Sea Eagle 465ft Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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B Fraser Verified Owner 11/6/2019 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We grew up canoeing in Manitoba, and switched to kayaks later on. We purchased the 465ft so we could have a boat that we could carry with us in our camper van and explore the lakes and rivers that we came across, without having to haul a much larger boat around. This first season we used the Sea Eagle five times on Lake Winnipeg, The Assiniboine River, and Lake of the Woods. It has been great in every respect. I believe a lot of thought has gone into its design and construction. It's strong where it needs to be, yet light enough to be manageable. It tracks well, has tons of room, and is very stable. Would be great for hauling gear, or bringing your child or dog along. We even tried it with a trolling motor and an old car battery, and it was great. We used the supplied foot pump to inflate it, and had no issues. After a few times, getting the boat ready is not difficult. Great boat!

Gil Liwanag Verified Owner 8/14/2019 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Sea Eagle for what you do. I've always wanted a kayak. A friend at work pointed me to Sea Eagle and I knew the kayak that I wanted to get. The 465ft was the one. I only use the kayak in fresh water here in Alberta, some lakes are calm, while others have white caps during windy days. The 465ft tracked straight as promised, the kayak is always with us when travelling, you never know when you see a lake and the view of the mountains while on any lake is unforgettable. We've used the kayak about a dozen times now and on our last trip, I noticed that the front keel had water in it. I contacted Sea Eagle and with just a handful of e-mail and a few pictures, Sea Eagle sent me a replacement. I had to cut the Hull ID and take a picture for the rest of the warranty to be transferred to the new 465ft. I already used the replacement 4 times now and I truly love how this kayak handles. My sister is now considering getting one. Again, thank you Sea Eagle for what you do.

Charles Giese Verified Owner 5/16/2019 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Everything is great, haven't been able to use it much, but very satisfied with everything.

Aaron Forel Verified Owner 3/3/2019 5.0 out of 5 stars.

An amazing boat. We purchased our first Sea Eagle about 40 years ago(Orange & Blue), it was a great inflatable. We purchased our second Sea Eagle about 10 years later(light grey & blue), a wonderful boat but nothing compare with the 465ft. It's a work horse and a racing horse in one wonderful package. The 465ft is light, easy to set up and once in the water it is fast, it is stable, it keeps course with minimum drag, has plenty space for people and gear, it is durable and beautiful to look at. During the years we had different inflatable but this one tops it all. Very happy we chose this one. Way to go Sea Eagle, you have created a masterpiece.

Stephen Gillenwater Verified Owner 12/18/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Just took my new 465ft out for its maiden voyage and could not be happier. I was afraid when I bought it that it might be to long to handle by myself but after being on the river paddling both down steam and up stream as a single paddler and the next day with a friend as a tandem I could not be more pleased. Very stable, tracks straight, easy to paddle and responds quickly. Sets up in about 15 min and deflates, dry and store in about 30 minutes. Very glad now that I bought the 465 as it has a lot more leg room and storage than the 385. This is my second Sea Eagle and my next planned purchase will be the Canoe. Thanks for the memories. Stephen Gillenwater

Paul Vantol Verified Owner 11/4/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I just spent 254 days in my 465 ft! Starting in January of this year I spent two months on the Manistee River in Michigan fishing steelhead. The temps never got above 18 degrees going down to the lowest of 3 above zero. Then it was off to the Ausable River where I spent early spring pushing the paddle, five weeks on the water. Then the big adventure began. It was off to spend the next four months on Lake Superior in Michigan’s upper peninsula. I rigged the 465 ft up with a deck cover that worked very well. I was able to load the 465 up with gear I needed plus one month of food supplies! Still keeping everything below the gunnels of the boat. Although very heavy I was able to paddle fairly easy as long as the big lake wasn’t kicking two bad. With a low center of gravity I never once felt uncomfortable. The final part of my trip was spent back on the Ausable River. Covering the entire river 130 miles unsupported was a breeze loading the 465 up with all needed. Absolutely recommend this kayak for extended trips.

Aaron Forel Verified Owner 10/8/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

After extensive kayaking in various conditions and several bays & rivers this boat is really exceptional. We have experienced other kayaks but this one is fast, steady, very stable, easy to put together and very attractive. People on the beach came to inquire. Only one thing I would correct: WE NEED MORE D RINGS!!! The limited amount the boat has really limiting the possibilities and hinders flexibility.

Sea Eagle's reply:


Glad that you are enjoying your 465 FastTrack, we do sell additional d-rings in our extra section.

Richard Frommeyer Verified Owner 3/30/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We love our kayak. It is perfect for exploring and easy setup and easy storage in our RV. Would definitely buy it again.

Robert Nelson Verified Owner 3/17/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I just want to say that I LOVE my kayak. Honestly, I did have an issue with it where it started to develop leaks along the hull's seam after using it lightly for approximately 4 years. I contacted SeaEagle, and they have treated me like a VIP customer. They have been wonderful. After I supplied them with a picture of the defective seam, they willfully sent me a replacement kayak. I am so pleased with my kayak, and the reputable company that manufactures it. I cannot say enough good things about them. Feel comfortable when you order one of their items that number one, it is a quality product, and number 2, they stand behind their products. Thank you SeaEagle!

Samuel Garnett Verified Owner 12/26/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Wow what a wonderful AWESOME boat. It's everything I expected. First I would like to thank my Seaeagle rep for being well informed and trained. She was able to confidently answer all my questions.

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My criteria for a family flat water boat:

-Customer Service after purchasing

-Good Warrantee

-Stable in water with wakes


-Versatility of boat:1-3persons or more if small kids, -Used for lessiure and fishing.


- purchased this boat to be used primarily in flat water with my 4yr old who and my wife or additional kids/passengers.

-It's very stable when large wakes roll by/under the boat from passing motor boats.

-This boat is easily piloted by one person when alone or with two additional passengers whom are paddling or not paddling.

-The boat tracks straight as designed with little effort. Great when it's just me and my boy and one or two of his friends. If they are playing in the water, jostling back & forth the boat maintains stability & tracks true while I'm paddling.