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Why Sea Eagle Inflatables Boats?

Sea Eagles are light, compact, easy to carry and extremely durable. Easily checked as luggage or stowed in a car. Sea Eagles travel to almost any body of water, be it local or thousands of miles away. Whether looking to explore nearby waterways, fish remote lakes or getaway to a tropical paradise - Sea Eagle inflatables can take you there!

Sea Eagle inflatables have been specifically designed to perform better, last longer and provide true value. Producing high quality inflatables to the market since 1968, we have sold over 500,000 inflatable boats, kayaks and SUPs to date and counting. This long history of producing inflatable products made to our design and specifications allow us to provide the very best quality inflatable boats, kayaks and SUPs of their kind.

Advantages of Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats, Inflatable Kayaks & Inflatable SUPs

  • Inherently buoyant and generally designed with multiple air compartments - Making them much safer than other kinds of watercraft and allowing for larger weight load capacities.
  • Packs to a fraction of their inflated size (usually less than 20%) - Enabling them to go just about anywhere, store anywhere, pack anywhere and even be checked as luggage! Far lighter than other rigid or inflatable crafts of their kind - Making them far easier to carry, handle, transport and store!
  • Advanced inflatable construction techniques utilizing only the very best materials - Making them extremely durable, safe and reliable.
  • Designed and tested in house with unique, patented features - Resulting in a higher level of performance, far better than other crafts of their kind. Compact when deflated - Making them far easier to transport while saving money on docking fees, boat ramp fees, storage fees and trailer costs!
  • Far less expensive to buy or maintain than many other watercrafts - Making them far more economical to both own and maintain. 180 Day Trial with money back guarantee - Giving you the opportunity to inspect and test Sea Eagles to determine if they are truly right for you.
  • 3 Year Warranty against defects - Protecting your long-term investment, giving you a sound peace of mind. FREE S&H to the Lower 48 USA with all packages purchased directly from Sea Eagle.

SE 370 Deluxe Package

A great package for one or two! Includes kayak, 2 paddles, 2 inflatable, movable seats, foot pump, repair kit and rugged carry bag with easy carry shoulder strap. a $615 value for just $329

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Money Saving Packages!

We package together inflatable kayaks, boats and SUPs with accessories, carefully taking into consideration quality, portability and affordability. We then offer these different packages for you choose from. By doing this you’ll get one of our Sea Eagle inflatables with all the accessories you’ll need while saving money in the process! Watercraft, accessories, 180 Day Trial with money back guarantee and 3 Year Warranty all in one! Plus FREE S&H to the Lower 48 USA with all packages purchased directly from Sea Eagle - See boat packages for specific details.

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