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Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak Reviews

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380x Reviews (74 total, avg. review: 4.6 out of 5)

Lawrence Ellis , Geneva, FL Verified Owner

Extremely time consuming to clean and dry. Side tubes are big and make paddling more difficult. The floor material is great and I think I would have preferred one of the newer model Razors you are making now. Unfortunately they were not available (two place) at the time I ordered. My big regret.

You make a good product. Used many times in varied conditions. Stores and transports well in RV and in Jeep. Seats are great and comfortable. Boat preforms as expected/ advertised and is of good quality.

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Mike Janisheck , Philadelphia, PA Verified Owner

I like the 380 a lot its just a little to much weight to handle by myself.

Other wise it s been a joy to use fishing on lakes.

I am reluctant to go in the ocean by myself to date.

But I hope to start using it at the Jersey shore and bay areas.


Mike Janisheck

Jonathan Evans , Rootstown, OH Verified Owner

My wife and I are very pleased with our purchase. We are in our 60's found that the whole experience was great. Since we only go in flat open water we found it handled very well. The skeg makes a big difference. The packing/unpacking and setup with the hard seats was all easily performed. All in all...great, 5 out of 5.

Charles Rehdorf , Chico, CA Verified Owner
Charles Rehdorf's boat

I bought the 380x and received it in a very prompt manner. When I called to have someone run me through the first inflation and use, they were helpful and enthusiastic. Last year I was able to use my kayak several times throughout the spring and summer here in Northern California and it performed flawlessly every time.

The ONLY regret I have is that due to the fact that I had to move in mid-summer, I was unable to use it even a fraction of the time I wish I could have. Sea Eagle and their products rock! I can't wait for spring.

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Wayne Haneman , Port Saint Lucie, FL Verified Owner

We love our Sea Eagle 380x it tracks very well and it is comfortable to sit in for the 2 of us plus our 2 dogs. It feels very safe / stable even in strong winds. Its great to travel with in our motor home we simply fold it up and store it away and takes very little time to set-up. I am very happy with my purchase Sea Eagle shipped on time and the product was just as advertised. We would buy from Sea more ▼

Richard Gains , London, United Kingdom Verified Owner

OK one very simple point.

You make a great product but you have one very weak point and that is the clip fastener between the seat and the securing point. The spring clips are impossible to maintain if the kayak is used in saltwater conditions. i simple use cheap belay connections which are easily replaced but you cant even remove the failed spring clip supplied from sea eagle. it is disappointing that such a great product is let down by such a simple problem.

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Sea Eagle's reply:

Richard thank you so much for your honest review. We are looking into improving the spring clips you've mentioned and also as to why you have not received your replacement Trolley Bag. Our records show it shipped out of our warehouse 9/11/14, UPS tracking 1ZR010V16771164885 and was received at your residence 9/19/14 signed for by a Ms. Chong. At any rate we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are so sorry for any inconvenience and are looking into this right away.

Robert Williams , Oklahoma City, OK Verified Owner

Our inflatable kayak is just what my wife and I needed to enjoy lakes and rivers around Glacier Park. Easy to transport and inflate, comfortable and stable. I also use it for fishing and our dogs also enjoy an occasional ride.

Bill Stansbury , Templeton, CA Verified Owner
Bill Stansbury's boat

We have had our Sea Eagle since 2005. We have been all over the continent. From Jasper, Alberta to San Diego.We have used our 380x in the ocean,lakes,lagoons,harbors and rivers. We have loaded it with gear and paddled to remote spots and camped for days. I have used it in class three rapids in seven different states and provinces. It has help produce some of fondness memories.

The 380 is very stable in all conditions. It is very rugged. I have patched the body once and the floor once. The negatives are the self bailing system does not function too well. The skag was not designed well and we lost it once on Yellowstone Lake in a storm. The new snap in design looks to be superior to this older model. Over all this has been one of the best recreational purchases we have more ▼

anave26 posted on Paddling.net

So, I've had my Sea Eagle 380X (new version with the 16 drain valves 38lbs) for about 2 weeks now and I've had the opportunity to get it out on flat water, open water and white water so I thought it was time to share my thoughts.

I give the 380X a 9 rating but that really should be a *9. The asterisk is because this is marketed as an all water, versatile kayak and it is... it's just not equally good on all types of water.

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TK414 posted on Paddling.net

Sea Eagle is the best! They really do stand behind the money back guarantee/wty as I bought a FT385 and wasn't happy so they took it back w/out issue. I shopped all of the other inflatables (tried many) as well as hard shells trying to find the best "fit all for my needs". W/out a doubt the 380X is that boat. Tracks well w/fin. Not a touring boat but speed id decent. Stability is amazing. Handles boat wakes, white caps with ease. Can stand it in as well (tad tippy, but I'm top heavy too though). Def. stays drier than the FT-the larger pontoons keep a lot splash out and even the drip from the paddles (The openings for the drain plugs help collect any H2O that does venture in.) Went into a rock/tree ridden Texas lake cove, hit one submerged tree and thought "ouch that's gonna hurt". Not a mark. I find it very comfortable with the high back seats. Although I put a Boat cushion under it to lift it up a couple inches which really adds to the comfort especially with the inflatable foot rest. For easy paddling and and floating I added the inflatable cushion on top of the seat. This made it extremely comfortable and was just below pontoon level. In really rough water, I let the seat air out to add stability/lower center gravity.... Great Boat!!!

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