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Russell Nelson , BROOMFIELD Verified Owner

We actually haven't used our new kayak yet, as this was a replacement for our prior kayak. We had a seam malfunction that was covered under warranty. The warranty replacement process was very easy and stress free. We received our new kayak very quickly. We also have purchased 2 SUP's and they have been fantastic!

Glenda Short , Kingsport Verified Owner

Dave and I really like the Eagle SE 370, easy to air up, get in and out, and travel. The bag helps tremendously to store and carry all the items needed to use the Eagle SE 370. Deflating and drying is simple procedure. It does not glide as well as I would like, but could be my partner and I's different stroke level and power. We plan to work on that this spring and summer. We use this boat to view wildlife on rivers and lakes. So far, we have seen a Golden Eagle, a Bald Eagle, and a Black Crowned Night Heron, as well as multiple other birds, turtles, Ospreys, Blue Herons, otters, etc, This has been a great way to get out and on the water and relax!

Don Poole , Sterling Verified Owner

Have not gotten it wet yet, sorry. Still winter here but we will try it when ice is out.

James Higgins , Montrose Verified Owner

The Sea Eagle was easy to setup and break down. It performed good on the lakes we kayaked in. I would give it a 10 if the seats were more stable. We both felt that the SE370 should have clips and straps to keep the seats where you place them. Wish Sea Eagle would come out with a retro fit to fix this. Our friends have a bigger unit with straps/clips which work great.

Kenneth Godfrey , Merriam Verified Owner

I have been quite satisfied with the Sea Eagle SE 370. It is much easier to transport and set up than a solid Kayak and is quite satisfactory for casual paddling enjoyment. It is extremely stable on the water and the sense of safety is high.Ordering and receiving the shipment from Sea Eagle was very easy. It was delivered to the door and the instructions were complete with the set up of the boat.We liked the 3 year warranty, but have had no occasion to use it as the boat has been very trouble free.

Susanne Burhans , Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida Verified Owner

We love our SeaEagle, we bought it because we like to kayak and have started our dream of traveling. We have a 5th wheel trailer and bring the kayak wherever we go. Customer service was great, SeaEagle didn't have the life jackets we wanted so they upgraded to a better one with the lower price. Customer service was in touch with us the whole time updating us on our delivery.I grew up living next door to the SeaEagle owners. Great people, great product!

Thank You,Sue K Burhans

David Gmuca , Oakland Gardens Verified Owner

Overall for the money it was a good purchase. My only issue is that as opposed to sone of your more expensive options the boat has a more toylike look than id like. I think a little bit of a design upgrade would be in order.

Micah Price , Mountlake Terrace Verified Owner
Micah Price's boat Micah Price's boat

I love my Sea Eagle 370. Plenty of room for me and my dog and very easy to use. The seats are a bit uncomfortable while wearing a Sea Eagle PFD, simply because the thickness of the PFD creates less room to sit on the seat cushion. Otherwise, I really enjoy this kayak. It's relatively easy to inflate, deflate, and dry when done using. I have had many fun adventures with this kayak, with many more to come.

Edward Lewandowski , Rotonda West Verified Owner
Edward Lewandowski's boat

Easy to inflate and launch. Not as fast as a hard bottom but it has the convenience of being very portable and since it resides in the trunk of the car it is always available for use.

Robert Schultz Verified Owner

The Sea Eagle SE 370 has been a delight from the moment we ordered it. The delivery time was spot on. It is very portable, with easy and fast inflation and deflation. It's also easy to carry and store. The 3 year warranty and the 180 day money back guarantee trial period were incentives we couldn't resist. Long after the 180 days, we--two senior adults and one yellow Labrador retriever--enjoy the Sea Eagle SE 370 endlessly on our regional lakes. Its stability is a great asset. Our dog rests her head on the gunnel and watches the world go by as we paddle along quietly viewing scenery and shorebirds. We would recommend the Sea Eagle SE 370 and would buy it again.