Sea Eagle FSK16 Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews

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Daniel Smith Verified Owner 10/2/2022 5.0 out of 5 stars.

What a great boat! Every time I am putting it in or taking it out of the water folks with a kayak will stop me and ask about my boat. Then they see me roll it up and put it into my truck under my tonneau cover and they are blown away. The boat, trolling motor, seat, battery and all my fishing gear stay in the back of my truck all year. When I am ready to go fishing I just take off, no loading and strapping down my kayak and no hitching up a trailer. To be able to sit or stand and then to be able to walk around keeps me on the water all day. Talk about stability! I use the whole boat to fish from, I can take a step back and set a hook without the feeling of falling out of the boat. The flat bottom and the rugged hull allows me to get way back into the smallest creeks to find the big ones. The paddle allows me to creep into spots so I don’t spook the fish, heck most fish have no idea I am there until my shadow hits them. To say I love this boat is an understatement.

Guy Link Verified Owner 9/25/2022 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I have the fishing Skiff and Canoe. I have had the skiff for over 3 years now and words cannot describe how much I have enjoyed this boat. I have modified modified the front seat as a casting chair with the foot control trolling motor. It is very easy to travel with. This has allowed me to travel to many different lakes in many states. I have even had the boat a couple of miles off shore in the Gulf of Mexico. But I am as equally impressed with the customer service as I am with the boat. I had an issue with the boat that after searching the internet appeared to be pretty rare. I reached out to customer service and the response and action that was taken completely surprised me. In short, Sea Eagle stands by there products.

Scott Hirsch Verified Owner 9/6/2022 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I am officially of retirement age, and not as strong as I once was. So I find the FSK16 plenty heavy, but on a dolly it is very easy. I also have the Easy Cart from Sea Eagle, but most of the time the dolly is even easier, and that is how I store it - strapped to the dolly. My inspiration for an inflatable is I just have a 20 year old Camry. So I added a cargo carrier on the back and that makes transporting the FishSkiff a breeze. I use both the an electric pump on the bottom, and then a hand pump on the two sides and I find I can pump up the sides in the time it takes to pump up the bottom. It seems sturdy and rugged. In a wind, you can get pushed around as there is no keel or rudder in the water, but even with my 3HP electric outboard I can cruise a fishing lake at about 5.5mph. I may want to raise the height of my seat one day, but the seats are comfortable. I took the precaution of rein-enforcing the underside of the seat with a good amount of epoxy - I am not small. Over all - thumbs up.

Nick Pesce, Jr. Verified Owner 8/19/2022 5.0 out of 5 stars.

My friend and I both have the FSK16, and we are both really impressed. We use it primarily on the Little Red River in AR, and it is perfect. Well thought out, stable, and plenty of room for 2 fishermen. The only question is how long it will hold up, but for now, 5 stars for sure.