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Richard Caswell , Pendleton, OR Verified Owner

Love it. Took it on a horse pack trip to some mountain lakes. Worked great and was pleasantly surprised how well it cruised through the water.

Kiefer Wilkins , Evergreen, CO Verified Owner

This is a great boat a ton of fun to go play in and fits great in the back of my jeep. I just wish it was easier to set up and take down but I haven't got a electric pump yet so that will fix that problem. I would buy it again!

William Bauer , Mead, CO Verified Owner

We received our SE-370 on Oct. 19, 2015. Since that time we were able to take it out to a large local lake four times & put it through its paces. We both adapted quickly to the kayak & had a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, the weather here in Colorado didn't allow us to take it out any more, thus the reason for 4-star rating. It is now rolled up & in its bag for the winter. We bought this kayak to take with us on our proposed nearly 5-month vacation this coming summer. We will be starting out in Montana & travelling across the upper United States, through the Dakotas, Minnesota, into the Michigan UP, across Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & into Nova Scotia. Hopefully, we will have many opportunities to put it out on some of the many lakes throughout all those states. So until this trip is over with, I don't have much more to report. It was very easy for a couple of 74-year olds to inflate & carry to the water. Deflating & rolling up were equally as easy & quick.

Chris Wentker , Ellicott City, MD Verified Owner

I bought the Sea Eagle 360 to explore the rivers off the Chespeake Bay and Patapsco River in Maryland. It was a snap to set up and take down. I quickly added the Fast Track so the whole family could go together. Sea Eagle products are amazing.

Deborah White , Chesapeake, VA Verified Owner

we have enjoyed our Sea Eagle. It is easy to use and put away. Feels a little unstable at times but I haven't spent much time in a regular kayak so don't know how to compare.

katt212 posted on

This was my first try at an inflatable kayak, and I was a little disappointed, but for the money this is a great kayak for a family outing at the lake. It acts more like a float so it is a lot harder to move it through the water than a hard-shell kayak. It was easy to set it up but a little heavy for me to carry by myself but the average man should not have any problem at all. I think I am going to more ▼

Glen posted on

I purchased this kayak with my boys in mind and it has surpassed all my expectations. It is easy to store, transport and set-up. We have owned it for three months and used it in the ocean, bays and rivers, all of which have been a blast. The kayak is extremely durable and easy to use. At this point my 14 year old son takes his friends out in it by himself, in the Delaware River and has not had any difficulties. Tracking was a major concern and again the kayak handled amazingly. We get a kick out of people at the boat ramps and on shore that look at us like we're crazy, then they see the kayak in operation and become converts. I hope this review helps you in your decision process.

JC posted on

Sea Eagle 370 Kayak Pro Package is a very heavy gauge PolyKrylar material tandem boat with two seats, two aluminum ores and pump. This boat will easily take a class II with the front and rear laced on inflatable spray skirt covers to deflect water. The sides have a gauge stamped on them and you use a see-through plastic card to place over them to compare and prevent over inflating. The valves are great for easy inflating and quick deflating. The 10 foot interior gives plenty of room. The seats are very sturdy and I found the ores to be very substantial. The floor has a self-bailing drain valve to help keep you semi-dry.

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paulzacharowicz posted on

We purchased an SE-370 for use this summer. We have used it for kayaking on lakes and reservoirs, and have found its portability and ease of setup very convenient. It is fairly stable. It would be improved if it had a more solid floor, with less of an 'air-mattress' feeling to it. Also - it is more difficult to deflate with the pump than it is to simply unscrew the valves completely.

RSE posted on

It's great for my purposes. An entry level, tandem that's very stable and easily stored. The setup time is pretty good - 30 minutes, and it's uncomplicated.

It doesn't move as fast as a hard shell, but I'm not in a rush. So all in all, I'm very happy with it.