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Fishing Inflatable SUPs (compare all inflatable fishing boats)

Sea Eagle Fishing Inflatable SUPs are the most versatile stand-up paddleboards in the world! Sit, stand, fish, motor, troll - designed for fishermen always on the go!

Extremely portable and affordable, these fishing SUPs are incredibly stable and easy to use, set up in under 10 minutes and can be outfitted with an electric trolling or gas motor.

Say farewell to lugging around heavy boats and trailers plus unnecessary fees! Hello to portability and convenience. Sea Eagle Fishing SUPs stow in your car trunk always ready to go!

Featuring: protective, non-slip EVA foam deck pads - perfect for standing or sitting, 360° swivel seats - for hours of comfortable seating, built-in Fish Rulers - to be certain your catch is of legal length, multiple D-ring attachment points - for attaching various accessories and gear, removable rear motor mount - for mounting up to a 55 lb. thrust electric motor or up to a 3 hp gas motor, and four conveniently located grab/carry handles - for ease of transport, launching and beaching

SUPCat10   starting at $1,299 Learn More

The new SUPCat10 uses Stand Up Paddle Board construction to create a whole new kind of fishing craft. With the 2 side pontoons made completely of high pressure, drop-stitch the SUPCat inflates up to 15psi for rock solid stability. 4 Scotty Gear Mounts come standard with every SUPCat along with 2 Scotty Baitcaster rod holders.

With a 2.3 hp Honda, you can speed along at 8 mph - faster than any kayak with an electric motor or peddle drive. Our WaterSnake Venom 34 electric motor can cruise you around at 4 mph. The SUPCat can even be paddled with a SUP paddle. It's a smooth, sleek ride no matter how you propel it.

A great aspect of the SUPCat is the Wheels Up/Wheels Down feature. The optional CAT Wheels let you cart the boat & all your gear to the water when in the down position. Once at the water, lift them up & paddle or motor away. The wheels are out of the way and do not interfere with fishing, paddling or motoring. Plus, there’s no running back and forth, do it all in one trip.

FishSUP™ 126   starting at $799 Learn More

Time to think outside the box! The New Sea Eagle FishSUP™ 126 will elevate your fishing to a whole new level! Giving you that extra edge over your fellow anglers. Now you can stealthily glide right into the heart of where the trophy fish reside!

This incredibly stable, bow to stern tapered, swallowtail inflatable stand up paddleboard is designed specifically for fishermen! The removable transom gives you the ability to run it with an electric motor. Extending your reach while conserving your energy.

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SUPCat10 FS126
Person Capacity 1 2
Hull Weight 42 lbs. 45 lbs. (48 lbs. with motor mount)
Length 10 ft. 12 ft. 6 in.
Width 3 ft. 6 in. 3 ft. 4 in.
Interior 8' x 42"
Total Max Load Capacity 1 person or 450lbs.
Chambers 2 (Port, Starboard)
Tube Diameter 6" Drop Stitch
Air Valves 2 One Way
Inflation time 7 minutes 7 Minutes
Seam Quadruple Overlapping Superior Glued Seams Quadruple Overlap
Material 1000 Denier Reinforced Drop Stitch 1000 Denier Reinforced Drop Stitch
Engine Capacity 3 hp gas (min 20" shaft, 45 lbs. max weight) or 70 lbs. thrust Electric Motor (min 30" shaft, 45 lbs. max wt.) 55 lb. thrust (45 lbs. max weight)
Speed Estimates 8 mph with gas motor, 4 mph with electric motor
Inflation Pressure 12- 15 PSI 12-15 psi
Load Capacity 2 persons or 500 lbs.
Deflated Approx. 45" x 15" x 10"
Board Thickness 6"
Volume 340 Ltr.
Starting at $1,299 $799

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