MB80 Electric Pump

  • 12 volt Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Automotive Use
  • Draws 10 Amps
  • 9' 6" Power Cable
  • Inflates to 1.1 psi
  • Multiple Valve Adapters to fit any of our MotorMount or Sport Kayak Boats
The MB-80 electric pump inflates our Sport Kayaks (SE-330, SE-370), and Motormount Boats (SE-8, SE9, & Super Motormount 124SMB) in a matter of minutes. Weighs just 2 lbs.

*This pump is not compatible with the 285fpb or STS10. However, the BTP & BP12 electric pumps are.
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Recommended For:
  • Inflatable Motormount Boats
  • Inflatable Sport Kayaks
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Item Number: MB80
MB80 Electric Pump
MB80 Electric Pump
MB80 Electric Pump -  48
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MB80 Electric Pump