Sea Eagle PackFish7™ Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews

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Jennifer Shreve Verified Owner 7/26/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

I have just returned from a camping/lake fishing trip in western Colorado. This was the first major trip with my PF7.

The oars are a good length for trolling, however they tend to slip through the oar locks beyond the black plastic sleeve.

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I fly fish, and the rod holders are not useful for fly rods. So, I attached a length of pvc pipe between the rod holders, creating a “shelf” for my fish finder to sit. This allowed me to extend my legs all the way to the end of the float. No more knocking knees while rowing.

I enjoyed using this model. I have owned four other Sea Eagle products. Some women change purses to fit the occasion, I change floats.

Eugene Trombley Verified Owner 5/21/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Thank You very much !!

I have been enjoying the PF7 and I am going to be using it this weekend in the white mountain national forest at some remote trout ponds.

I'll be fishing with my son and 2 grandsons and I will be sure to get some photos for your posting if you feel they're good enough. Everything came on time and in great shape. set up was a breeze. I'm 55 and had no trouble getting my boat and gear in and out of all fishing spots.

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Gene T

Gary Smith Verified Owner 4/10/2018 4.0 out of 5 stars.

I love Sea Eagle--I also have a 385FT and an SE330 that we use all the time.

The size of the PackFish 7 is good, I inflate mine at home and it fits in the back of my pick up truck. I can carry it with one hand to put it in the water. It's very stable and easy to fish from. I've had to get used to rowing because I'm show full review ▼ so used to my kayaks.

so used to my kayaks.
Blake Starling Verified Owner 3/15/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

The Packfish 7 is an amazing fishing boat! It is very portable, compact, and is easy to set up anywhere! I have carried my Packfish 7 and gear over 2 miles to a hidden lake, and I have taken it out in the ocean! It preforms amazingly well on all bodies of water! There is only one thing more impressive than the product, and that is the company behind the product! Sea Eagle stands behind their 3 year warranty, and 180 day refund policy without hesitation and without question! I had an issue with my Packfish 7, so I called Sea Eagle and without any hassle they happily stood by their refund policy! They offered to replace my Packfish 7 with a brand new one right away! I had been contemplating of upgrading to a bigger boat so I asked if I could pay the cost difference and upgrade to the 285 FPB! Sea Eagle agreed with no problem! I love the 285 FPB, but I would more than happily purchase another Packfish 7! It is just that AWESOME! Nothing can compare to the PF7 when it comes to portability! I LOVE ANY SEA EAGLE!

Ivan Tomkins Verified Owner 3/6/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

What a fantastic, value. Fantastic product! The boat stows easily in the storage of our Lance 1475 Camper. When we get to the campsite, I inflate with the optional electric pump. This takes a little over a minute. Incredible convenience. The entire boat when inflated stows in the cargo area of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I don't have to deflate until we are ready to pack it away. This process takes about 4 - 5 minutes.

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I primarily fly fish. The maneuverability of this little titan is really what makes it so special. One flick of an oar, spins me in position, or a pull of both sends me to a new location. I am 6' about 240 pounds. I am amazed at how comfortable, and how many seating possibilities are available. I stretch out, and lay back or sit upright. I put one or both legs up on the hull. I have literally fished for 5 - 6 hours with no fatigue.

The attached pockets/bags are really handy. I fill one with food and drink. Cup holder really works. I have the optional floor.

Heidi Taylor Verified Owner 1/24/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Love, love, love it! I get out in the middle of the Bay and feel perfectly secure. Easy to set up and take down in just minutes. Fits in the back of my Prius with room to spare. I have rowed against strong tides with no problem.

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We have a Stealth Stalker 10 which we love but I can’t handle it alone so for those days when I want to go fishing by myself this is amazing.

We just bought one for my husband so we can easily put them in the RV and when we don’t want to pull out the “Big boat”.

Just watch out for Catfish!!

Richard Beller Verified Owner 1/18/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Boat excellent used in alaska on small ponds and lakes for northern pike graylings and rainbow fish. Boat is perfect. I give it 5 stars

Linda Papreck Verified Owner 1/10/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Bought this for my Husband for his birthday last year ... he loves it plus easier for one person when I do not want to go fishing. He caught a 36 inch Northern and a 36 inch Bass in this boat - both pulled him around the lake until he wore them out and managed to get them into the boat.

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We also have a Sea Eagle pontoon boat and a Sea Eagle kayak .... love all of them!

Michael Fischer Verified Owner 12/27/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

A great little raft. perfect for high mt lakes.

Dennis Smith Verified Owner 12/25/2017 4.0 out of 5 stars.

I fish back country lakes with this raft and love it with two exceptions.

1. The outer skin does not "line up" well with the air inlet(s) so that when I fill it the edge of the skin pushes excessively on the side of the air port. I have tried to shift the skin a little while not inflated or partially inflated without any impact or success. Has not done any damage yet, but it would be nice if the inlet port was centered in the skin cutout. I also found the oars to be a little long and ended cutting off the grip ends about 6". Otherwise I would say the workmanship is excellent.

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2. I'm an older guy and I have not figured out how to get out of this raft w/o getting wet. This is a geezer problem not an issue with the raft. I'm thinking tying a rope to something and leaving it at the shoreline to pull against when you return to your launching spot might help get you up & out of this rig.

Sea Eagle's reply:
Dennis Smith's boat

Aloha Dennis, if launching from shore - upon returning sit as far back as possible (loading the rear), row into shore facing forward, when you beach, clear the front of the PF7 by placing everything behind you, shimmy forward thus loading the front and allowing it to bottom out which will make it stable, keep shimmying and hook your legs over the front, now you'll have multiple points of contact including both feet, place your hands on each side of the PF7 and push yourself up to standing. The easiest location to exit when from shore is the front near the air valves. By design, this is the most narrow, smallest of tube diameter, and least buoyant. Launching from a dock - upon return, tie off your PF7 to the dock, then sit on the dock rather than stand and step over.