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Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak Reviews

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380x Reviews (73 total, avg. review: 4.6 out of 5)

Tere Alexander , SHREVEPORT Verified Owner

I have had my Sea Eagle less than a year. I have gotten the opportunity to paddle it several times. I usually get out with my brother who has a conventional kayak. When we park to unload, I can blow mine up, load and launch in the same amount of time he gets his unstrapped, loaded and launched. I think I could do it quicker if I would have bought the electric pump, I have the manual and it works well, just slower I think. Packing back up, I get mine deflated and loaded much quicker than he gets his put away, strapped down and ready to go. Mine is a little heavier to carry than I thought it would be, but I handle it OK. In the water, it is perfect—Comfortable, stable and easy to paddle. I love it. Our longest day so far was 24 miles. We plan to start taking some overnight and weekend trips. I can’t wait.

Matt Rohrich , PAGOSA SPRINGS Verified Owner

I love this boat. My brother bought one the year before I did, and after I paddled it, I bought one too. We usually use it on the San Juan River in class 2-3 water. Would definitely recommend it!

Don Bland , CARSON CITY Verified Owner

Well made, portable. The keeper sling for the skag pin seems like a weak spot (hang ups, getting ripped off, etc...) but I don't know how it could be better without some integrated plastic 'fastex' buckle like ensemble. Always gonna be exposed though....

We have really enjoyed it.... well done folks.

Philip Booth , Hong Kong Verified Owner

Really enjoying my Kayak, paddling inside the reef off Sanur in Bali.

My only difficulty is transporting the kayak from the house to the beach, about 1 Kilometre.

I purchased a set of wheels to assist in transporting, but they do not corner well and it is difficult to secure them. Any ideas?


Sea Eagle's reply:
Philip Booth's boat

Aloha Philip, the key is to feed the strap through a set of the stern D-rings and then tighten them securely.

Mark Harris , Fairbanks Verified Owner

We love the versatility of this inflatable boat,it is super durable easy to use and easy to paddle. We have a 420x as well and the 380x is a bit more agile in the water but it’s worth having the extra room for me in the 420x as We use it for hunting and multi day camping trips. We have dragged both of these boats over rocks during a 1/2 mile portage with no damage to the boats. My son likes to use both of these with his friends and was able to fit both the 380x and the 420x in to the trunk of his 2007 Toyota Corolla. Another thing I should mention is that these boats feel so stable in the water compared to a aluminum canoe. I am new to kayaking and jumped in the 420x and successfuly completed a 127 mile float trip over three days and nights with all my camping gear as well as gear for fishing for Arctic Grayling. I would totally recommend this 380x to anyone wanting to get on the water for a fun time.

Susie Sobchak , EL DORADO HILLS Verified Owner

We love it! Easy to inflate & deflate. Comfortable sitting in it. Easy to maneuver in the water. Beautiful ride!

Matt Donner , DAVIS Verified Owner

Generally speaking , these boats ROCK!

They're easy to work with, carry and travel with and they're great for the family. Even better as a 1-man boat but IMO, the shorter (8') is better for solo work. I recommend the car-charger pump as it makes life SO much easier. Simply set the pressure, attach the right connector and push the button! 5 minutes and you're ready to rock.

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Steve Buehler , Sacramento Verified Owner

I've been using sea eagle kayaks for about 12 years and recently purchased my 3rd one. Aprox 500 trips and never been let down.

Dennis D McKenzie , ASHTABULA Verified Owner

We love the kayak. Thank you for making such a great product.

Jake Mucher , NorCal Verified Owner
Jake Mucher's boat

Great boat!

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