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Samuel Garnett , Spokane Verified Owner

Wow what a wonderful AWESOME boat. It's everything I expected. First I would like to thank my Seaeagle rep for being well informed and trained. She was able to confidently answer all my questions.My criteria for a family flat water boat:-Customer Service after purchasing-Good Warrantee-Stable in water with wakes-Durable-Versatility of boat:1-3persons or more if small kids, -Used for lessiure and fishing.

-Price- purchased this boat to be used primarily in flat water with my 4yr old who and my wife or additional kids/passengers.-It's very stable when large wakes roll by/under the boat from passing motor boats.-This boat is easily piloted by one person when alone or with two additional passengers whom are paddling or not paddling.-The boat tracks straight as designed with little effort. Great when it's just me and my boy and one or two of his friends. If they are playing in the water, jostling back & forth the boat maintains stability & tracks true while I'm paddling.

Warren Steppan , Portage la Prairie, MB Verified Owner

The boat exceeded all expectations that we had. It’s incredibly stable, easy to maneuver and compact. A great addition to our collection of our SUPs and 12.6 run-about. Sea eagles craftsmanship continues to impress.

Douglas Prichard , Invermere Verified Owner

We have enjoyed our Seaeagle Kayak immensely this Summer. Once we learned how to assemble it, we had no problems! It is durable comfortable easy to transport and store. Being first time kayak owner's we feel we made the right decision with our purchase of the Seaeagle, and would highly recommend it to others! Can't wait for Summer to return and get back on the water. Thanks Seaeagle

Donald Larsen , TINLEY PARK Verified Owner

Our Fast Track 465 FT is everything we expected. Easy to set up, comfortable to paddle and ride in. Very stable, and tracks very well.

Chik Shank , MIAMI Verified Owner
Chik Shank's boat

I love my SeaEagle kayak! It's fast, roomy, easily maneuverable, built like a tank and couldn't be more comfortable. It stores in a small space and fits in the back of my mini-SUV with lots of room to spare for our mountain bike and travel gear. And in my experience, and that of my friend who's had his SeaEagle for a year more than I've had mine, their customer service is as good as it gets! Kudos and thanks to SeaEagle :-)

Barry Andersen , Horse Cave Verified Owner

Very happy with setup and tracking in the water. The 465ft could use twice as many rings to increase adjustabily.

Donald Williams Verified Owner
Donald Williams's boat

The Sea Eagle 465 Kayak is a real pleasure. I paddle it in the Arabian Gulf offshore Saudi Arabia. It is light enough for easy transport down the beach and big enough for my wife and I to both be comfortable. She often swims with a group and I paddle along as lifeguard. I enjoy standing up while paddling as it gives a good view of the wildlife in the water beneath me. The kayak is stable, tracks well and gives me confidence to paddle in choppy waves. The inflatable seat is far more comfortable than the black lighterstancdard sets.Tthe infaltable seats also keep you elevated and out of any wate that accumulates in the bottom of the boat.

Sea Eagle customer service is fantastic as I received a quick positive reply to my Kayak issue. I defiantly recommend this Kayak for someone looking for a well made inflatable kayak for open water Don Williams.

Lar Stout , Monkey Island Verified Owner

Great boat, easy to paddle and very stable plus easy to store. Added the fishing seat and the attachment for a trolling motor. Now I can paddle or motor. And the company stands by their guarantee plus exceptional service.

Sydney Markle , Dawson Verified Owner
Sydney Markle's boat

We originally purchased the 385ft and have used it for two years now. We purchased the 465ft as my husband decided he'd like to have the bigger one for all day trips.We absolutely love it. It is strong, sturdy, handles beautifully and has never let us down even when the river is fast flowing. We've taken it out fishing on numerous occasions and both had plenty of room for casting.This year we are very excited to go kayaking. Not only did we get a sail for Christmas but we also got a dog. I've already bought him a vest and we can't wait to take him out in the 465!

Thanks for the wonderful memories you are helping to create with your incredible kayaks.Attached is a photo on the Shenandoah River with our new 465ft

Louie Simone , Toronto, ON Canada Verified Owner
Louie Simone's boat Louie Simone's boat

I live in a large city where storage can sometimes be a challenge even in a house with a garage. Initially, I was looking at a rigid kayak as the inflatable ones I saw locally had 3 areas of concern: Weight capacity, quality, and tracking. The 465 Fast Track meets and exceed all the concerns I was worried about. I get so many compliments about this boat and my set up. Easily accommodates 2 big guys like me with a 40 lb Marine battery in the middle. I have used it for one season and look forward to many more. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This 465 FastTrack is completely worth it.

Bits of Advice - Get the inflatable cushions for more comfort. Get the Watersnake T24 motor for it, incredible power for such a small motor!! If you are looking at the 365 I really suggest just upsizing as you can always use the extra room. Lastly, get the BTP air pump.For those other Canadians out there, don't let any exchange rate shy you away, this FastTrack 465 is an amazing kayak!!