Sea Eagle 385fta Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews

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David Armstrong Verified Owner 1/31/2024 5.0 out of 5 stars.

It’s a fishing machine!

Last summer I brought this rig on our family vacation to the Adirondacks and it revolutionized the way I fish.

With the outboard motor I could reach places in minutes, that ordinarily took a long time to row my packfish 7.

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The swivel seat is neat, but many times I just used the inflatable seat from my wife’s sea Eagle paddle board to save time.

The floorboard is truly solid and stable to stand on, and the overall speed and maneuverability of the kayak were excellent. I could literally fish on this thing all day .

I’m a die hard freshwater fisherman, and this set up does exactly what I need it to do. It’s perfect.

Chris Austin Verified Owner 5/31/2023 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Easy, quick set up, with the electric pump. Stable in the water when entering/exiting, tracks very well. I am ordering the swivel seat for easier fishing. LOVE OUR KAYAK!

Janet Camacho Verified Owner 2/12/2023 5.0 out of 5 stars.

My kayak is great I take my dog and go fishing with it it’s very sturdy.

Eric Sanford Verified Owner 1/1/2023 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Overall, the FastTrack Fishing 385 two-person kayaks I bought are great. The biggest factor for me was overall storage and ease of transport. I don't have room for a trailer, and getting the kayaks to and from the water is very simple in the back of the minivan or my suv. We have two of the same kayaks. It fits my wife, three kids (all under 10), and myself very easily between the two kayaks.

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We have had zero issues with punctures to the hull, which is the biggest concern where we kayak and fish. Lots of trees and hazards in the water.

The only drawback is the ease of modifications. I like to tinker a bit to see what helps, but most modifications require a solid hull and a drill point. I did make my own portage cart/dolly because most kayak carts don't consider the fin that is on these. I also made some booster seats to help be more efficient when paddling.

I'm looking forward to using these for years to come!