Sea Eagle 393rl Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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Judi Vitale Verified Owner 5/30/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

WOW. I was skeptical about whether an inflatable kayak could satisfy my needs, but the people at SeaEagle have developed one awesome product. As an older (and kind of small) woman, lifting a regular kayak on to my German motor sport car seemed like a possible, and quite expensive, disaster. Today I pu this inflatable kayak in the river for the first time, and it was a fabulous experience. It inflated rapidly, even with the hand pump, and it handles as well as some kevlar I have piloted. The people I was with looked at me kind of funny while I was inflating it, but when I glided past them and their plastic "tubs" in the water, they all wanted to know where they could get one!

Adam Johnson Verified Owner 6/8/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I upgraded from the SE330 to the Razrolite 393 because I am on the river all day performing primatological research on wild macaques in Florida. This boat glides so smoothly and quickly in the water. It performs very well while travelling upstream. It stays straight as an arrow but even with the skeg inserted, is incredibly responsive. I am incredibly pleased with the quality of this kayak. It is allowing me to perform my research and feel safe while not fatiguing me.

Matt Soeffner Verified Owner 6/10/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I just upgraded to the 393RL for another brand and wow, what an upgrade!

The kayak is impressive with its rigid bow & drop stitch design which rivals the design of a hard shell kayak.

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I was able to average 3.5 mph on my first outing at a comfortable cruising speed, there is definitely a lot more speed with extra effort.

Tracking is straight and true with its large skeg, although maybe too tall as it hit a few rocks in shallow water where my other kayak would not have.

The 393RL is amazing with heavy wind & cuts right through it & resists weathercocking very well.

In terms of comfort the 393RL has an amazing seat! The tall back seat is very comfortable even after 5 hours on the lake.

Only thing I would change is a better carrying bag. My other inflatable came with an oversized bag which could hold the kayak, seat & pump.

Its quite a squeeze with the 393RL bag & definitely isn't fitting the seat.

Still, its an amazing package if you're looking to do more than just float on a body of water.

Rick Clark Verified Owner 8/26/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

If you want a high-performance inflatable kayak, it's hard to do better than the RazorLite 393; especially for the price. If you’ve read many reviews, you already know how most 393RL owners feel about this kayak. Instead of echoing all the praise, I’ll just say that I recently bought a RazorLite, and I’m about to buy another for my companion. Even then I’ll have spent less on both than it would cost to get just one hard shell kayak of similar quality and performance. The best advice I can give anyone is to contact Sea Eagle’s “Hawaiian Dan.” He’s the fellow who does the informative instructional videos. Dan can answer any question you could possibly think of about the 393RL, or any other Sea Eagle product.