Sea Eagle NN126 Inflatable Paddleboard Reviews

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Robert Innes Verified Owner 9/15/2023 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I have two NN126's. I use mine with the tall back seat for kayaking, and with the Oarboard for rowing, as well as a SUP. It is very fast in all 3 modes. I like the hard nose-especially for rowing, as you don't always see what's ahead. It is durable like my Razorlite kayak, and more portable. They all fit easily in my SUV. Service and delivery was excellent. Great staff. The 14' runabout is next on my list.

Virginia Bourke Verified Owner 1/22/2022 5.0 out of 5 stars.

This is my second Sea Eagle SUP and I love it. My friend wanted to try and she did great her first attempt. The longer boat is more stable.

Paul Albright Verified Owner 1/20/2022 5.0 out of 5 stars.

First of all ... I am assuming that a score of 5 means Excellent ... which is the rating I would give my NN126 paddle boards ... I say boards because I bought 2. The quality is outstanding, the rigidity is great, performance as good if not better than any similar sized "non-inflatable", and the versatility is great ... in addition to the "stand up mode", we use them as "kayaks" with a seat attached (the seat from our Sea Eagle kayak) and also as a rower ... since I did add the rowing kit. Blowing the board up was easy because I used the electric pump ... it may have taken a lot longer with the manual pump, but I don't know for sure. As for portability ... I don't travel with them often ... but not having to have a Car Rack make this process easy ... outside of having to deflate and inflate. But less storage is space is big benefit. I certainly would recommend them as a Best Buy, and certainly would buy them again ... if I ever need another.

Fabio De Freitas Verified Owner 11/7/2021 5.0 out of 5 stars.

My NN126 was everything I was hoping it would be. I’d been wanting this board for years but didn’t want to pull the trigger on the $$. When the price dropped earlier this summer, it was finally time! And I’m so happy with the purchase. The board performs as well as it has been advertised. I was on it multiple times this summer and became more & more confident on it each time. My only regret.... not buying the battery powered inflation generator (I bought the electric one instead). It works great... the battery powered one would have been more convenient.

Sea Eagle's reply:

Please note you can purchase the battery separately here