Sea Eagle FSK16 Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews

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William Slagle Verified Owner 2/24/2020 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I am very. pleased and satisfied with my FSK16 fishing boat and very happy with you customer service. I had to change how I use my boat as far as transporting and launching it as my wife and I are senior citizens. The boat is a very portable to use if we were younger, so we added a trailer to inflate at home and haul and lauch at various lakes in our state of Penna. We really love fishing in the boat, and get out as much as weather allows and get many people ask what type of boat it is and if we like it. The other thing they ask is where we got it, I"m always glad to answer any questions on and where we bought it. Your company manufactures a very well built inflatable boat . I'm glad to praise your product as well as your customer service , any time I had a question I had it answered. I look forward to 2020 and a summer of fun boating and fishing .. William Slagle

Daniel Hembree Verified Owner 1/13/2020 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Excellent fishing skiff. There are a couple things I should mention. We took it to Lake Mead and that was a little to much for it. The winds can kick up there and the oars are insufficient for winds over about 5 mph. The motor works fine though, but again, don't get to far from shore. It's very heavy so you'll need something to haul it over rough terrain. Lake Mead's shore is made up of large Idaho potato sized rocks so it was quite a struggle getting it from where we could park down to the water. Assembly is a lot of work and unless you enjoy aerobic workouts, get the electric pump. Once you get it pumped up, put the seats on it, mount the motor and battery, and stow all the gear. Take a break. Once assembled and in the water, it was worth it. The lake has somewhere around 500 miles of shore line and is several miles wide so we didn't explore much of it. We were out about an hour before the wind kicked up and we had to head for shore. We were using a 365 A/hr battery and just made it back. I'd recommend it.

Marius Anghel Verified Owner 11/2/2019 3.0 out of 5 stars.

The good:

Great idea and design

Stable on the water

Decent speed with the 5hp Honda motor

Comfortable enough for 2 people(I think 3 would be too crowded)

Never thought I will purchase a trailer but after a couple of outs inflating and deflating, I can definitely appreciate the trailer. But it's nice to have the option to fold

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Good customer service and support so far(thanks to Jerry)

The bad(for me):

The material is not as tough as I thought it will be. A good size catfish managed to put a small hole in the side of the boat. I patched it but it was a disappointing experience.

No way of reinforcing the bottom(checked with SE), since I am fishing intercoastal waters over sharp oyster beds(1st 🌟). Huge drawback for me here.

Wanted to extend the warranty and buy the extra 3 years, but found out the hard way that you can't do it after purchasing the boat(2nd 🌟). Respectfully, it doesn't make sense if you stand behind your product. Didn't make up my mind yet, but I may return the boat after the 180 days

Sea Eagle's reply:

Although the extended warranty is available at the time of purchase of the boat, we would be happy to extend this option to you. To purchase, please call us directly as this option is not available online.

Dennis Berger Verified Owner 10/20/2019 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Absolutely a blast, our first adventure was 10 miles each way. The FSK16 is so stable on the water. Definitely buy the electric air pump. Sets up pretty fast 25-30 min about same to disassemble . Highly recommended. I tow a camper and this boat and motor fit right in back of my truck , great adventures ahead