Waterproof Kayak Blanket

  • Super plush Polartec® Classic 200 Fleece inside
  • Completely waterproof nylon shell
  • 8" pocket at front to comfortably fit feet
  • Specially shaped to fit neatly around paddler & inside the kayak cockpit
  • 53" long, 20" wide at the front, 40" wide at rear
  • Perfectly fits in any open kayak & tucks neatly around the legs
  • Also can be used in wider boats such as our Stealth Stalker
  • Weighs only 18 oz.
  • Packs down to 18"x6"x3"
This new waterproof kayak blanket is a warm & wonderful way to extend your paddling season on those chilly, windy or rainy days. It warms, insulates & protects against all of nature's elements. Attached strap with clip & grab handle allows blanket to be folded in & rolled up to a fraction of its size (18" x 6"). Your feet fit into a front pouch that keeps the blanket in place & does not allow wind to blow it away. This waterproof blanket covers the full length of your legs & neatly tucks in at the sides. Ideal for paddlers, campers, anglers & anyone wanting to protect themselves against wind, rain, sun, cold & paddle drip. Also ideal for bringing anytime to beach parties, outdoor sporting events & barbecues. Made in the USA by the nice folks at the Mambe® Waterproof Blanket Company. It is so comfortable, warm & dry, you will think this is your very first blanket!

We recommend wearing a wet suit, dry suit or special cold weather, cold water paddling gear whenever water temperatures are below 50° Fahrenheit.
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Waterproof Blanket
Waterproof Blanket
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