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Victor Gomez , Orange City Verified Owner

I love the SE 370! Me and my daughter go to the lake, on the inlets and ocean in Florida. We love to take it in the inlets and visit new islands. We fish a lot in it and if you are worrying about holes in the boat don't. All my fault I put three holes in the side of it because I caught a huge Sea Catfish and had to bring it in the boat for pictures. We were out in the inlet, open water. We took pictures let fish go put everything away and made it back to shore with no problem! With three chambers it half way deflated one chamber and it paddled like it would if all three were up. Needless to say it is very safe and stable. I live in an apartment so this is perfect for me. Thank you Sea Eagle for making life fun again!

Paul Wilde , SPRINGFIELD Verified Owner
Paul Wilde's boat

Full 5 stars! It's really easy and fast to set up. High quality materials and refined design make this a real source of joy for my family.

Barry Crandall , ORANGE Verified Owner

I really like my SEA Eagle 370. Lots of room for two people and two small dogs

Dorothy Leinbach , MANASSAS Verified Owner

Love my sea EAGLE kayak. It is very easy to assemble. I use the foot pump, it may take about 8 minutes to pump it up. My only complaint is when I deflate it, roll it up and put it back in the carrying bag, it's pretty heavy. My husband bought me a little cart to move it around. Price was great, and is a lot of fun. Great product. Very sturdy.

Dennis Aten , Moorpark Verified Owner

So far so good. No problems.

Thomas McDow , SWANSEA Verified Owner

Great kayak. Holds up good in rapids.

David Stender , chicago Verified Owner

I love my sea eagle.We live in the city and have several places to launch.My favorite is in Monroe harbor.Fun to see the skyline from the water perspective.I bought a 2 wheel dolly to move the boat which works fine but would recommend redesigning the bag into a back pack design.While I use my 370 with my wife I actually prefer it alone.My only other criticism is that when you are paddling for exercise and pull with vigor the seat slides around. If the seat could be attached it would be a nice improvement.

I have recommended my sea eagle many times. It's a ton of fun. A great value for the investment. Excellent for reducing stress from normal life.I recommend the sea eagle 370 without reservation.

David Edgell , DOVER Verified Owner

I bought this kayak as a gift for my wife. She wanted a kayak we could take our 70 lb Labrador retreiver with us on as we paddled. Sea Eagle cunningly includes some pictures of large dogs on the SE 370, so we were hooked. I vastly underestimated this boat. Based on the pictures and price, I expected something slightly better than a pool toy with limited capabilities. It actually is a very robust, very capable kayak. Once we got the hang of double kayaking (with a large dog as ballast), we spent many weekends exploring our local creek. Some of our trips were 2 or three hours long and probably as many miles. The kayak is very stable, and handles boat wakes and small chop well. The tracking could be better, but with practice we've developed a paddling technique that works well for us. Speed is surprisingly good, but will not rival a hard kayak. The material is tough enough to handle our dog jumping in and out, and the occasional land fall on sandy or rocky beaches. Overall very happy with our kayak.

Jeff Bugbee , SHERIDAN Verified Owner

This is a awesome boat it inflates easily holds two people and gear easily hendel's great in the water even on Windy days it's a great looking boat I would definitely recommend buying this boat you will not regret it.

Donald Penner , Wrentham Verified Owner

Sea Eagle is a very good product. We have taken it out several times this summer and people have asked us where we got it, we always say from Sea Eagle. We get a lot of enjoyment with It. The reason we wanted an inflatable was so that we could take it with us where ever we go. We plan to take it along with us to Arizona this winter and space is limited. The whole experience with Sea Eagle has been a good one, we highly recommend you.