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Patricia Cokeley , Montesano Verified Owner

My partner could not get the hang of tandem kayaking, so sold it to friends. I have owned, rented and have kayaked many places in the last 25 years, even belonged to a kayak club, and did like this model. Perhaps single kayaks would have been better. Your product was well made any easy to handle, but not with my partner!!

Mark Giglio , Revere Verified Owner

It is perfect for me! I live on a beach and have a camper on a lake, I use it at both places, so easy to bring back & forth . Now looking for something for the grandkids to use at my camp. Very happy with my Sea Eagle purchase and would highly recommend their products . Mark Giglio

David Lye , THORNBURY Verified Owner

We bought a pair of SE 370s and have had a lot of fun with them, on Georgian bay, and the Beaver river, in Ontario. Sometimes 2 adults in a boat, sometimes solo. No punctures, no real problems. The only tricky bit in setting them up for the first time was stretching the plastic loops of the valves over the valve housing. It might have helped if I'd warmed up the plastic loop in hot water, needs some hand strength, it would be good if the valves were fitted before delivery. A few weeks after first use, three of the plastic loops broke, which just means that valves are not connected to the boat, but after 1 email we got 3 new valves, no charge, good service. I bought a couple of large plastic bins, one for each boat, and we never bother with trying to get the rolled up boat back into the big bag, we just put each boat into a bin, no lid, then we can easily get the 2 bins into the back of a Jeep Cherokee, along with all the rest of the equipment. Easy storage. I recommend the SE 370.

William Urban , Milwaukee Verified Owner

So far I have used my Kayak in the Colorado River, San Francisco Bay, Point Reyes Beach and a mountain lake. It has worked flawlessly for me. Set up is easy and pretty quick about 10 minutes not including the hike. I am getting faster at it. It really is easily portable. I love having it to travel with it opens up a whole new world to us. Next stop for the the Kayak is the Mississippi and then the keys. I can't wait to get on the water.

Critiques-An extra strap on the storage bag so I could use it like a backpack seems easy and more functional. Tie downs on the inside of the Kayak especially to hold the seats in

Rebekah Barczak , Salisbury Verified Owner

3 words, I love it! I'm 69 years old and I had so much fun. It's a little heavy for me but I was determined to get it and use it. Only 4-5 times but fun Everytime. Can't wait until summer comes again! Thanks.

Susan Price , STOCKBRIDGE Verified Owner

Great inflatable, this is much easier to get in and out of than the 2 prior inflatable tandem kayaks that I owned. It is also more comfortable. I highly recommend it.

Darrell Watson , Murfreesboro Verified Owner

We like storability and setup of the Sea Eagle 370. It is a little hard getting used to the tipsiness of the boat. We are getting there though. Tried it first on a small stream that may have been the problem. Now getting for a relatively quite lake or pond to practice. We do like it and was just what we were looking for.

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Patricia Kadrovach , Casselberry Verified Owner

I truly like my kayak. The quality, usability and performance meets and exceeds my expectations. The only disappointment I've had was with the advertising and how the weight was stated-MUCH less than the actual! And once folded and put in the bag-it's much to heavy to just carry Having said that, I purchased a trailer for my bike. The bag of kayak with all the seats, pump supplies etc. all fit nicely in the trailer and is easily rode down to the waters edge.

I've received other pamphlets on sea eagles and seriously doubt the weight info that is given. I am impressed with the quality of my kayak and how well it handles in the water.......

Sea Eagle's reply:

Hi Patricia, sorry to hear you are somewhat unhappy with the hull weight listing of our products. We assure you they are indeed true as they are inspected daily. Weight is also a very important factor in shipping. We make every attempt to assure nothing is missed. We just pulled one out of stock and weighed it to be true at 32 lbs. as listed.

Rae Mollere , Metairie Verified Owner

It is awesome. Very easy to use

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Sue Durai , Fairview Verified Owner

I ordered the SE370 this year and am very happy with it. I bought it to use on rivers mostly in Tennessee and water levels have been down so I havent been able to use it as much as we liked. We have another inflatable boat with a trolling motor that we use on lakes. Over all I am very please with the sea eagle. The times we did use it was very positive. It glides along smoothly on lakes and is perfect for rivers. It is make of very heavy duty material. We had to walk one river more than rowing due to low water level and after dragging across all those rocks it really held up well. No holes or tears. I look forward to using it a lot more in the future. We have a fifth wheel and plan on taking it along camping also. No racks to have to deal with.