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Sea Eagle SE9 Inflatable Boat Reviews

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SE9 Reviews (68 total, avg. review: 4.7 out of 5)

4.0 out of 5 stars. Andrew Porter , SAYLORSBURG Verified Owner

I'm very happy overall with my Sea Eagle SE9 boat. Very substantial rubber and construction speak to the durability of this boat. Love the capacity for carrying things. My wife feels especially secure in the boat because of its stability even with some rougher water. The only challenges I'd reference are that extra rubber around the valves made it impossible to hook the valve cover rings around 2 of the valve stems on the hull and a valve stem on the larger seat. Also, it is impossible to fit the battery while in the power station under the fish-n-troll bench seat. I've purchased longer cables to allow me to place the battery at the bow of the boat. Other than those inconveniences, it is a wonderful boat. I'd definitely recommend it and I will buy from Sea Eagle again. Shipping was fast and all instructions easy to follow. Storage is awesome! Fits in the trunk of my Toyota Yaris!

5.0 out of 5 stars. Harvey Applebaum , New Jersey Verified Owner

The SE 9 is a great boat, easy to maneuver, set up and get out onto the lake to do some great fishing. But I have changed my mind and am no going to write about the boat because I wouldn't be adding much to all of the other positive reviews. I am going to write a review on the company instead.

I purchased my SE 9 in April of this year and used it several times with no problem and really enjoyed my time out on the water with this boat. After using boat last week, I noticed a problem with one of the tubes losing air. I called Sea Eagle and spoke with Jerry in customer service and explained the problem to him. Jerry asked if I was willing to perform some test to help them determine exactly what the problem was, to which I agreed. I performed tests and reported back to Jerry with the results.Jerry determined that the boat should be replaced and told me they would be sending out a replacement boat.

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All I can say is SEA EAGLE GREAT COMPANY that stands behind their product . Why buy a boat anywhere else.

4.0 out of 5 stars. Lawrence Gray , SEMINOLE Verified Owner

Easy to transport. Need to buy electric trolling motor but is easy to row. Great old guy fishing boat.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Jennifer Gilfillan , ROCKLIN Verified Owner

We finally took the boat out for the first time and loved it. It really moves along with the little venom motor. It is easy to set up and a breeze to let the air out of everything. We put it all in two bags just for the ease of packing up. Heavy duty nice boat. We are planning on taking it camping because we are heading to many locations with a lake. Since it packs up, it's a great option for traveling, show full review ▼ can't wait!

can't wait!
4.0 out of 5 stars. Brent Preston , IRVINE Verified Owner

We love to take this out fishing on the weekends. Great little family boat however the bag that you store it in ripped our 3rd time out.

Sea Eagle's reply:

Brent, you are covered by our 3 Year Warranty. A replacement bag is on its way to you at this very moment.

4.0 out of 5 stars. Anthony Puentes Verified Owner

The SE9 is a great little boat. The setup and breakdown is easy when using an electric air pump, so I was able to get on the water in Lake Havasu for its maiden voyage. I am impressed with the quality of the materials especially given the the price point. While the oars do work fine, I opted for a Minn Kota Enduro C2 (55 lbs. thrust) to move along nicely. My only complaint would be the lack of a rigid transom and option for hard floor boards, as it is required by some lakes (which is why I gave it 4 stars). However, I was able to cut out a 1/2" sheet of plywood and apply a nice marine finish as a weekend project. For its intended purpose, the SE9 is well designed and is backed by a company that delivers great customer service. I'm looking forward to adding more Sea Eagle products to my weekend warrior armada. :-)

5.0 out of 5 stars. Roger Daniels , ELLETTSVILLE Verified Owner

Couldn't be happier with my SE9. Hauled from IN to FL and back, in my travel trailer, launched from my PU truck into a few lakes and the Little Manatee River.

Caught a few fish and enjoyed some sights that I would not have seen otherwise. SE9 performed flawlessly with a 55 lb. thrust Minn Kota and 100 amp hr. AGM batt. It operated for several hrs. without depleting more than half the charge. I added a carpeted 1/2" ply floor with two pedestal boat seats which made it even more comfortable. Added a little weight but I was able to carry the hull, floor, batt., motor, and accessories separately to the water and assemble on the shore then launch all by my self at 66 years old. Exactly how I imagined it would work. Thank you Sea Eagle for a great product.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Bill Chastain , Milwaukie, OR Verified Owner

Got the SE9 with Honda 4 Stroke based on pics and videos - and, of course, reviews. My background is retired Boeing Engineer. It's an perfect lake fishing combination - even though our first family launch was on the Willamette River near Portland, OR. From an engineer's perspective, the SE9 is an excellent, well thought out, practical, safe, and fun product.

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Minor complaints - Family (Two adults and an 11 year old boy) don't care for the large blow-up seat. Looking for an alternative for seating . Also, one of the hand knobs on the motor mount fell off and was lost during the first cruise - thinking of going to a more secure arrangement for the mount. Suggestions welcome.

I have already recommended the SE9 to many folks. Best recreation purchase I have ever made.....................

5.0 out of 5 stars. Kennith Marshall , Carson City, NV Verified Owner

My wife and I bought the boat for a small lake that you can't get to with a trailer or a car. (you have to hike to it) The lake a great fishing but its very difficult to fish from shore due to the vegetation. Fish are stocked there every year so you can imagine the lake is loaded! Some of the best trout fishing in our lives have been from this boat. We love it to say the least. After our first season of fishing one of the seams on the top tube split. I called Sea Eagle support and with a few pics and emails a new boat was sent! This summer we hope to send more pictures of our adventures. Thanks Sea Eagle for a great product and great Support.

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5.0 out of 5 stars. Ron Holland , Auburn Verified Owner

Great little boat. First time we took it out trolling for trout, my wife and I both limited out in under an hour. Our next outing is by atv to a small mountain lake. Hope we have similar luck. Sea Eagle is a great company to deal with, we highly recommend them and their products.