Sea Eagle 300x Inflatable Kayaks and Canoe Reviews

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James Sumner Verified Owner 7/5/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Our 300x kayaks are amazing! They fit our lifestyle perfectly. We travel in a small camper and have kayaked the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico along the Florida panhandle and the Pacific Ocean. We have also paddled many lakes, streams & rivers from Nova Scotia to Glacier National Park. A highlight of our inland paddling was parts of the Colorado River. The most amazing paddling was off the Newfoundland coast where we paddled around an iceberg and thru an ice flow. An unbelievable opportunity!

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Easy to stow in our camper/car and hike down to the shore and inflate. Even carry them in our Mini Cooper convertible. Paddle great in the water and our dog Kirby loves to ride up front.

5 stars is not enough to show how much we enjoy our Explorer Kayaks!

Donald Decker Verified Owner 5/25/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Hi Guys. We have been loving the kayak so far. We have been cruising the waters of long island's south shore. The kayak is the perfect size to fit my wife and youngest daughter while I and my oldest daughter follow along in the 385fta (which is equally amazing). This summer I am hoping to take the kayak out surfing for the first time.

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The kayak is very lightweight and is very easy to maneuver on the water. We bought a 12v electric pump which gets us on the water in about five min after we pull up to the launch site. The kayaks are super sturdy and we are looking forward to many years out on the water. They both have exceeded our expectations.

All the best,


Peter Fundarek Verified Owner 3/4/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

We've been very impressed with the build quality and the convenience of the Sea Eagle kayaks, We had done a lot of research on kayaks and it was clear to us that was the brand to get. The order was processed very quickly and our kayaks arrived show full review ▼ in good order with no issues.

in good order with no issues.

Setup is quick and we are able to get our kayaks into the water very quickly and easily. Paddling them is easier than expected and they are very stable. We've not had an upset yet.

Our decision to purchase these kayaks was based on portability and storage requirements. We wanted kayaks that we could take in our motorhome without taking up a lot of space or weight. These are ideal and we have made considerable use of them in the short time we have had them. We're planning many more excursions this coming summer.

This was an excellent choice and I would highly recommend these boats to anyone considering them. Easy set up, convenient portability and very stable. Get the electric air pump though - very useful. Enjoy!

Jack Gill Verified Owner 3/2/2018 5.0 out of 5 stars.

My wife has been a long-time hard shell whitewater kayaker, but this past summer she wanted to bring our new poodle, Kato, on some of the easier whitewater family trips. We bought the Sea Eagle 300X because we got to borrow a friend's boat and learned first hand of its versatility and ease of handling for moderate whitewater. Kato loved being included on the family trips and adapted to riding the rapids in the 300X with poise. My wife appreciated it quick maneuverability. Looking forward again to the upcoming season.