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Sea Eagle 285fpb Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews

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285fpb Reviews (111 total, avg. review: 4.6 out of 5)

5.0 out of 5 stars. Robert Dashiell , Leesburg Verified Owner

I love my Eagle. I do have a suggestion tho. I’m trying to come up with some sort of Keel that I can attach up front. Its needed because it has a habit of swinging around when you’re working the bank

Sea Eagle's reply:

Thank you for the review. We do not have a keel but we do offer a 2 skeg kit that would fit. You can find it under parts in the extras section of our website.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Tim Banks , NEWLAND Verified Owner

Quality is great.

Customer service is great.

Trying to paddle the boat with the current system is challenging due to the height of the seat.

I fish rivers with current. The boat works great in calm rivers.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Neil HELM , UPLAND Verified Owner
Selfie of Neil HELM with their boat Neil HELM's boat

I got this boat for my birthday in October and have been out on it 4 times now, 2 on Silverwood Lake and 2 at Dan Point Harbor. All four times I've had a great time fishing in the 285FPB and caught a bunch of fish. The 1st time on the lake I didn't have my motor and the wind came up and pushed me into a bunch of rocks and a rock cliff but the boat handled it very well with no problems. It's a very good fishing boat, very durable, very stable, good leg room, great swivel seat and I added a couple of accessory glue pads up front for more options.

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Good Job Sea Eagle

4.0 out of 5 stars. John Rist , MYRTLE BEACH Verified Owner

The SeaEagle 285fpb is a great little boat. It is sturdy, durable and safe. I'm an amputee and despite some difficulty getting into the boat, I feel very safe and stable sitting in this boat. I've added a verticlal handicap bar to the floorboard and that assists me in getting up out of the seat which for me was a little too low. I added a taller pedestal to get me higher in the seat since I'm 6' 4" and 240 lbs. This creates a problem with the oars since they don't function properly when the rowing angle changes due to the new higher seat profile. That's just what I have to do to make this pontoon work for me.

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The trolling motor is quite adequate in getting me around the water.

I've added a fish finder and an anchor to the standard package and both are very functional.

I can give this boat high marks!

John Rist

5.0 out of 5 stars. Robert Fitz , FARMINGTON Verified Owner

I like the boat very much. I am sorry to say I have only used it once but was pleased with it. It is very easy to inflate, especially with your electric compressor. The only problem I had was finding a way to attaché an anchor rope that was away from the motor and held the bow into the current.

Sea Eagle's reply:


We are glad to hear that you are enjoying your Sea Eagle. You can mount an anchor using the Scotty Anchor Lock, either with one of the existing Scotty pads, or by adding another.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Charles Adkins , Goodyear, Az Verified Owner

Wow, Where do I start? I just got into fishing. Started researching small watercraft that would fit in my small truck bed. Wanted something light weight, durable and easy to assemble. I didn't like the idea of my feet dangling in the water, also wanted the ability to stand up in the boat. Well the Sea Eagle 285 fpb fit my requirements. website is great. So easy to navigate and understand. Called in to customer service, Will was my representative. He made the buying process so easy. My 285 showed up in less than week. Ja, Ja I was so excited I put it together right in my living room. Took about 25 min first time. I've been tricking it out. Added Scotty mount anchor and additional Scotty rod holders. I'm really happy that I installed to hold my Lowrance fish finder. First trip out was to Lake Pleasant, Az. My 285 performed great. I must admit being 6ft tall weighing 260 lbs made standing a little scary at first, but I got use to, even in choppy water. 1st Fish

5.0 out of 5 stars. F. B. Thurman , NASHVILLE Verified Owner

Really is durable and easy to move around. I put a 50 pound thrust Minn Kota and never have to go past 4 on speed control. Can not say any negatives about the boat. I knew before buying it about the wind but its ok, just move into another cove. I am 68 and this is just what I needed but would recommend it for all ages.

4.0 out of 5 stars. Anthony Bocking , TUCSON Verified Owner

Great little boat. Did have water from small waves come in the front flap when under power. Had to clip the flap up to stop water coming in.


5.0 out of 5 stars. John Rue , GREAT FALLS Verified Owner

Love this boat! Perfect one man fishing machine!

3.0 out of 5 stars. Bernard Norieka , Venice Verified Owner

Difficult to enter and exit the boat. Most of the time it has to be entered from the water when no dock is available. Boat is used mainly on salt water. Sand sticks to it like glue, making maintenance and transporting difficult. I keep it fully inflated to transport in bed of my truck.

Seat to motor mount uncomfortable and difficult to operate motor, even with swivel seat turned.

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Caught a small catfish last time out, while trying to bring it into the boat it fell off the hook and easily punctured the pontoon. Barely made it back to shore.

I would not recommend this product for tall individuals as it is not stable enough to stand inside the limited space between the pontoons especially in choppy conditions.

If possible, for future design, make some type of mount to tie an anchor rope to. The boat is like a balloon on water and even with mild breezes moves alot.