Sea Eagle 10.6sr Inflatable Boat Reviews

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Richard and Theresa Harvey Verified Owner 5/23/2019 5.0 out of 5 stars.

This is our second purchase of a Sea Eagle SR 10.6 inflatable with rigid floor. We purchased our first in 2012 and had issues with the glue and contacted the customer service dept. We were cruising and in Florida and needed it replaced ASAP. We sent pics of the issue and they shipped one to us at the marina we were moored, and we returned the original purchase in the same box. Seamless switch and absolutely amazing customer service. We used this boat during 3 full years on the water cruising Florida and the Bahamas without a single issue. It performed perfectly in all kinds of conditions and had no issues with "landings" despite a PVC hull on the countless rocks, shells and coral it beached on. The sun has started to destroy the material, so we have purchased another just like it for our next adventure this fall back to Florida and the Bahamas. This time it will be coated with dingy chaps to help with the effects of the brutal sun exposure.

Billy Bettison Verified Owner 1/9/2019 4.0 out of 5 stars.

The boat is difficult to fold up and impossible to store in one of the basement compartments of my motor home. I have purchased and modified a PWC trailer to fit it. This doesn't solve the issue of taking it along with us when traveling as we usually have the flat tow vehicle behind and/or sometimes the golf cart. I like everything else about the boat and the great grand kids loved it.

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I purchased a 6 HP Suzuki for it and it is adequate. If I'm alone on the boat it can get on a plane for faster speeds

Steve Maclean Verified Owner 10/29/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Susan and I have been absolutely thrilled with our 10.6 SR which we named Summer Song. We trailer the boat to favorite launching ramps in Scituate, MA where we offload the boat onto our EZ Cart and head for the water. We have been asked on many occasions, "Who makes that boat? Where did you get it? How do you like it? etc." and we're more than happy to share all the information we can for as long as they want to listen! Many have taken the time to write your web address before they depart. Up until a few weeks ago, we believed we were the only Sea Eagle in Scituate harbor until we saw a Sea Eagle kayak on a mooring. Hopefully you will see an increase in interest from Scituate boaters. :- ) The boat is everything the marketing literature says it is, i.e., very sturdy, very stable, very transportable. We look forward to many years of making memories.

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Sincerely, Steve MacLean

p.s. Nice to have: Please update the Sea Eagle site to include recommendations on how to store Sea Eagles in the off-season. Thanks!

Sea Eagle's reply:

Aloha Steve and mahalo for your recent review. Your wish is our command. A "How to store your Sea Eagle" video is scheduled in the near future.

Doug Litzinger Verified Owner 4/11/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I bought our 10.6 SR last summer (2016). This boat replaced an older 124SMB that was just a bit too large for us. The setup was not difficult, although, like some others who have commented, the inflatable floor is hard to attach at the rear mount on the transom. I think this is just something that works its way out over time. I've got an electric motor on it now (not enough power), but I'm going to replace that with a 6 HP gas motor this season. Ours has the extra seat option and the inflatable floor is much more rigid than you might think. This boat is very rugged and well made instilling confidence for a novice like me! It could use additional handles on the front, but not a big deal. The E-Z cart makes it easy for one person to move, but don't leave it on the boat like I show here-it can fall off! The Harbor Freight trailer works great, too. Great product!! Handles well and easy to operate especially with the inflatable keel.

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