Set of 2 Oarlock Pins

Oarlock Pin (set of two). 1/2" Oarlock pin with clamp and retainer ring. Fits standard oar lock receivers and sockets. Retainer ring keeps oars from coming out of oarlock. Specifically designed for thin shaft oars. Made of saltwater resistant galvanized steel. Retainer ring is stainless steel. Fits 1.25" - 1.5" shaft diameter oars. Oarlock pin diameter is ½” (0.47 - 0.48”) or 12mm. Overall dimension including clamp is 5.5" long by 1.5" wide, and weighs 7.6 oz.
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Recommended For:
  • FoldCat™ Inflatable Pontoon Boat
Item Number: OARLOCKPN2
Set of 2 Oarlock Pins
Set of 2 Oarlock Pins
Set of 2 Oarlock Pins -  171
Set of 2 Oarlock Pins -  203
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