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Stealth Stalker 10 Deluxe Package

A speedy set up is what this fully inflatable package offers. Be ready to go in under 15 minutes. Featuring: 2 movable inflatable Deluxe Fishing Seats, 4 Scotty® Universal Mount Pads, 2 Scotty® Universal Deck Mounts and 2 Scotty® Rod Holders.

Stealth Stalker 10 Deluxe Package: a $1,609 value for
Package Prices and Free Shipping Offer Valid through Thursday, December 25, 2014
Package Details

Stealth Stalker 10 Pro Package

Designed for the pros, featuring two removable 360° swivel seats on 7" pedestals, 4 Universal Scotty® Mount Pads, 4 Universal Scotty® Deck Mounts, 4 Scotty® Rod Holders and a motor mount.

Stealth Stalker 10 Pro Package: a $1,880 value for
Package Prices and Free Shipping Offer Valid through Thursday, December 25, 2014
Package Details

Stealth Stalker 10 Motor Canopy Package

The complete arsenal! Everything the pro package has plus a canopy and electric trolling motor.

Some items in this package are covered by their manufacturer's warranty and not the Sea Eagle Warranty. These items are not returnable. View Details Stealth Stalker 10 Motor Canopy Package: a $2,228 value for
Package Prices and Free Shipping Offer Valid through Thursday, December 25, 2014
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The Hunter Green Stealth Stalker 10 is a new kind of fishing boat equipped for use in various fishing conditions... on rivers, lakes, bays...in calm or rough weather. Comfortable for two, easily handled by one!

This roomy, portable, light weight boat features a fully enclosed hull for use on almost any body of water. Wide sectional floorboards provide plenty of fishing space and a conveniently located stow bag makes for easy access.

The NEW Hunter Green Stealth Stalker 10 is a stealthy inflatable boat that's perfect for Fishing or Hunting. Lightweight and portable it goes anywhere and sets up in under 15 minutes!

Utilizing a round-hull configuration with an inside cockpit this enclosed boat gives anglers a safe secure feeling while fishing in calm or rough seas. A truly stable and functional fishing craft that can be used in a wide range of fishing and water conditions.

Key Features

Wide Dingy Hull Configuration

For anglers who desire a truly safe and stable boat that can be used in rough or calm waters this boat is an ideal solution. Completely enclosed with inflatable tubes all around it features tremendous buoyancy and sea worthiness with unusually large inside cockpit space both in length and width. This boat is roomy enough for one or two fishermen to fish comfortably for hours at a time.

Rows and Motors Really Well

For a small boat this a really responsive craft. Whether being rowed or powered by a small gas or electric motor this boat moves along very nicely. It can be rowed through rough or calm waters, down wide rivers or swift flowing streams. It can be motored across large lakes and bays. The Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker is a truly safe and stable fishing boat on almost any body of water you take it!

Many Ways To Outfit

Like all of our fishing boats the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker provides many ways that it can be configured. With just a wooden floor board and inflatable seat it can be rowed on most bodies of water and still be packed in to remote areas other boats can't get to. When rigged with Scotty™ rod holder and other fishing accessories and pedestal fishing seats you can fish for hours at a time yet this boat is still light enough for two anglers to pick it up and walk it several hundred yards to the water. And should there be too much rain, sun or hot blazing weather you can protect yourself with a canopy.

STS10 Specifications
Exterior: 10' x 5'
Weight: 37.5 lbs (hull only), 78.5 lbs (w/ floorboards & motormount)
Capacity: 2 Adults or 1200 lbs.
Engine Capacity: 4 hp gas (15" shaft minimum, 45 lbs. max weight) or up to 74 lb. thrust electric (min 30" shaft, 45 lbs. max weight)
Interior: 7' 6" x 2' 4"
Tube Diameter: 16"
Deflated: 31" x 40" x 9"
Chambers: 3 (port side, bow, starboard side)
Material: 1000 Denier 36 mil
Seam: Combination: 98% welded with 2% superior glue finish and quadruple overlapping seams
Floor: 1000 Denier Reinforced
Air Valves: Recessed One Way
Speed Estimates: 5-6 mph w/Gas, 4-5 mph w/Electric
Inflation & Assembly time: 15 min.
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STS10 Standard Features

  • NMMA Certified
  • New Hunter Green Color
  • Full fabric floor
  • 3 Carry Handles
  • 4 Built in Universal Scotty® Mount Pads
  • Motor mount receiving brackets
  • Canopy receiving brackets
  • Raised oarlocks for better rowing
  • Marine plywood floorboards provide standing stability and hull rigidity, aluminum H-bar and side struts included
  • Printed instructions

Thousand Denier Reinforced Hull Material


We use high-pressure fabric for our high-performance Explorer Kayaks, FastTrack Kayaks, PaddleSkis, Frameless Pontoon Boat, FoldCats, SailCat, Yacht Tender, and Sport Runabouts. The 1,000 denier woven base cloth gives tremendous strength and the PVC coating on both sides creates a waterproof, air-tight seal.

The triple-layer POWER of 1,000 Denier, Reinforced, High-Pressure Fabric:

  • Tough-as-nails Supported Fabric – Our tightly-woven base cloth is coated with several layers of a special polymer then fed through rollers under great pressure to force the coatings into the fabric creating a solid, waterproof, very tough material.
  • Omnidirectional Strength – Our high-performance boats can endure severe impact with sharp objects without puncturing. The fabric isn’t just tough; it has equal tear-resistance in all directions.
  • Quadruple Overlap Seams – We overlap all main seams with an additional layer of material above AND below for a total of 4 layers. At 36 mil each, the 4 layers together are nearly 144 mil thick — thicker than most other inflatables.
  • Long life additives – Our 1,000 denier high performance fabric is formulated with special additives to guarantee long term resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, gasoline, oil, and other chemicals.
Download PDF: 1.9 mb
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