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Sea Eagle Used Inflatable Boats

  • have never been damaged, punctured or patched
  • have been test inflated for 48 hours
  • might have very minimal wear (no barnicles or algae)
  • are covered by our regular 180 day money back guarantee and three year bow-to-stern warranty, just like our new boats.
  • might contain prior-generation components
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Exterior: 9'10" x 3'3"
Weight: 28 lbs.
Capacity: 1 Adult or 350 lbs.
Deflated: 24" x 16" x 6"
Packages Available:
New Price: $899
Used Price: $799
Savings: $100

300x Explorer   (3available)


The long awaited and anticipated 300x Explorer Solo Adventure Series Kayak is finally here! Now you can do what others only dream of with our most versatile kayak ever! And this one is made for one! We've combined the buoyancy and durability of our Explorers with the ability to maneuver it like a race car through the toughest obstacle course! The 300x stands alone in a class of it's own! Designed to tackle whitewater as well as open-water and surf, this kayak is sure to add years of fun! More Info

Exterior: 12'6" x 3'
Weight: 32 lbs.
Capacity: 3 Persons or 635 lbs
Deflated: 25" x 18" x 8"
Packages Available:
New Price: $999
Used Price: $899
Savings: $100

385ft FastTrack™   (1available)


The Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack™ features a sharper, narrower, tapered bow for faster entry through wind, waves, current, and water. Now with a new patented, state of the art, external, rigid, inflatable NeedleKnife™ Keel for a faster, smoother paddling experience! (U.S. Patent #8,286,573 2) More Info

Exterior: 15' x 3'
Weight: 38 lbs
Capacity: 3 Persons or 795 lbs
Deflated: 30" x 19" x 9"
Packages Available:
New Price: $1,199
Used Price: $1,099
Savings: $100

2013 465ft FastTrack™   (1available)

2013 465ft

Combine all the features of it's smaller sister (the 385ft FastTrack™) with the ability to carry more cargo and persons and you have the 465ftw FastTrack™ More Info

Exterior: 11' x 4' 8"
Weight: 38 lbs. (hull only), 56 lbs. (w/ floorboards & motormount)
Capacity: 4 Adults or 1200 lbs.
Deflated: 26" x 23" x 10"
Packages Available:
New Price: $349
Used Price: $299
Savings: $50

Sea Eagle 9   (1available)

SE 9

This lightweight, affordable, inflatable fishing boat holds up to 4 people, is super stable and works great with small gas or electric motors. More Info

Exterior: 14' 5" x 3' 3"
Weight: 41 lbs.
Capacity: 2 Adults or 650 lbs.
Deflated: 38" x 19" x 10"
Packages Available:
New Price: $1,199
Used Price: $999
Savings: $200

435ps Paddleski™   (1available)


The Sea Eagle PaddleSki™ is the most versatile kayak in the world! This unique inflatable catamaran kayak is really 4 hulls in 1. You can choose to paddle, motor, sail and fish with this incredible inflatable craft. Best of all it still packs down to a mere fraction of it's inflatable size so storage and transportation are a dream. STABILITY AND SPEED With ordinary kayaks you have to choose between a stable, wide craft and a speedy, tippy narrow craft. That's not so with the PaddleSki™. The catamaran/kayak features two widely spaced inflatable tubes that cut right through the water but give you a solid, well balanced boat. More Info

Exterior: 11' 2" x 2' 10"
Weight: 26 lbs.
Capacity: 2 Adults or 500 lbs.
Deflated: 24" x 16" x 7"
Packages Available:
New Price: $239
Used Price: $199
Savings: $40

Sea Eagle 330   (3available)

SE 330

Imagine yourself blasting down a white water river — spray flying everywhere and your heart beating like a drum. Or imagine yourself on a mirror-smooth lake at dawn, slicing the silence with smooth paddle strokes. Can one boat do all this? Yes, our Sport Kayaks do all that and more! Our lightest, most portable kayak is America's most popular, the versatile Sea Eagle 330. It weighs just 26 lbs. and packs down small enough to fit in the smallest car trunk. Don't let the light weight fool you, it's a rugged kayak able to hold 2 people or 500 lbs and yet easy enough to be carried and paddled by one. More Info


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