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Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak Reviews

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380x Reviews (74 total, avg. review: 4.6 out of 5)

haught posted on Paddling.net

I puchased the 380x because I have no place to keep a hard boat right now. I have been very pleased with craft, accepting its limitations. It is broad & doesn't have the speed of a sleek hard boat, but you gain a ton of comfort. For camping it's hard to beat its gear carrying capacity (850 lbs) and it's by far the most stable boat I've owned. The removable skeg permits very straight tracking & it can be removed for whitewater. I've paddled the California coast, Lake Mead, Kern River & lower Colorado river & the boats versatility has been exceptional. If you accept the craft for what she is, you have a versatile workhorse that will handle a variety of conditions.

--- posted on Paddling.net

Not bad for an inflatable kayak. Though it is a very hard boat to paddle in flat water (maybe due to the large surface area in contact with the water) VERY VERY poor tracking for beginners in flat water. This is contrary to what they state on their web site .I think on their site they stated that there could be "hours and hours of flat water paddling enjoyment". Well, for beginners, it's going to be hours and hours of paddling in circles. That was my only major disappointment. (According to their website though, an optional stablizer is suppose to help improve tracking greatly. Another 40 bucks US) I haven't tried the boat yet in white water but from the looks of it, it's built to last so when I get better I'm definitely going to take her down a class 2 or 3. Prepare to get WET! because of the boats width, the water dripping from the paddles tend to drip on the pontoons and splash back into your lap or your seat. I will be upgrading my paddles as the flat ones that came with the boat weigh a ton. Other than those few things, this boat is good price wise and is pretty portable. I hope that with enough time and experience, maybe the boat will prove itself to me.

MST posted on Paddling.net

Been paddling the 380x for one full season in whitewater. This boat can handle up to class IV- pretty well. It is made of a hard WW Raft-like material, Denier 1100. The boat is 12' long and about 36" wide. Tracks well in moving water, tracks poor flatwater.nnThe only drawback is that it floods rather quickly in big water. It drains eventually, but if you get stuck in a big hole, you sure do feel like you are one with the river!nnIt comes with inflatable seats, but I prefer to paddle it kneeling down. It is still quite comfortable and you can see a whole lot of the river downstream.nnIf you are looking for an inexpensive white water "Ducky" this boat has what it takes to get you out on the river safely. I have just upgraded to a WW K1 and will not be selling this boat due to the overall amount of fun I had last whitewater season. It will always find its way back to the river.

RT posted on Paddling.net

I know, it's not a hard shell kayak...but it never claimed to be. I just took my Sea Eagle on her maiden voyage and was satisfied with my first trip. It really only took 5-10 minutes to blow up with the foot pump. and after hooking up some seats and attaching the optional 'directional stabilizer', a friend and I paddled across a nearby lake.nnTwo 6' 180lb guys fit in the kayak/canoe comfortably. If I would have adjusted the straps on my seat more I could have put my legs straight out, so the interior has plenty of room. I haven't tried it without the rudder/stabilizer; with the stabilizer in place it tracked straight. I felt the 380x was a sturdy, reliable craft. Since the bottom has so much surface area you can't get moving that fast, but it turns ok and is comfortable. One negative is that it seems a bit wide for the type of strokes I wanted to do. Since you're not packed in like a sardine you've gotta pay for that comfort somehow!nnI'll try to post a follow up when I do some summer paddling, but I predict this will be very enjoyable for some leisurely River Running and Class I/II action, with a little current to keep things interesting.nnFor someone looking for a recreational paddling solution, the 380x is a nice combination of comfort, stability, and portability.

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