Sea Eagle NN126 Inflatable Board Reviews

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Zachary Young Verified Owner 1/7/2016 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I love my NeedleNose 12-6! I've had it out dozens of times and it has performed wonderfully. I've taken it out for waterway cleanup events that required leaving it against rocks while the surf and wake knocked it around and never really had a concern about puncture. I've taken it to concerts where you get to row to the venue, and the inflatable seat was very nice. It's gotten a lot of praise and attention on the water, and I've given at least a few recommendations for it.

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Thank you, Sea Eagle, it's a well made product.



Lori Batts Verified Owner 1/7/2016 4.0 out of 5 stars.

We bought the electric pump to inflate the SUP and highly recommend that. However, the instructions are almost unintelligible in terms of using the pump to inflate the paddle board. Bad information, poorly written directions, and not user friendly. The required adaptor is already showing signs of stress and wear. When I called to ask for clarification I was told that I must have gotten an older instruction manual. So that was aggravating.

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That being said, we are happy with the two SUPs we bought. We love how lightweight they are! The carry sack is plenty big for storage. They handle fine in the water, but proper inflation is absolutely critical. I am hopeful they survive their winter storage and we get many summers' use of them. I will add that we have also owned to of the Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks that are going strong after three years.

Michael Greenberg Verified Owner 3/2/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I LOVE this paddle board (12' needle nose). I was skeptical about the idea of an inflatable board, particularly because I mostly paddle on open water (a large lake) and worried about getting too easily tossed around by wind and currents. I had tried a few other touring style iSUPs but ultimately returned them because they "felt" inflatable. The needle nose is different experience completely. It really does just slice through the water; I feel much more efficient on this board than on others. In addition to being fast, it's stable. One of the reasons I got into paddle boarding is that I wanted a fun way to take my dogs out on the water. Kayaks were always a pain and canoes were too heavy and slow. The dogs love this board and I have ZERO worries about them puncturing it with their nails. I have only ever paddled with one dog at a time, but would be confident taking two out on this board.

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Not only WOULD I by another needle nose but I'm actually planning on doing so in the upcoming season.

David Greaves Verified Owner 4/10/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We purchased an NN126 and thouroughly enjoyed it for about a year and it developed a small leak at a seam. We notified Sea Eagle and followed their easy instructions and we had a new replacement under warranty within a few days. What a great company to do business with. We are now enjoying the NN126 which is very stable and easy to handle. A couple of our friends that have had hard paddle boards for several years tried it out and had nothing but praise.