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  • Deluxe pkg. just $1,199 - save $375
  • Pro Kayak pkg. just $1,299 - save $439
  • Fishing pkg. just $1,399 - save $435
  • Pro Carbon pkg. just $1,399 - save $447
  • Water Snake Motor pkg. just $1,449 - save $607
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Package Details

435ps Deluxe Package

All you need to have a great day paddling! The PaddleSki™ Deluxe Package come complete with: 435 PaddleSki™, (2) four part feathering AB30 paddles, (2) Inflatable Deluxe Kayak Seats, hull carry bag, foot pump and repair kit.

435ps Deluxe Package: a $1,574 value for just $1,199 (Save $375)
Package Prices and Free Shipping Offer Valid through Thursday, December 25, 2014
Package Details

435ps Pro Kayak Package

For greater back support, our Pro Kayak package features two new and improved Tall Back Seats for longer trips. High-performance AB40 Paddles increase power and reduce fatigue.

435ps Pro Kayak Package: a $1,738 value for just $1,299 (Save $439)
Package Prices and Free Shipping Offer Valid through Thursday, December 25, 2014
Package Details

435ps Fishing Package

Perfect package for fisherman! Featuring a high swiveling fishing seat for a better view and the versatile universal Scotty® Mount System with Two Scotty® Rod Holders, an AB30 four part paddle and the side motor mount. Truly a rock solid fishing machine that fits in your car trunk!

435ps Fishing Package: a $1,834 value for just $1,399 (Save $435)
Package Prices and Free Shipping Offer Valid through Thursday, December 25, 2014
Package Details

435ps Pro Carbon Package

Our very best kayaking package for the PaddleSki™. It features everything in the Pro Package plus a set of upgraded top end, two part, ultra-light Carbon-Fiber Paddles.

435ps Pro Carbon Package: a $1,846 value for just $1,399 (Save $447)
Package Prices and Free Shipping Offer Valid through Thursday, December 25, 2014
Package Details

435ps Water Snake Motor Package

If you ever paddled a few miles out and wish to simply motor back, this is the package for you! It includes everything in our Pro Package plus our Side Motor Mount and our great, new, light-weight Watersnake Venom 34 lbs thrust electric dual purpose motor! Two great features of the WaterSnake Motor is that is weighs under 14 lbs. and can be used in both fresh and salt water!

Some items in this package are covered by their manufacturer's warranty and not the Sea Eagle Warranty. These items are not returnable. View Details 435ps Water Snake Motor Package: a $2,056 value for just $1,449 (Save $607)
Package Prices and Free Shipping Offer Valid through Thursday, December 25, 2014
Package Details

435ps Sailing Package

The completely redesigned Sail Package is now simpler and easier to use than ever! Featuring a new boom-less sail and less rigging which means less set up time, less storage space needed, and more time for sailing! Includes new and improved Tall Back Seat, four part AB40 paddle, rigging bag for sail parts, carry bag for the PaddleSki™. Please note although we include only one seat this boat can and will hold two persons when sailing but we'll leave it up to you to choose which additional seat you might want.

435ps Sailing Package: a $2,416 value for just $1,799 (Save $617)
Package Prices and Free Shipping Offer Valid through Thursday, December 25, 2014
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The Sea Eagle PaddleSki™ is the most versatile kayak in the world! This unique inflatable catamaran kayak is really 4 hulls in 1. You can choose to paddle, motor, sail and fish with this incredible inflatable craft. Best of all it still packs down to a mere fraction of it's inflatable size so storage and transportation are a dream.
With ordinary kayaks you have to choose between a stable, wide craft and a speedy, tippy narrow craft. That's not so with the PaddleSki™. The catamaran/kayak features two widely spaced inflatable tubes that cut right through the water but give you a solid, well balanced boat.

Key Features

Catamaran Kayak Hull Design

The unique design feature of the Sea Eagle PaddleSki™ is the fact that it is actually an inflatable catamaran. This means the center cockpit floor rides 4" above the waterline, greatly reducing the drag of this kayak on the water. This makes if faster to paddle, motor and sail!

Outside Pontoon Stance

Because the pontoons are on either side of the paddler this kayak is our most stable kayak ever. This makes the PaddleSki™ a super stable kayak that can be used effectively for a variety of task! In particular this feature allows the PaddleSki™ to be sailed safely in winds up to 15 knots.

Over & Under Crossbar Design

The over and under design of the crossbars with a long crossbar on top of the pontoons and a short crossbar under the floor held together by stainless steel bolts and knurled nuts is the structure that holds the two pontoons in place. The longer top crossbars prevents the pontoons from twisting outwards, the shorter crossbars under the floor pull upwards and prevent the pontoons from twisting inwards. This provides a strong structural platform that allows the PaddleSki™ to take many useful accessories, such as the motor mount and sail rig.

435ps Specifications
Exterior: 14' 5" x 3' 3"
Weight: 41 lbs.
Capacity: 2 Adults or 650 lbs.
Engine Capacity: 55 lb. thrust electric (max motor weight 25 lbs, min. 30" shaft) or 3 hp gas w/ center motormount (max motor weight 45 lbs, 15" shaft)
Interior: 12' 6" x 1' 4"
Tube Diameter: 14"
Deflated: 38" x 19" x 10"
Chambers: 2 (port & starboard)
Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced
Seam: Quadruple Overlap
Floor: 1000 Denier Reinforced Material
Air Valves: Recessed One Way
Inflation time: 7 min.
click images to enlarge Top Side Front

435ps Standard Features

  • NMMA Certified
  • Two skegs for directional stability
  • 16 D-Rings to secure seats and gear
  • Three aluminum yokes for a rigid structure
  • Two rear carry handles & bow handle
  • Wide beam hull design for stability
  • Repair kit & printed instructions

Thousand Denier Reinforced Hull Material


We use high-pressure fabric for our high-performance Explorer Kayaks, FastTrack Kayaks, PaddleSkis, Frameless Pontoon Boat, FoldCats, SailCat, Yacht Tender, and Sport Runabouts. The 1,000 denier woven base cloth gives tremendous strength and the PVC coating on both sides creates a waterproof, air-tight seal.

The triple-layer POWER of 1,000 Denier, Reinforced, High-Pressure Fabric:

  • Tough-as-nails Supported Fabric – Our tightly-woven base cloth is coated with several layers of a special polymer then fed through rollers under great pressure to force the coatings into the fabric creating a solid, waterproof, very tough material.
  • Omnidirectional Strength – Our high-performance boats can endure severe impact with sharp objects without puncturing. The fabric isn’t just tough; it has equal tear-resistance in all directions.
  • Quadruple Overlap Seams – We overlap all main seams with an additional layer of material above AND below for a total of 4 layers. At 36 mil each, the 4 layers together are nearly 144 mil thick — thicker than most other inflatables.
  • Long life additives – Our 1,000 denier high performance fabric is formulated with special additives to guarantee long term resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, gasoline, oil, and other chemicals.
Download PDF: 1.7 mb
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Sea Eagle PaddleSki Catamaran Kayak

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