Sea Eagle TC16 Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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Daniel Turner Verified Owner 4/24/2020 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Amazing quality and strength of construction. Perfect fit for a portable fishing and fun platform. I found for single person paddling, a kayak paddle was an advantage for power and the canoe paddle was used for maneuvering around a fishing hole. Looking forward to get out in 2020.

Simon Spiers Verified Owner 6/19/2020 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I actually bought my TC16 back in September 19 and had it imported from the US to UK. I've now been out in the kayak numerous times on lakes and rivers including whitewater. We had been searching for an inflatable kayak for sometime but struggled to find one robust enough for both lakes and whitewater and to be able to load up with a weeks worth of camping gear and food. The Sea Eagle has so far exceeded all expectations. It's difficult to believe just how sturdy it is once inflated. Last week we played on grade 3 whitewater and the kayak handled better than expected. Breaking in and out was relatively easy and the ferry gliding was outstanding. We have covered almost 30km per day when travelling without effort as the kayak cuts through the water with ease. Storage capacity is amazing. The kayak sits nicely on our trolley for when we are moving it on the shore and we have practiced getting back into it after capsizing - easy! The only negative is that I wish the seats were more comfortable.

CALVIN SMITH Verified Owner 12/7/2020 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I received my TC 16 last week. It fits in my car! Thats a big plus. The single stage air pump works its wonder in less than 8 minutes. I am 72 years old and at this point am unable to pick up and carry the inflated canoe ( I am going to work on my strength). Impressions - a quality product but if you plan on going out by yourself and ordered the web seats I I would suggest that you get the three seats because they will only fit in the designed location. Why do I say that? If you sit in the back as a single, the front of the canoe is out of the water and turns into a sail in any kind of wind. My wife and I sailed for many years and during that time I developed an intense dislike for any kind of o ring. They are just difficult to deal with. An alternative is to use shoe laces or any kind of good string to secure the sets. Simply thread it through the holes and put a knot in each end.

Norman Gurnsey Verified Owner 12/28/2020 5.0 out of 5 stars.

This was a boat that was purchased for my son's family. It arrived at my house in a timely manner and in good shape. I knew that when they were camping that they would like to have a boat but they have a trailer and nowhere to put a hard sided boat, hence the blow up canoe.We took it out of its packaging immediately and aired it up. I was surprised at how fast it aired up with the compressor that came with it. The boat really does get hard and firm as if was made of hard materials and does not flex like a person might think it would. My son thought it was too tippy when in the water and sitting on the seats with the family so they elected to sit on the floor. I think maybe the blow up seats you have for it may be a better choice for them. I and my son had it out once and I thought it was not that tippy.

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I asked my son if he wanted to trade it for another of your boats but he said he was happy with it. He did try turning it over and getting in and was able to do it without much water getting in.