Sea Eagle FS126 Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews

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John Wotkyns Verified Owner 11/19/2018 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Only used twice so far, it's as awesome as I had hoped, a sport paddle board camper. My review is very good, but with a gaping caveat : Only 1 fill chamber. Design must strive now to re configure a fail safe something: (like X's baffling inside primary chamber + (would add stability) The craft is a sporty enough platform to endanger a wayward adventurer into a puddle with but one valve. OK SeaEagles, I wanna help you make this FS126 Great with Best Practice's for Marine applications. USA

Kenneth Seda Verified Owner 2/18/2019 3.0 out of 5 stars.


To be honest, I haven't used the boat as much as I'd like. I took it on a trip to South Carolina, bumped in to a pier and put small slices into the surface of the rubber. It did not seem to cause a leak but I was surprised and how sharp the barnacles were and easily the scratch the surface layer. I'm hesitant to take into saltwater again. The rubber seems a little soft and you have to be too careful, That aside, I used it in South Carolina and again locally on pond. It's very stable. I found fishing from it very easy. A couple complaints...'s heavy. The guy with it on his back all neatly packed up must be a weight lifter because I can barely get the whole thing off the ground. I also found the transom a little difficult to figure out and still haven't put the motor on because it looks unstable. The seat takes a bit long to set up. That whole looping strap thing is a pain. You need to figure out how to make that easier. Lastly it's not quite Fly Fishing Friendly.

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Joseph DeLeo Verified Owner 10/29/2019 5.0 out of 5 stars.

My wife and I have used our two FS126 on a few occasions. We are impressed with the quality of the boats. They are very sturdy and stable and let you go where other boats can't. The trolling motor works great. They are easy to store and inflate with the electric pump. The hand pump, even though large and of good quality, is a workout. Living in Florida, we had to register the boats and place numbers on the side. I purchased them from a company that I believe is on your website and glued them on myself. So far so good.

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The seats are very comfortable and swivel. I bought a small anchor for each boat which I highly recommend as otherwise, you will not be able to stay in place. While one person of average strength can carry the boat, depending on terrain, it can be cumbersome. It is much easier with two people or I suppose the cart, which I have not used yet. All in all we are very pleased with the boats and with Sea Eagle. Best of all, we have caught fish using them.

Mike R Verified Owner 6/25/2020 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Happy happy happy! Successful launch today. The build quality on this 126 is solid. I used an electric pump to inflate and deflate and it’s very quick. I’m using a 36lb electric motor built for a kayak and the motor pushed it around the lake with no problem. Very nimble/maneuverable. I’m 6’2/215 and standing/sitting/turning around on the SUP was stable with a little lateral movement. The chair is a little low and maybe a couple inches higher would be better. Being able to swivel in the chair is easy and a great feature. It was absolutely great to be able to standup and stretch and move around to cast. Way better than sitting for hours fishing. The stand-up paddle works great. I washed the board and deflated it flat as a pancake. Rolled it up with no problems and bagged it with the backpack in the kit. Looking forward to fishing again soon. I’ve never paddle boarded before, but I think you get bang for your buck with this setup and I would definitely give it consideration.