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Ken Green , EVANSTON Verified Owner

I am pleased. The foot pump is easy to use and it inflates the raft quicker than expected.

Logan Hugmeyer , Dallas Verified Owner

I like it. Easy enough to set up. Kinda heavy if you were thinking of packing it very far but awesome for pulling up to a boat launch and getting on the water quick. Feels good in the water. Not tippy and easy for 2 novice paddlers to navigate. Real happy with the purchase and the free shipping was nice.

Melisa Brooks , DRIPPING SPRINGS Verified Owner


The call I was waiting for finally came....... My son asked me to go canoeing with him. I jumped at the opportunity. You see, I bought my Sea Eagle Kayak as a Christmas present to myself last December.......... I was waiting for the call of the wild and fun child. He Called !! We went and now he LOVES IT TOO !! PHOTOS

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Ken Musil , GREELEY Verified Owner

Trying to find a happy medium on the amount of air to blow into the seats. The bottom of the seats need to be designed longer.

Over all, I love mine.

Robert Kinn , SANDUSKY Verified Owner

we stay in marathon florida in the keys 3 months ,used it 5 times,no problems other than small pinhole i patched,saw several more like mine in our campground,no complaints

Abril Garcia , BEAUMONT Verified Owner

Works great.

David Purcell , BUFORD Verified Owner

We are motor home campers. We love the water. We are limited on storage space especially for large items. The Sea Eagle is absolutely the perfect choice for having the ability to enjoy the water whether it is a lake, a stream or the ocean. Our recent Florida Keys trip was made so much more enjoyable using our very portable Sea Eagle to get out on the water. We would rate value, overall quality, portability and storability as tops. A great investment.

Kenneth Knutson , LAKE ELMO Verified Owner

I love it! I love the portability and versatility. Although it's best using it alone it also works well in tandem. No problems

Dennis Ebel , MESA Verified Owner

We love our Sea Eagle 370. We took it to St John's USVI last year and put about 20 miles on it. Almost got swamped by 6 foot waves but rode them into shore.

We use it on the lakes in AZ.

Joanne Stevens , Southington Verified Owner

I had an older model of this with different style seats and absolutely loved it. Maybe it was just broken in well. I sold it and bought a hard body that was great but I no longer have a car to carry it so had to sell that. I only tried out the new inflatable once and was so afraid it would tip over, I was in the water no longer than 15 minutes. Not any where near as comfortable as the first one I had. Hoping to figure something out to feel more secure. Would give it 5 stars if I felt more comfortable with it as it's a good quality kayak.