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Charlene Dunn , Dunnellon, FL Verified Owner

We have used our kayak twice, once on the river and once on the lake. Feel that it is stable and handles well. Especially like the seats, find them very comfortable. Plenty of leg room in the boat for my 6 foot husband. Are very pleased with the boat thus far. five star for sure.

Toni Coble , Monroe, LA Verified Owner

My husband was the experienced water 'rat' one between the two of us because of his long involvement with the Boy Scouts. Both of our sons married and it was just the two of us so we elected to purchase a two-man kayak that we could carry with us where ever we decided to RV. We chose the SE370. After I determined I could 'do this', I loved it as much as my husband. Unfortunately, our time was limited because of my husband's death from cancer. After a period of time, I gave my SE370 to my grandsons and purchased the SE330. I have taken my kayak out and discovered the freedom associated with being on the open water. Fortunately, I live in Louisiana where the lakes, bayous and rivers are abundant and easily accessible. Incidentally, I am now in my 70's which proves age is not a barrier.

The only reason I rated the kayak 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the weight and that is the only fault.

William Kamm , Ocoee, TN Verified Owner

we enjoy our two person kayak. It tracks well and is roomy enough for both of us. We use it as an auxiliary kayak in addition to our hardshell sit-on-tops when we entertain university students on the lake. Am presently trying to convince myself to purchase the needlenose paddleboard

Sea Eagle's reply:

180 Trial Period, 3 Year Warranty and Free S&H when you buy direct from, what are you waiting for Bill? Order that NeedleNoseâ„¢ iSUP you want today!

Vrushali Pise , Kolhapur, MAHARASHTRA, India Verified Owner

Overall it has been a wonderfull experience.Glad to have purchased it.I could explore areas which i never would have thought of .Thanks to seaeagle.

Clifford Quiel , Grand Rapids, MN Verified Owner

I bought the kayak to take with me on a trip south for the winter. Inflating and setting it up was a breeze. The first time I got in I thought no way is this going to work. After a few minutes of paddling around the bay I felt very comfortable and used it many times during my 3 month trip. I haven't had the chance to get into any rough water yet maybe this year. It does need a couple of tie off rings to keep the seat from sliding and tipping backwards

Doug Vowles , AJAX, ON, Canada Verified Owner

Everything is exactly as advertised. Solid and durable. Certainly not as fast or maneuverable as a hard hull, but perfect for doing rivers and creeks; lazing along as if on a couch. Biggest advantage is storage and transport. The guys with the swish kayaks look at us with envy as they struggle with straps etc. while we fold 'er up and toss it in the trunk. We're two small people, but we're glad we got the 370 rather than the 330; more durable and more room for gear.

James Hackman , Port Hadlock, WA Verified Owner

We like our boat very well. We bought it for the portability, so we could take it with us while travelling, and now that we are both retired hopefully we will have many more opportunities to use it.Jim

Peggy Romba , Bloomington, IL Verified Owner

We initially saw this inflatable while on a float trip last summer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and did a double take! We had no idea you could get an then we started researching... We got our Sea Eagle late in the year so only got to take it out 3 times before it was too cold. We love it! It's so easy to inflate and to paddle, and the inflatable deluxe seats are really comfortable. I have already recommended it to a number of people. If you've always wanted a canoe or kayak but didn't want to drag it behind your car or carry it on top of the car, this is the perfect solution. We so look forward to Spring & Summer and getting back out on the area lakes and rivers! (PS. my husband and I are both in our 60s).

Stacey Mundt , Plymouth, MI Verified Owner

I love this kayak! It's super easy to inflate and deflate. The air stays locked inside for days and continuous paddling trips. I never feel as if I will fall out, even when I try to rock it! The foot pump that comes with it is very easy to use and is a good workout device for my! The deluxe seats are perfect and can be customized for firmness and the straps allow for different posture options. After use, I wipe everything down to absorb any moisture, roll it up and put it away.

This boat is great! The cons I have pertain to the canvas bag that it comes with and the fact that there are no paddle holders built into the boat itself. I ended up ordering the rolling case for this boat because it was too difficult for me to carry the weight of the kayak and the gear in the bag. The circulation in my arm would get cut off because of the pressure. The rolling case is fabulous! I think you guys should maybe offer a deluxe package with that case instead because it has been a life saver!

Cheryl Laimon , Grass Lake, MI Verified Owner

We didn't have quite enough air in the kayak on our maiden voyage with it, but other than that we really like it.