the standard one lacks a lot. I would like it if Sea Eagle would provide anchor points for the premium seat, I had to make my own.

jamoaque 8/13/2014 2.5 out of 5 stars.

My rating takes a bit of explaining, so bear with me please. The full picture would be as follows:nn Rating 4 if you get the 330 with basic SEC seats (not as good of back support as the deluxe seats)

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Rating 5 if you get the 330 with deluxe seats (worth the extra money)

Rating 6 for the accessories (paddle blade push-buttons can jam or slip thru; foot pump can have limited life)

Rating 7 if you get the SE370 instead of the SE330

Rating 8 for the overall value of an SE370 package as far as what you get for your money

Rating 10 for Sea Eagle warranty and 180-day trial period

If you're looking for a basic kayak that is easily portable (can be taken by plane too), has a reasonable price and yet good durability, has a good warrantee, and can be used effectively either solo or tandem, Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks are worth considering.

Some of the virtues of the 330 (and 370):

•Sea Eagle's outstanding 6-month return option and 3-year warranty are hard to beat

•Comfortable, almost like a couch on water, yet have acceptable performance for an inflatable

•Track fairly well for an inflatable, yet also easy to maneuver

•Good load carrying capacity

•Don't have to mess with a separate floor piece

•Easy set-up and take-down.

•Inexpensive Since these do not have a separate floor piece as some inflatables do, it is fairly easy to wipe down inside when you are done w/ a paddling session (you do not have to partially deflate a separate floor piece, take it out to dry it off and dry off that water that was underneath it, and then put it back in). Note however, that since it has a low-pressure floor (not high-pressure which can be made very firm), the floor is somewhat squishy and not as solid. And one limitation of a 330/370 is how they sit a bit deeper in the water. Since the bottom of the boat protrudes downward from the side parts of the boat, you can't go through as shallow of water as some other kayaks.

Note that one important factor in the above ratings is that in my experience, the 370 is noticeably more stable than the 330. A couple actual examples:

a) once on a choppy mountain lake (windy), the 330 was unstable enough that my wife did not feel comfortable in it, so we moved her over to our 385 Fast Track, and, b) one time when I was getting into the 330 from a dock, I initially sat onto it a bit toward one side and found myself teetering between upright and tipping over for about two seconds % I have never had that happen on any other inflatable or hard-shell, and I have paddled over twenty different kayaks. So it seems to take more attention to stability than the 370. However, please note that I have paddled two different 370's, but have only paddled one 330 - could that 330 somehow have been a rare exception that does not represent the rest of the 330's??

Summary of advantages of the SE370 over the SE330 that you may want to consider:

a) I like it better even for solo paddling than the 330.

b) The 370 seems more stable.

c) The 330 is tight with two adults, so the 370's extra 16" of length helps a lot.

d) You'll get a little more speed from the 370's extra length (around 6% more)

e) The 370 uses 38 mil Polykrylar instead of 33 mil on the 330.

f) These advantages come w/ little extra weight and for only another $50.