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James Rodriguez , Washougal Wa Verified Owner

I love my new kayak, the 393 Razorlite, it takes longer to set up than it does to dry off and get it back in the bag. I was used to the short wide hard shells and this is so easy to get going and is effortless to paddle for two hours. It handles wakes from speed boats with ease and nary a drop of water comes over the brow. I was nervous with the open design thinking that I was going to get soaked and had only minor droplets and only had sweat marks on my shirt when I got back in the car. There were about 10 others with inflatables out when I was and all of the ones that I talked to loved its sleek lines, were impressed on how it cut through the water, and marveled at how fast it went with me doing minimal work.

I have a so-so back and knees, 58 years old, and this was the most comfortable kayak that I have been in. I think that with this unit I will be able to take some longer trips. Thank you for a great product.

Emily Kennedy , Draper Verified Owner
Emily Kennedy's boat Emily Kennedy's boat

I am new to kayaking. As an enthusiastic beginner in the sport, I initially got the RazorLite becauseit was the best in its class for exploring. I wanted to get comfortable with paddling before I got into any serious rapids. After receiving my RazorLite and taking it out on the water multiple times, I have now realized there are more perks than just it being a good kayak for exploring. Iam a 5’2 and 115 lbs. highly active female. The RazorLite is the perfect size for me. When the kayak is

deflated, I can easily throw the 28 lbs. carrier backpack on and trek to a new destination to put in. It has been a great relief to have the fastest inflatable kayak. I can keep up with my fellow avid kayak buddies without too much strain. I have taken my RazorLite on a few long excursions and I couldn’t be happier.

John Shea Verified Owner

I've taken it out several times since buying last year (for trips I didn't want to put my other yak on the roof) and very happy with the performance and construction quality (should last a long time if well cared for). As others have said, don't need the skeg. My only complaint is the seat is too firm for my middle-age keister (but I find most yak seats make me want to stand up after half an hour without some supplemental padding). Like ability to adjust seat back angle (note to beginners -- should sit straight up and not lean back much).

Steve Rumbaugh , WINTER SPRINGS Verified Owner

My Sea eagle exceeds my expectations. It is sleek, very easy to navigate and sturdy. It's much more easy to paddle than any other inflatable kayak I've experienced.

Edward Spring , CHARLOTTE Verified Owner

Great Boat!This is one of the lightest, most nimble boats I have ever paddled.It tracks very, very well; and the downwind sail is great! It is light and easy to get in and out of the water.I have paddled it now in Florida (the Keys, Cocoa Beach, & Gainesville), Louisiana (a bayou North of Lafayette), Texas (Bastrop Lake), North Carolina (Lk. Norman and Badin Lk.), and on the Potomac River, near Washington DC.

I was not able to get the boat back in the bag, the first few times I tried. But, after watching the video, I was able to do it.The 2 tricks are: 1) twist the front part of the boat to get the hard nose as flat on its side as possible, and, 2) use the included strap to wrap and hold the boat in a tight, folded-up bundle. Then it will just go in the bag.The bag is of high-quality construction, and a good design; but if it were an inch larger, the stowing-away process would be easier.

I am so happy to NOT have to lift a boat up onto the top of my van after paddling for hours!

Ron Deford , BANNER ELK Verified Owner

I purchased this kayak to take with me to an island in Panama. I camped on the island for 3 months and used the kayak to paddle around the island and venture into the surrounding waters. I had experience kayaking, having built a Chesapeake Light Craft 17-footer some years ago, but the logistics of getting that boat to Panama from the States were prohibitive.The 393rl proved to be a remarkable kayak. The unique design and surprising rigidity of it as an inflatable made it very fast and easy to paddle. I purchased a wind paddle to give me more distance, and that rigs very easily to the 393rl.

The size of the craft compacted into the backpack is also a remarkable piece of design. It is perfect for the advertised hike to remote launch points. It was not as good as it could have been for taking on a plane, because it is just slightly above the regulation size for checked items. So, it incurs the $200 over-sized item charge. But that was the ONLY disappointment.I highly recommend this kayak.

F. William Schlegel , Saint Louis Verified Owner

If you'll recall, my initial 393rl had a non-repairable leak in the crease between the side and bottom. In that I requested a replacement instead of a refund has to speak volumes about my opinion of your 393rl. Just used the replacement for the first time last week and its performance, as expected, was as commendable as the one it replaced. And kudos for adding a circle around the valves with the recommended psi, so I no longer have to review your instructions for the proper psi. Performance wise, the 393rl is very close to my hardshell, but a lot lighter. In my opinion, tracking is the best feature, with speed second, and comfort third. Unless the replacement succumbs to a non-repairable leak in the crease, I will buy another and highly recommend same to others in the market for an inflatable. Thanks for the product!

Michael Poskozim , EDEN PRAIRIE Verified Owner

Wife and I bought two and love them. Strangers admire them and are surprised when we tell them they are inflatables. The kayak is fast and nimble. A little tricky to get in and out. Best to straddle in shallow water. Not easy to repack in the backpack so we avoid repacking and store them semifolded in available spaces in our RV. Shipping was quick, People friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend this kayak and in fact have recommended it to fellow RVers and to relatives.

Sea Eagle's reply:

Michael, this video should help ► youtu.be/Dfbp_lm3jGY.

Lana Cullison , CORYDON Verified Owner

Bought two Razorlite kayaks, model 393RL. Product arrived when promised and in excellent condition. The watercraft is high performance as described. Easy to set up, easy to balance out on the water even against 30MPH wind and rough waves. The instructions were thorough even for a first-time kayak user. I would rate it 5 stars on performance. The only difficulty, I have with the overall package, is the re-packing of the craft into its backpack. There is very little instructions or tips on how to repack into the pack provided. I have to hang the bow or stern cap out of the top of the pack in order to fit it all in, otherwise it is a knuckle scraping chore drawing lots of blood and curses. I've tried numerous folding techniques (ex-military training), but it is a laborious task as if the pack is too narrow at the opening. It needs to expand then cinch in. Once the folded kayak is stuffed in, there is room along the sides and the bottom for accessories. I liked the additional strapping provided. Lana

Sea Eagle's reply:

Lana, we are listening and up-sizing the RazorLite™ backpacks.

Also, this video should help ► youtu.be/Dfbp_lm3jGY

Doug and Karen Hamilton , ORANGE Verified Owner
Doug and Karen Hamilton's boat

My husband gave me the RazorLite 393rl for my birthday last November. We spend a few months each year in the Eastern High Sierras. Because we go in our motor home and take two other boats with us, it was essential that the kayak be inflatable. I was skeptical that an inflatable kayak would perform well, but boy was I wrong. I couldn't be more impressed with the performance on the water, and it is easy to inflate. We actually took it out on a large lake and inflated it in our 16.5 ft. boat and set it over the side. I'm now planning to take it with me when I visit my family home on a lake in Michigan. Thank you Sea Eagle, Karen Hamilton