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Quality Inflatable Boats and Kayaks since 1968

Whatever you do on the water, we've got an Inflatable Boat or Inflatable Kayak that's perfect for you.

New 300x Explorer Solo Adventure Series

Riding the Rapids in an Explorer 300x

The long awaited Solo 300x Explorer Kayak is here! More manuverable, lighter and faster to drain, our most exciting whitewater kayak ever! And the fun doesn't stop there, riding the surf takes it to a whole new level.

Fishing Boats

Reelin' in big bass with a FoldCat

New for 2014, the redesigned Sea Eagle FoldCat™ is a patented two person fishing boat that folds up in minutes. Now featuring Scotty® rod holders and a stealthy green color, the FoldCat can go from your car trunk to a fishing machine in just five minutes.

New FastTrack™ Angler Series Kayaks

New FastTrack™ Angler Series Kayaks

Designed for fishermen in stealthy hunter green color and equipped with Scotty® multipurpose accessory mounts, and a universal trolling motor mount receiver made the world's best inflatable kayak even better!

New NeedleNose™ Inflatable SUPs
Speed Performance Design Series

NeedleNose™ 14' Stand-Up Paddleboard

The next generation stand-up paddleboards just got even better! Now lighter, faster & stronger! Featuring a full length diamond deck pad, custom performance kick tail, patent-pending, razor sharp, wave piercing bow and hydro-dynamically advance touring design.

The Mean Green Fishing Machine!

Frameless Pontoon Boat

A new green color and redesigned swivel seat make our Frameless Pontoon Boat our best one-man fishing boat ever. Weighing just 42 lbs and inflates in under 5 minutes to get you on the water and fishing in no time flat.

Redesigned Sport Runabouts

Wakeboarding with our 14sr Sport Runabout

Our Sport Runabout Series have been redesigned for modern, clean lines and smooth curves. Great for yacht tending, towing tubes, fishing or just exploring.

Weekend Getaways

Easy to pack and carry; fun to paddle!Our Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks are the perfect boat for spontaneous weekend trips. Lightweight inflatable kayaks start at just 26 lbs, fits in a small bag, and starts at just $239.

Universal Kayak Sail

Solar powered Boating

The SeaEagle QuikSail transforms any kayak into a sailing machine. The convenient hands-free design is easy to sail and deploys in seconds so you're ready anytime there is a favorable wind. A perfect gift at $159.

Big Savings on Classic Boats ... while supplies last

Save up
to $300
Classic 375fc
Sea Eagle Product Line
CategoryDescriptionCapacityDimensionsStarting At
Explorer Inflatable Kayaks 300x Inflatable Kayak 1 Adult or 350 lbs.9'10" x 3'3"$899
380x Inflatable Kayak 2-3 Adults or 750 lbs.12' 6" x 3' 3"$999
420x Inflatable Kayak 2-3 Adults or 855 lbs.14' x 3' 3"$1,099
FoldCat Inflatable Pontoon Boats 375fc Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boat 2 Adults or 650 lbs. 12' 4" x 4' 6" $1,449
Classic 375fc Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boat 2 Adults or 650 lbs.12' 4" x 4' 6"$1,199
Frameless Fishing Boats 285fpb Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boat 1 person or 450 lbs.9'x4'$649
Stealth Stalker 10 Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boat 2 Adults or 1200 lbs.10' x 5'$999
FastTrack Inflatable Kayaks 385ft Inflatable Kayak 3 Persons or 635 lbs12'6" x 3'$999
385ftg Inflatable Kayak 3 Persons or 635 lbs 12'6" x 3' $899
465ft Inflatable Kayak 3 Persons or 795 lbs15' x 3'$1,199
LongBoard SUPs LongBoard 11 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard 1 adult or 200 lbs.11' x 30" x 4"$799
Motormount Boats SE 8 Inflatable Boat 3 Adults or 950 lbs.9' 7" x 4' 8"$299
SE 9 Inflatable Boat 4 Adults or 1200 lbs. 11' x 4' 8"$349
124smb Inflatable Boat 4 persons or 1560 lbs.12'4"x5'6"$499
NeedleNose SUPs NeedleNose™ 116 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard 1 person or 200 lbs11'6" x 30" x 6"$899
NeedleNose™126 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard 1 Person or 225 lbs12'6" x 30" x 6"$999
NeedleNose™ 14 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard 1 Person or 275 lbs14' x 30" x 6"$1,099
Paddleski 435ps Inflatable Kayak 2 Adults or 650 lbs.14' 5" x 3' 3"$1,199
Sport Inflatable Kayaks SE 330 Inflatable Kayak 2 Adults or 500 lbs.11' 2" x 2' 10"$239
SE 370 Inflatable Kayak 3 Persons or 650 lbs.12' 6" x 2' 10"$329
Sport Runabouts 10.6sr Inflatable Boat 5 adults or 1200 lbs. 10' 6" x 5' 5"$1,649
12.6sr Inflatable Boat 6 Adults or 1600 lbs. 12' 6" x 5' 5"$2,099
14sr Inflatable Boat 7 Adults or 2000 lbs. 14' x 6'$2,499
Yacht Tenders 8.10 yt Inflatable Boat 4 persons or 1067 lbs8' 10" x 4' 10"$1,199
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