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Peter G. Montague , New Brunswick Verified Owner

Great boat. Light, stable, strong, fun. No complaints.

Scott Hazelton , Yreka, CA Verified Owner
Scott Hazelton's boat

Our first journey out with the Sea Eagle 420x. Had a blast on Taylor Lake (near Etna Summit, CA). I'm a big guy at 6'00" and 290 LBS and this yak wasn't even near at drawing water...very buoyant! My 13 year old daughter was able to stand up on it and use it as a paddle board...very stable! Only problem we had (no fault of Sea Eagles) was that we decided to haul our new 420x and two other sit on top kayaks the 1/4 mile from the trailhead to the lake. It was quite a task but well worth it as we had the lake to ourselves. Today was our first outing and so far, so good!

Jerry MacAlpine , Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia Verified Owner
Jerry MacAlpine's boat

I can't say enough positive things about this kayak - it is truly amazing! Living as we do in Nova Scotia ("Canada's Ocean Playground"), there is no shortage of places to kayak. One of the downsides to kayaking has always been transportability, and being in our late 50s, trying to get kayaks on and off vehicles wasn't appealing. Then along comes Sea Eagle.Wow.The photo shows our Mercedes-Benz Smart Car with the 420X + all the gear required for a day (or more) of kayaking - talk about transportable! The kayak behaves extremely well, even with wind, and the removable skeg is awesome. I wasn't sure if the 420X might've been too much for two people; however, it is very comfortable, even with a full load. Even with one person, it is easily controllable. Talk about fun!

Nova Scotia has over 3000 lakes + hundreds of streams and rivers, not to mention being a sea kayakers paradise with 13,300 kilometers of coastline. We're going to hit them all with this rig! :-)

Simeon Ward , Lake Oswego, OR Verified Owner

Well beyond expectations.Me and my dog (Ozzy The Wonder-Pup) are riders of motorcycles and do not own a car. We needed an inflatable that would allow us to explore the many rivers of Montana and the Pacific Northwest... One of exceptional quality (that would last for years) and uncompromising durability to get us through the FUN STUFF.The Sea Eagle 420X has exceeded our expectations in every way. Class III stuff on the Blackfoot River was a breeze in the 420X. We are looking forward to some more challenging foats on the Clark Fork (Alberton Gorge), Klickitat, Deschutes, and the Clackamas. We are confident that the 420X will continue to deliver.

Happy Floating WOOF!

Brenden Osier , Concord, NC Verified Owner

Absolutely a fantastic boat. Very well made from high quality, professional grade materials and the accessories that came with the pro carbon package were top notch. The 420x is also a huge hit with the family on lake and beach vacations. All my little nieces can't stay off the thing! Thank you Sea Eagle! I will definitely be a return customer. :)

Sea Eagle's reply:

Absolutely a fantastic boat. Very well made from high quality, professional grade materials

Hugo Ochoa , Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina Verified Owner

Hi EverybodyAs an owner of a 420x I am very satisfied with the product. It is covering all my expectations for kayaking on lakes, rivers or in the sea.The quality is very good.One point to enhance the kayak could be a drainage on the rear for a more easy cleaning after use.The order and delivery time was as promised and expected, and the customer service helped me being in Argentina when I have some issues with the local custom.

Portability it is one of the biggest goals and one of my main points along with store-ability when electing this type of kayaks.I did not have to use the 3 year warranty.For sure I will buy it again and every time I have the chance I recommend this SeaEagle product.Best regards,Hugo

Howard Hildebrandt , Grand Junction, CO Verified Owner

Exactly what I needed for the rivers and lakes in Colorado. I could not be happier. Very solid and stable, love the floor..Howard

Ross Phillips , Easton, MD Verified Owner

I've been very happy with my kayak! I've had it for about 6 months now and I have no complaints whatsoever!

George Rapin , Burlington, WA Verified Owner
George Rapin's boat

We have a Krogen 42 trawler as our cruising boat and cruise in the northwest waters of British Columbia. During that time we stay at various anchorages in some of the most beautiful waters to be found anywhere. We bought the SeaEagle 420x to provide a safe way for my wife to take the dog ashore instead of having to use our dinghy. The 420x was stable, seaworthy and easy for her to get ashore and back again. It also became the preferable mode of touring the multitude of islands we frequent. You can get close to the surf surrounding the islets and not be fearful of damaging the kayak if you scrape a reef. Ours is a salt water application primarily. In the 10 years we have had a 380x and a 420x there has never been a deflated chamber. Yes, we are satisfied with this kayak and SeaEagle.

Ken Leys , Moosejaw, SASKATCHEWAN, Canada Verified Owner

We have alot of good times,we use it on the lakes and rivers, even did a little white water. Great unit easy to use and set up. We travel in 5th wheel the Kayks fits in the compartment and is ready to use in the a few minutes. One of our Daughters put our six grand children in the Kayak there ages were from 4 to 7 and down the river they went and all had room and fun.Had an other couple try our boat and they purchaced one a short time later.

Thanks you have a good product keep it up. There maybe a paddle board in on our wish list.Thanks Ken4.5 it would be a 5, but the rudder cracked has always been hard to install and remove. I use a small little rubber hammer.

Sea Eagle's reply:
Ken Leys's boat

The trick is to pack/store your kayak with the skeg base flat. I assume because you have to slightly force the skeg in place that there is a deformity of some sort. Heating the skeg base up with a hair dryer and then inserting the replacement skeg and allowing it to cool will remedy this. The plastic mold wants to return to it's original shape. It just needs a little assistance. This video should help: youtu.be/I3UbOhLz8L4 (note the folding starts at 11:27) also Explorer Kayaks print instructions: www.seaeagle.com/img/InstructionalPDF/ExplorerKayaks.pdf (pg9).