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Larry Lutton , Salt Lake City, UT Verified Owner

we've done a minimal amount of canoeing and kayaking, but the storage and transport was a problem.

Checking out all the inflatables and reviews on line, we decided on the 2-place SE370...

After one summer, we don't have any complaints or criticisms. We love it.

the quality of the boat, gear and bag are first rate. I'm over 60 and can easily inflate and then pack the kayak single handed. ( I am going to get an electric pump this year!)

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Julie Milton , Clovis, CA Verified Owner

I really like it it, I wish it wasn't all white. It shows way to much dirt. I also wish there r some cup holders for water bottles that u can get with it.

Robert Rohr , Green Bay, WI Verified Owner

I like everything about the boat , service, and delivery. Nothing bad to report

Hal Ulucan , Mackinaw City, MI Verified Owner

delivery was on time good customer service,friendly helpfull people,kayak is very practical,easy to carry. But my pland did not work as i planned i was going to cyprus this winter and take the kayak with me,so i will do that december of this year. thanks for everything. Hal

Pete Klinkhammer , Mountain View, AR Verified Owner

This is a beautiful boat.I,m getting a little old,actualy 85 yrs.I find it easier to pump boat at home and put it in my truck.I paddle in quiet places and the comfort and ease of paddling this boat is wonderful.I would buy another one in a minute..

Pete Klinkhammer

Charles Townsley , El Reno, OK Verified Owner

Looks like fun, but its way too cold to find out. I will enjoy it come spring, summer and fall.

Jack Bailey , Alpharetta, GA Verified Owner

We actually have two 330s and one 370. They have been great for our use. We have an RV and they are much easier to carry around the country than a fixed

unit. They have held up well for almost 5 years.

I would recommend the boats.

Jack Bailey

Susan Young , Washoe Valley, NV Verified Owner
Susan Young's boat

forgot to attach photo to my previous rating

Susan Young , Washoe Valley, NV Verified Owner

I love my kayak! I pop it in the car, make a 20 minute drive and then within just a few minutes I'm floating my cares away on beautiful Lake Tahoe! I love that there is room for two and whenever friends visit we head to water and paddle around. My friends with hard-bodied kayaks are always impressed with the SeaEagle's portability, strength, and speed! I'm so glad I made the decision to purchase my Sea Eagle - it's exactly right for me and my friends.

Kenneth Shepard , Clovis, CA Verified Owner

My wife & I love our 370 Kayak. Easy to launch any where on a lake or river, if you can walk to the shore line with ease, you can launch w/o having to launch at boat launches only. By the time standard kaykers have there kayaks loaded & tied down to their vehicle or trailer, we are packed up & relaxing watching them struggle with securing their kayaks. Saving up for a FoldCat 375.