Sea Eagle 375fc Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews

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David Norton Verified Owner 6/15/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Purchased boat in 2013 for Trout fishing in lakes/rivers in western NC. It has been everything I expected but let me make a couple of observations. The heading control in any kind of wind is full time and boat is almost more then one man can handle. I added the Skags but did not see much improvement. I also purchased the 12v pump which I advise every owner to do. I am now 78 years old with some health problems so the boat is now the proud possession of my Son. He can do it alone also. One of the fishing spots we use is below a power dam (Fontana) and full of big sharp rocks which we have hit most of with NO damage to boat. I would recommend this boat to anyone. Thanks for the years of fun this rig has provided me.

Pierre Plante Verified Owner 4/1/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

It's an incredible boat. I fish the Florida Peace River all winter season. Very stable and easy to carry with my car. I highly recommend it.

Tanks Sea Eagle for all good fishing time.

Bronson Darnell Verified Owner 3/10/2017 4.0 out of 5 stars.

The Sea Eagle Fold Cat is great.The only complaint is that it had a hole in the right pontoon right out of the box.I fixed it with the supplied repair kit and it holds air now,but I should not have to fix a brand new boat.

Sea Eagle's reply:

We are sorry to just be hearing about this now - seven months after your purchase date. Please know that we have and will always accept full responsibility for such issues as long as they are reported to us in a timely manner.

David Abrahams Verified Owner 2/22/2017 5.0 out of 5 stars.

This boat has been awesome. It was the perfect way for my wife and I to get started into fishing. We used it just about every weekend during the last summer. It was so easy to just throw it into the SUV and go. No headaches simple and easy. So many people at the various lakes were amazed.

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We bought a trolling motor to power it and I tricked it out with a custom deck to overlay on top as well as some unique rod holders. It has a fish finder onboard too as well as an anchor system. It is perfect for smaller lakes.

Overall it is extremely sturdy but some parts have broken. Two of the buckles on the main cover broke and fell off. We just tie the ends of the black straps together to make do. Also the foot pump has come loose so the air gets out of the side when we use it. If I can get a replacement for these it would be great.

Anyway it has been worth every penny. If you want to try fishing out on a lake this is a perfect way to do it. No trailer needed which is a huge benefit. It is solid and stable.

Sea Eagle's reply:
David Abrahams's boat

David we have contacted you via email to resolve both issues. Please check you inbox.

There are adjustment screws at the front of your foot pump under the black caps. Just lift the end of the black cap opposite of the visible screw post enough to expose the screw's Philips head and tighten the retaining band and this will prevent the bellow skirts from coming loose. Then just reseat the black cap and you should be good to go!