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Patricia Kadrovach , Casselberry Verified Owner

I truly like my kayak. The quality, usability and performance meets and exceeds my expectations. The only disappointment I've had was with the advertising and how the weight was stated-MUCH less than the actual! And once folded and put in the bag-it's much to heavy to just carry Having said that, I purchased a trailer for my bike. The bag of kayak with all the seats, pump supplies etc. all fit nicely in the trailer and is easily rode down to the waters edge.

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Sea Eagle's reply:

Hi Patricia, sorry to hear you are somewhat unhappy with the hull weight listing of our products. We assure you they are indeed true as they are inspected daily. Weight is also a very important factor in shipping. We make every attempt to assure nothing is missed. We just pulled one out of stock and weighed it to be true at 32 lbs. as listed.

Rae Mollere , Metairie Verified Owner

It is awesome. Very easy to use

Sue Durai , Fairview Verified Owner

I ordered the SE370 this year and am very happy with it. I bought it to use on rivers mostly in Tennessee and water levels have been down so I havent been able to use it as much as we liked. We have another inflatable boat with a trolling motor that we use on lakes. Over all I am very please with the sea eagle. The times we did use it was very positive. It glides along smoothly on lakes and is perfect for rivers. It is make of very heavy duty material. We had to walk one river more than rowing due to low water level and after dragging across all those rocks it really held up well. No holes or tears. I look forward to using it a lot more in the future. We have a fifth wheel and plan on taking it along camping also. No racks to have to deal with.

Laurie Howie , Tecumseh Verified Owner

This is a fantastic product and provides lots of fun. Easy to use and durable, lots of room for 2 adults and a picnic lunch. We feel very secure in the boat, great safety design.

Darrell Richardson , Hilliard Verified Owner

My new SE370 has met all my expectations and actually easier to set up than expected. The SE370 is very comfortable when fishing. Plenty of room for a tackle box and cooler. Easy transportation from the trunk of my car to the launch point. Only future concern is one of my seats has a valve that will leak air if not secured very tightly. Yes, I would be on the list as a potential repeat customer. I own ( 3 ) Sea Eagle boats with the oldest being a SE 9 ( Year 1984 ).

Randall Elliott , Martinsburg, WV Verified Owner

I love this kayak! I used to have a hardshell, but this one is way easier to transport. My kids fight over who gets to help me blow it up and when we take it to the lake, they love taking turns riding in it. It turns heads each time we take it out. It tracks pretty well, but I may add a couple extra skegs just to help out. I'm thinking of taking it out to the beach this year.

David Richards , Charlotte, MI Verified Owner

I love my SE 370. It is everything I had hoped for and more. Easy to inflate and use. Received my order within days of order.

Chris Mourikis , Stamford Verified Owner

Loved it since the day i got it. Easy to inflate, comfortable, and the support they provide was great. I also have a sea eagle raft. I spend a lot of my summer days in the long island sound off stamford in my Sea Eagle. would recommend to anyone who likes the water and has limited storage space.

Katie Jones , Shelby Township, MI Verified Owner

Very durable! No complaints. Fits 2 adults comfortably

Jeffrey Spung , Heath, OH Verified Owner

Bought it for fishing out of. Good portable boat if a hard shell kayak or isn't available. For fishing, would definitely look into more of the pontoon or fishing style inflatables if you are planning on using it a lot. Wish it were wider though, or something made to keep the sides held apart wider. Can feel a little unstable due to higher seat and narrowness of the boat. Found it more stable if you don't inflate the floor as much. Definitely would help stability to have something hold the sides apart wider. Also seat is uncomfortable to fish from. Needs a new seat design for fishing. Not sure how 2 adults could fit in it due to lack of leg room for 2 people, but they say it's possible. For canoeing, I would give this a thumbs up. Paddles straight and easy to control.